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Lessons since the birth of

So it is got in our family that we pay to education special attention. How many myself I remember, mother always with me was engaged, drove in theaters, the museums, I visited a heap of circles. Even when went in other country to study at institute, in parallel I constantly attended some courses and open classrooms. And when my daughter was born, I wanted to teach her to all and at once! But, as we know, everything is good in its season! And furthermore if the baby is born with any trauma or other problems connected with health - it needs special leaving and it is desirable without special loadings. But we approached everything creatively, with love and tenderness, and with special patience.

What I did, being near the baby, I surely pronounced everything, commented on all the actions. We listened to classical music still when I was pregnant, and after the daughter`s birth music almost always and everywhere was with us. If there was no opportunity to include a disk, etc., mummy always sang to the baby. I even had to learn a heap of children`s songs, especially lullabies, and sometimes it was necessary to sing favourite verses. It very much calmed the daughter. And under Mozart and Vivaldi`s music she faded and babbled something.

As the first months mummy spends the most part of time with the baby generally behind one occupation - feeding by a breast, and here we did not lose minutes. I stroked a back, handles, legs of the baby, massed each finger, relaxing the muscles clamped by a hyper tone.

When Sofiyka everything began to be enough

with handles, I tried to give it various objects on the invoice. In rubber balls (it is desirable that were different in color and are painted by nontoxical paint), we filled different grain: buckwheat, peas and small salt / soda. The interesting balls developing tactile qualities of the child turned out. Sofiyke most of all was pleasant a ball with buckwheat. Give only such toys to the child under supervision of adults (you never know)! The rustling pieces of paper, various fabric were used. Generally, we touched everything! Transparent 0,5 l the plastic bottle which was filled, plastic balls, sticks, just haricot was the most favourite rattle. And we filled one more same small bottle with water and started the small fishes who are cut out from a color foil there. But this toy interested us in 4 - 5 months.

We read

much. Now such good range of books for the smallest that I even envy kids. And when the daughter learned to hold well the head and objects handles, she “read“ books. In general, it had a passion to books. I never passed by book, always bought something new to the baby. But there were couple of books which we read to holes, especially A. Bartho`s verses of “Toy“ - their all children love. Sofiyka even repeated them after me, only having learned to make separate sounds.

When the baby began to sit independently, we began to draw. Sat down on a big Whatman paper, and mazyukat palms (and sometimes and patches) according to all leaf. It is such emotional and power charge for the child! And then is even more cheerful - it is possible to go to bathe that we adore doing! As soon as in hands there was a pencil - we drew on everything that will get. Therefore it was necessary to hang out clean sheets on walls, and thus to disaccustom the artist to draw on walls. Though our grandmother allowed a vnuchenka everything and forbade to fight a creative rush off the child. Therefore in a corridor we soon had a gallery of abstractionism of Sofia.

Very good “otvlekalka“ for children - to put small objects in a plastic bottle. At us it was used during food since we ate very badly. Still well collecting of haricot (rice, peas, lentil) and a rearrangement from one ware in another develops small motility. But we were engaged in it in kitchen on a floor from 10 months. In the same place there were experiments to water. We poured water from a jar in a basin (and back), collected water by a sponge, spoons. Very much liked to do exercises for fingers:“ We cut cabbage - we cut, we carrot rub - we rub, we rumple cabbage - we rumple, we salt cabbage - we salt“, etc.

Having read about G. Doman`s technique, I did various cards on different subjects too (figures, numbers, vegetables - fruit, colors, animals, letters, geometrical figures). We were engaged in production of cards together too.

By 1,5 years we knew all colors, the account to 10, vegetables, fruit, many animals, some sounds / letters. The period of various puzzles, games - babies came. It appeared, my daughter, very much loves such things! I even made couple of such games itself. On a big Whatman paper drew on one half a kitchen garden, and on other garden. To bottom edge of a Whatman paper pasted pockets with the image of the corresponding fruit and vegetables. And cut out these vegetables / fruit from color paper. And then we in turn pulled out color creations from a sack, and the child had to spread out correctly everything on pockets, at the same time defining that it is fruit or vegetable. We mastered this game by 2 years. It is also possible to do also with animals - house / wild.

A when we mastered letters, played the game “The Word Begins with a Letter“. We threw each other a ball, and in turn - I, the daughter - was called by the words beginning on a certain letter. It is necessary to tell that when we learned letters, we had several stages. At first I just showed letters and called them (on a sound). When all letters were already familiar to the baby, and she could even call some, I started other exercise. I wrote a letter and words which began on this letter on a leaf. At first 3 words, the following time added one more etc. Everything depends on abilities of the child, someone masters more information, someone is less. And then this game passed to a ball, and the daughter herself called already familiar words, and I every time added couple of new. This game at us still favourite.

A after 3 years we still played the game “Detectives“ during walk we conduct search of any letter - in texts, on various signs, in announcements, on banners. With the account we had various games too. We considered everything and everywhere. I made 2 - 3 copies of cards with figures, at first from 1 to 5 (then added on one figure). All this kept within a box, a shirt up. And on a table scattered fasolinka. Still it is possible to make a path in a section on which there will be animals (we took from “The kinder - a surprise“). We get from a box at random a card with figure and we collect the same quantity a fasolinok. If correctly collected, it is possible to pass to the following cage. And at the end we consider who has more haricot, we compare whose small group is more. Or we will lay out them in a row and we watch whose row is longer. Generally, we have many games in a stock.

most of all we like to dance

A! We include already familiar since the birth (and even till the birth) classical music, we put on beautiful dresses and we dance! As snowflakes, as autumn leaves, as the princess on a ball, as animals in the wood. The daughter sometimes comments on music: “Mother, a thunder rattles! Now the rain will begin, we with umbrellas will run!“ Or: “Mother, wind blew! Now leaflets from trees will fall. Let`s be turned!“

Of course, each mummy wants to teach the baby to something special that it was the best, the cleverest. But the main thing - everything to do with love, special attention and tenderness, to be near always, always together! I wish each parent of huge patience and success in all undertakings! And still good health to you and your child!