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My second visit of the 67th maternity hospital of

Should be begun with what on the term of 36 weeks of ultrasonography showed the child for 38 weeks. So I was even delighted - on the 38th week me have to put in the 67th maternity hospital, type in 2 weeks, and time the baby grows seemingly quicker, there is a chance not to stay in bed there long, and at once to give rise. Naive I.

generally, on May 31 I gave up in maternity hospital. Made ultrasonography - dityo for 40 weeks, full-term, looked - a neck normal, type, we wait for childbirth (on consultation term stood on June 12).

Separately should note conditions (to whom life is not interesting, safely pass the paragraph). In - the first, I got to a season of cutoff of hot water. So pathology met me by a cold shower and a big pan on gas in buffet with conditionally hot water. Persons interested to make ablution were recommended to find a bucket, to go to buffet, to scoop up a small saucepan of water from a big pan, to find something like the cut-off bottle (for the subsequent zacherpyvaniye from a bucket) and to stamp with all this in a shower where already turn as you want. Well, the ninth water nevertheless was given, and circulations with a bucket did not affect the beginning of patrimonial activity in any way. Further - on office (about 40 places) there are two toilets in the different ends of a corridor, and one of them - at klizmenny, i.e. is closed by times. Now imagine line of deeply pregnant aunts of hours at six in the morning. Why in six? Because every day at six o`clock all were awoken and waited on a post - to measure pressure. Why personnel with eagerness, worthy the best application, implement this clause of a daily routine - I do not know. For example, at 16 o`clock they never though too have to measured pressure. From pluses - it is unexpected with 16 to 18 released to walk in good (by sight the manager. office) weather. Here only these walks also did not allow to go crazy - there came the husband with the daughter, somehow we managed to be winded in McDonald`s, and once was even stirred up by shish kebabs on the river bank (there absolutely nearby the embankment). Actually, it is possible to write about living conditions of the 67th maternity hospital long and with ecstasy - because that remember, all horror - horror. But it is necessary to come back actually to a narration subject.

during stay in pathology to me was made in electrocardiogram cardiology, the ECHO and Holter. Behind these affairs the term of childbirth passed, but doctors do not worry - with 12 on 19 it is considered “patrimonial week“, type, everything is normal. And yes - wrote out to me pricks vitaminno - a hormonal background and honestly pricked the whole patrimonial week. On June 20 survey - the neck is ready, 2 fingers disclosure, ultrasonography, Doppler - a blood-groove is normal, waters a little. Decided if to 24 I do not give rise, to prick a bubble. But 21 - go about 8 - 9 in the evening waters began to leak. Hurrah - hurrah, went to the doctor. Disclosure - 3 - 4 fingers, is time to prepare and get over in patrimonial office. I all such cheerful and happy endured all enema procedures and shaving, packed the things (what to give to the husband and that then will transfer to me to postnatal) found out that with itself it is possible to take phone and water, and in 22 - 30 went to give birth.


of Disappointment at once: it turned out that phone should be switched off, and water cannot be drunk. Well, all right. Further - the crew, continuously complains that “how many they give birth today - that!“ and “to sleep - that as there is a wish, it is rather“. With mistrust listened to me concerning tolerant fights (at me and in first labor opening to 6 fingers went absolutely imperceptibly) and began to offer persistently anesthesia - type (?) medical dream.

Ya of this business saw enough still last time (as a rule, the consciousness is half disconnected, pain, according to stories of eyewitnesses, remains, plus nausea, dizziness and a ban on a rising from a bed), respectively, I refuse. Ladies in white dressing gowns anxiously look at me (the person in consciousness is obviously not necessary to them) and as a result zababakhivat to me a prick of the same background, honestly commenting:“ That it is not boring for you to lie was“. Aha, at once it “does not become boring“ - fights are shown obviously earlier, than could. Through a half-hour the lady - the anesthesiologist approaches me - whether I want “to prick and be forgotten“? Still I do not want. I lie silently, honestly trying to breathe in fight, and between them - to relax and have a rest. It also brought me as a result - it was necessary to shout and jump on a bed. As it became clear, there would be a chance that the crew will believe in “authenticity“ of fights. But my neigbour in a bed pricked with “anesthetic“ could not get up. Also cries literally - with us there is nobody, it has first labor and she “cannot any more and wants in a toilet“. At me the patience quickly comes to an end, and between fights I move forward in a corridor - to look for people in white dressing gowns. I crawl by the sleeping nurses and lying on the wheelchairs which gave rise (with which even slightly we stir). Aha, here and doctors - were closed in a room and watch football. I get to them and I ask to approach the neigbour on prenatal. Are surprised, but approach. Well, I within one and a half hours found them two more times. And all not for. As a result, when our national team won, and team of doctors, violently discussing a match, stretched to giving birth, the neigbour had a full opening, at me - almost full. What (it is not clear why) did not suit the main aunt - the doctor which commented: “Lies silently - means, weak contractions, and the second childbirth have to be quicker“. And a zafigachil to me the second prick do not understand what, but very effective - fights became in general continuous and almost intolerable, and drove me to give birth.

Here us too was waited by magnificence of the Soviet maternity hospital on this mm... table (?) chair (?) - not that it is inconvenient to give birth, lie. On accepting a pose necessary to crew, at the same time without having torn off the dangling handles of this unit, all thoughts and forces leave. And there are no attempts, actually. And here at the girl who remained in prenatal is what she also shouted of, loudly and hopelessly because all crowd around me, having thought that quickly I will not give rise. As a result, terribly swearing, intimidating by imposing of nippers and having pressed on a stomach, all of them achieve lawful result - at 2:35 my beauty everything is is born. I have full feeling of rape - impression that gave birth “nasukhy“, without attempts actually.

of the Child is carried away, I hear that 8 points, quietly I rejoice. In the head idiotic thoughts climb: “What with me became after such vytuzhivaniye now?“ On the second chair, at last, deliver unfortunate pervorodyashchy at which the child`s head already literally sticks out - she gives birth in five minutes. Meanwhile I am carried to be sewn up - procedure lasts for about forty minutes because I tore everywhere, probably. Two pricks like novocaine do not rescue something from thrills. In the course of mending someone brings mine svertochek: “Kiss the daughter. Yes, everything is all right and, 8 - 8 across Apgar, 51 cm and the weight 3550 or 3560, I do not remember“. With it the parcel is carried away, and me soon rolled out in a corridor - to lie down hour two with a cold hot-water bottle. Here I begin to recover and I call the husband at half past three night (and he has on June 22 a birthday): “Happy birthday, road! We have a girl“. The husband is silent nearly a minute, and I begin to worry, but then he gives out: “It is so unusual!“ And me the laughter - what to it unusually sorts, one daughter already is!

generally, so all also ended. In the dry rest - childbirth quite fast and it seems not especially painful, but impressions the most sad. If after the first it was joyful and there was a wish to give birth still (the truth - the truth!), now I am almost sure that two children are a final result. There will be enough already adventures. And having shaken the most ridiculous that having arrived me in chamber from a wheelchair on a bed, kind aunts were asked: “Well, I am glad what gave rise?“ Here that it should answer, interestingly?

everything was farther than

usually (for our cheerful maternity hospital, of course): delivery of children on feeding on hours, a dokarmlivaniye them in nurseries, processing all the sewn-up with brilliant green, obligatory kerchiefs when feeding, one on all a bidet through passage and a shower on hours. But it is already not so interesting.