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Innokenti Velikolepny, or the Puss in Boots of

of Mothers, let`s take couple of kittens!

Here vacation also ended with

! As there is no wish to leave the village! From moss-grown bogs with cloudberries and bilberry, a pond with the small fish, jellied fields where went to haymakings... As I will miss a neighbour`s cow, the grandmother`s pig called in honor of the president (no, not Volodya), Boris! And Muske`s cat!

A her kittens! As I did not persuade mother to take though a couple - she flatly refused. “Well, as so, mummy! - I was perplexed, and took offense a little. - Here if the father arrived, he would even allow to take a kid!“ But after long wanderings from the Vologda remote place home, to Perm, I understood why mother was so categorical - in a corridor at doors in father`s to a slipper small gray, but incredibly fluffy lump sits. I seized him on hands, he licked my palm, looked at me with the huge green glazishcha and zamurlykat. The happy family ran around me with sighs as the uncle Fedor from Prostokvashino:“ And cheeks - that what, and recovered - that as, and podzagoret“. On each question of my vacation I in reply set two about it!

- Irishenka how went? - the father asks.

- It long ago at us? - I respond.

- As the road, everything is normal? - the grandmother interferes.

- And when birthday? And what is his name? - I poured questions.

Here parents tarried a little and told that it is not called in any way, he waited for me, so I will call it as I want! Then he will be Kesha! It same soft and fluffy, as well as this name. The grandmother taught me to feed him. Told that brought it absolutely small, and she gave to drink to him a milk. And now he also eats a squash.

began to study me absolutely once Since then - for the first week of September I a half-class carried away to myself home to show what cat at me remarkable. I even nearly fought with Nastka Zhuravleva when she told that I have an ordinary cat. Itself greyish, on a neck a white shirt, fluffy, eyes big and green, in the dark glow - it is possible not to include a lamp! Moustaches are long! Handsome, in a word!

When Kesha grew up, we began to walk. Once he was frightened of a neighbour`s dog of Grishunki (the truth, Kesha grew up more dog, and they made friends) and nearly ran away into the cellar of the house. Or rather, it ran there, but very quickly returned back - probably, not really it was pleasant. After this incident mother sewed to it a special collar that the cat was not lost.

He lordly gait leaves the apartment and important came into the elevator, often forgetting “to bring“ in it the smart tail (it was necessary to correct constantly), dexterously goes down on ladders, thriftily inspects vicinities, slightly squints from the sun and begins to pinch a grass. Once the boy from the yard, being surprised to our Innokenti`s ability to absorb a grass in such quantities, grinned: “And that it gives milk?“ If pigeons nearby walk, can drive them - so, for decency, and will never begin to catch them - education - with!

About dumb animals

Somehow time I took away the younger brother from a garden. And as a day nursery was in the yard, I decided to take with myself Keshunchik, especially children in a garden it were crazy about our cat too. We passed our house and already almost reached gate as suddenly the huge dog jumped out of bushes and began to bark at us. I seized a cat on hands and rushed off to the house. I hear - barks, I nearly falter over an icy border, Kesha nestles on me. I quicken the pace - the dog does not lag behind, I accelerate (as far as it is possible to the schoolgirl of the third class with the three on physical culture), the cat in process of the forces holds claws my sheepskin coat. But the dog does not lag behind, and to an entrance still meters 30. I understand that forces are unequal: for some reason I stop, turn around and I look the stared children`s eyes at a dog, and a dog - at me... Innokenti in general represented a pathetic show - eyes mad, wool on end moreover on it a t-shirt - on the street was cool... At a dog hand over nerves, and he leaves back home. I breathe sigh of relief, the cat discontentedly sniffs, I iron him, sentencing something laudatory - calming, he disapprovingly shakes the head, and we follow the brother, this time is safe.

Companions who litter from a balcony?

Today first day of vacation! Summer! The sun rose long ago, and I still roll in the bed. Ahead whole summer! A trip to camp at the sea, then to the grandmother, then home, oh, and again in school, well all this then. And now vacation! In a year I had all five - means, parents will buy the Dandy prefix! Everything is remarkable, but something is missing! Oh, and where Kesha? It always awakes me in the mornings. I jump from a bed, I run in on kitchen, the grandmother unperturbably peels potatoes.

- Where Kesha? - by an uneven voice I ask.

- Oh, Irishenka! - from grandmother`s tranquility there is no trace left also.

I understand

Ya that there was something terrible. But here this prankish appears in a doorway, and I breathe sigh of relief.

It appears p, in the morning when parents left for work, the brother was taken away in a garden, and I still watched dreams, Innokenti took seat on a window sill. It is one of its favourite places, he for hours could stay at an open window. Wind hit to it into an attractive face, almost lion`s mane fluttered in different directions... Probably, these minutes he felt like the hero, and, peering afar, dreamed of something high. Nobody ever worried for a cat. But today, at birthday of A.S. Pushkin (and my mother in combination) he was probably visited by a muse! Or, or rather, a fly (or a bird) who soon flew away from it. My four-footed, not a name of flying devices, head over heels went to the earth. And it from the fifth - that the floor! Dvornichikh the aunt Masha, without having scented a dirty trick, cried: “Companions! Who litters, to throw a nech from windows of a cap!“ The benefit, she swore rather loudly, my granny who is always aware of events decided to clear a situation. It looked approximately so: “Oh, so not the cap fell, a cat! Companions! At whom the cat dropped out?“

“What cat - that?“ - my dumbfounded granny asks.“ Yes greyish such“, - the aunt Masha a little perplexed answers. The grandmother understands that our cat, feverishly runs out for the newly made astronaut. But all`s well that ends well. Kesha remained safe and sound and when to mother guests, the story about its adventures came, is more faithful flights, became history of evening for all! the Puss in Boots

Here vacation also ended with p with

. I already in the fifth class! Parents are called for some reason at the beginning of a year on meeting, it seems and the two were not managed to be picked up yet. Mother returned in a little shock as if something all of us - did. Everything was much simpler - there are not enough teachers, in school nobody to work does not go therefore... No, the school will not be closed, just English at us will not be! It`s all right, I thought, but not here - that was. Parents send all is universal on a circle on English. Three times a week! After lessons! And when to walk? As it became clear

by p later, everything is not so bad - we learn ridiculous verses, we carry out Valentine`s Day, Helluin... And once even competition of cats! It was necessary to prepare a suit, an acrobatic trick and still something what the pet is capable of.

At first we decided

with Olga that her cat will be a bride, and my cat - the groom. But I thought that a dress coat, rings - it is so inconvenient and then Kesha is young absolutely - in 5 years early to think of a marriage. Then we with mother decided that Innokenti will be in an image of the Puss in Boots. On the question “Why in Boots?“ Keshuntiya had a motto - “In gloves the mouse will not be caught“! However, instead of boots - children`s socks of brick color which it continually strove to take off but a hat about dolls and a raincoat sat on it ideally.

So, we go on an exhibition of cats, having placed a cat in a plastic string-bag with holes in which scraps of dense keshunkiny wool were ridiculously pushed. The first round - “Homework“: representation of an attire. We passed it on “hurrah“. It is necessary to tell that Kesha was not frightened of such congestion of cats and people at all, and in a break he managed to chew the houseplants growing in visibility limits. And the coolness and natural charm it eclipsed all as if all life participated in similar actions. Further the Puss in Boots showed how is able to jump, go to lobbies and hinder legs, to run behind a spot of sunlight and to play a plastic feature from the kinder - a surprise. For each performed task I gave it a liver piece - as the trainer during circus performance. Then I told the poem about the favourite.

All our (mine, and especially, of course, Keshina) efforts were not in vain. Innokenti is recognized as the best! And who would doubt! It was handed a medal, to bank of “Wiskas“ which he never ate as his personal cook and my grandmother in one person was against “any there chemistry“. And when Kesha who tasted a fruit of capitalist production refused to eat nearly a week a fresh Kungur smetanka, the grandmother took offense. But once it returned to native sausages - the kind arrangement of the granny was restored. Ah yes, absolutely forgot, I thanks to Kesha then the excellent was given on English.

the Clone

this day we went to a tourist`s meeting. Excellent mood! Our class took the second place, gorged on baked potato. We come back home, become permeated with the smell of a fire and in crude sneakers, and here I learn that there is no cat the house. The grandmother admits that she searched already all apartment, but it is nowhere! I with the girlfriend Anka Kosintseva and her twin brother Vanka we go for searches of a cat. The working version - dropped out of a window, was frightened, ran away into an entrance. Searches at a native entrance were not crowned with success. Action plan: we reach to the last floor on the elevator and we run down on foot. Bypassed all house - there is no cat. I begin panic. Anka calms me: can, it all - houses? We go home - a repeated search. The cat is not found. We take it to the photo full face, a profile, with a smile and serious - the benefit, he is a photogenic man, and it has enough photos always. Boys continue searches. We with the girlfriend interrogate passersby: saw - did not see. The people refuse. But suddenly the answer even more often sounds - saw. Means, he is living, with him everything is all right, on pies still nobody let him. We begin to ask the specifying questions - where saw when with whom, as visual contact long continued. Respondents answer: “Saw, and more than once“. We with Anka draw a conclusion: Queshi has a double, and there can be even a clone. No wonder - after a dizzy victory at a competition of cats! Our guesses confirm passing by the mechanic:“ Yes, saw, few times, one or two weeks ago“. I ask them to bring a cat home if find. Those not too surely agree and go away. Means, it not it was seen by the people. And my fears are not vain. I who already is not understanding anything fall on a swing under windows of the house. Nearby - my faithful companion who was tired not less me. I silly stared at a window of the room - the frame is open, wind blows curtains. On the grandmother`s guesses from this ill-fated window also disappeared my dear... And suddenly I any more will never see it? Tears, a state close to a hysterics approach eyes. Here among curtains the grandmother`s head of hear begins to be looked through. “Irisha, Irishenk!“ - overstraining, the granny shouts. I prepared for the worst. “Kesha was! - the grandmother continues. - It houses!“ “My God, what happiness“, - I think.

it Turned out p that this prankish nakhuliganit and on pain of punishment the corner of our four-room apartment got into the most distant, unknown to nobody. The grandmother right there baked pie to all participants of search works, and Kesha got her look of disapproval and a piece of pie rather of meat from it.

Tortill`s Turtle and a cat Kesha

Once the excited brother Alyosha runs up to me at the dacha:“ Irina, there a stone moves, even moves“. I laughed, but out of children`s curiosity went to look at this miracle. And here to my look the surprising picture opened. I was struck not less Alyosha. I understood that it is not a stone, but how how it is possible? It was the turtle. But they do not live under our conditions - it is most too that a polar bear in the desert. Also my parents understood it and solved, it is necessary to take. Took away the old woman (to her counted about 20 years) home, explained to the brother that to what. He it seems calmed down and even fell in love with it. But the most serious problems began with a cat. The turtle wanted to make with it contact, he in panic was afraid of her. Sits to himself in a room corner, and it creeps up closer and closer. It makes pads so tiny, aristocratically almost... When there is no place left absolutely - nervously otprygivat and runs away. Unfortunately for us and fortunately for Queshi and Tortilla, the turtle had owners. She came back home. And Kesha felt the king of beasts, at least, within our apartment!

Kesha - a sacred animal

Today my the first, and at successful delivery - the only entrance examination. Hands shiver, knees give away: I put on, gather, for some reason I put in a bag the textbook which is learned by heart by heart on stories of Russia, I ask the sleeping brother to close behind me doors, I pull footwear, I leave the apartment. The brother does not hurry. I already stand at the elevator, without keys - I understand that to come back - a bad sign, especially, in my today`s case. To leave and leave a door open - even more doubtful option. I begin to call to the open apartment - in appearance I, probably, was similar to the madwoman. The brother did not deign to appear, the grandmother got drunk strong tablets from heart, sleeps tight - will not wake. Kesha, whose leisure was intruded also upon by my nervous state, with reproach looked at me... And as will begin to mew at the top of the voice! The brother, naturally, jumped at once - you never know, the cat became thirsty or in a toilet... Not without reason mother speaks: “Kesha at us - a sacred animal“. And Innokenti asked to close behind me doors - exclusively. And itself went to examine the cat`s dream. Passed examination on “perfectly“ and entered the university. It is a pity that Kesha did not live up to his termination who will close now doors when I go for state examination?

my birthday

A then Kesha got sick with

. It went along a corridor and fell. We ring “ambulance“, ask us: “From where fell?“ Yes there is no place, just went and fell, times when it flew from windows, unfortunately, sank into oblivion.

there Arrived the doctor, measured pulse, put a dropper. As he shouted, poor: it was taken away on “ambulance“, told that a stroke. When we took away Kesha home, it turned out that at him the voice was gone. All calmed me - at cats of 9 lives. It already badly went, I carried it “to walk“ on a window sill. During one of such “walks“ it suddenly zamurlykat! And I stood and cried with happiness in hope that he will recover, but next day, at my birthday, he died. The day before the kitten dreamed me. But I any more will never get other cat because Kesha was one and only, kind. It never offended us with the brother. The most beautiful, clever cat on light and the best reminiscence from my childhood.

Sometimes animals become friends, big, than the person to the person, they give for such surprising minutes, are capable to teach much, but, unfortunately, the nature prevails, and the century cat`s is shorter than human... And we need only to remember that heat that they presented to us, these small pussies, at everyone the. For me it is Kesha who forever will remain in my heart.