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Muesli - not just porridge!

In Russia since ancient times porridge was famous for the useful properties. National legends say that the Russian athletes very much loved porridge. Was considered if the child eats porridge, he it will be obligatory strong and healthy. Presently mothers sometimes should force the kid is food of athletes. The spoiled child who learned taste of various viands refuses porridge, demanding in exchange a plate of favourite macaroni! How to accustom the kid to porridge? Taste muesli!

the squash Is good

and the cup

is small

of “Muesli“ in translation from Swiss “squash“ means. But squash this not simple: it combines various components that obviously increases its nutritious properties.

grains or flakes of wheat, rye, oats, barley, and also bran - the remains of covers of grain after a grinding are a part of muesli. Flakes and grains, and especially bran, are rich with cellulose, food fibers which stimulate work of intestines, help to bring harmful substances out of an organism. Use in muesli of whole grain allows to provide most fully an organism with the vitamins of group B and mineral substances which are contained in it, and wheat germs - a good source of vitamin E.

Besides, muesli include dried fruits, nuts, honey, chocolate.

the Fruit component enriches this product with vegetable pigments, pectin, potassium and other mineral substances, for example, raisin - iron.

the Combination of cereal cultures and nuts allows an organism to acquire the amino acids which are available in their proteins better, than at separate reception of these products. Nuts also contain irreplaceable polynonsaturated fatty acids which the human body is not able to produce.

are protein-rich

of Muesli, fats, vitamins, mineral substances, amino acids. But the nutrition value of this product depends on the entering components and their ratio.

of Muesli have pleasant taste so surely it will be pleasant to a small gourmet. This product will suit sweet teeth, some of its versions include fructose or medical

of Muesli: how they are eaten?

of Muesli treat instant products. However for kids the quick breakfast is unsuitable.

Swiss “squash“ contains components (bran, whole grains) which are hard acquired by a stomach of the small child, and pieces of dried fruits and nuts are dangerous to the kid who is not able to chew. Therefore specialists of Institute of food of the Russian Academy of Medical Science do not advise to enter this product into a diet of children is more junior than three years, and do not recommend to give it to children of preschool age without thermal treatment.

should fill in

Before feeding of the child of muesli with the boiling milk or water or to boil thoroughly several minutes. From such processing the product will not lose the valuable properties and will become suitable for food of the kid.

to Children till three years offer

the porridges like muesli which are let out especially for baby food. Their structure meets physiological requirements of an organism of the kid. Besides, they not only will enrich the child`s diet with nutrients, but also “will teach“ to chew it. Such porridges should be entered into the menu of children not earlier than 1,5 years.