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Several councils of the professional wedding photographer

Modern requirements to quality of photos do not allow deviations from color balance, lack of sharpness etc. Pictures have to look as professionally made cards or publications in the magazine. Heat-spots, defects of skin even if they are, are not allowed on the image.

“Nothing is necessary to me, my friend who has “Kodak“ (“Zenith“, “Olimpus“ - necessary to emphasize), will remove everything for me“, - problems begin with this phrase. And business even not that the friend wants to participate in fun too. Though producers of cameras and TV commercial assure the consumer that his device provides good pictures, it not so. For years of work in system of laboratories I saw many photos, made by such equipment, and on the most part removed on celebrations. In 90% of cases it is just technical marriage. Not to mention plots. Cases when it is necessary to go to heavy expenses are known to me and to change all wedding (except Wedding palace) from - for the fact that the photos made by one of relatives did not turn out. In the mode of responsible shooting only professional expensive chamber in combination with experience of the photographer can yield good result.

Several words about amateur digital cameras. Quality of the picture excellent, but here speed yet not at height. Besides, it is correct construct composition “on the fly“ only the professional with experience of wedding shooting can.

the Second delusion concerns where to print photos. Guaranteed qualitative result in laboratory on the next corner cannot be received.“ Your flash did not work“, - the acceptance inspector will tell, giving you a package of the blue or dark pictures made, by the way, from fine negatives. But also they are already for certain scratched. Therefore each professional photographer has “the“ printer or “the“ laboratory where quality control follows each shot. From digital disks quality of the press is guaranteed for 100%.

Here some more councils from the professional photographer to newlyweds: