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Pluses and minuses of an edible cosmetics bag

House cosmetics again in fashion - thanks to fashion on naturalness and nostalgia on 70 - 80 - m. But be careful: the slogan “natural-means excellent“ is inapplicable here.

the Allergy to a dolce vita

to Use refrigerator contents in the cosmetic purposes for us it is habitual, and councils how it is better to do it, together with recipes of masks it is possible to subtract from “Oat-flakes“, yolks, cucumbers and other food anywhere, from daily newspapers to glamourous editions. The sin not to test these recipes - naturally, from Mother Nature, worse will definitely not be!

Approximately we so think - and cruelly we are mistaken. Percent of allergic reactions as a result of use of house cosmetics at all not below, and at times and above, than after use of qualitative ready cosmetics. Vegetables and fruit were created by the nature first of all for the use inside, and doses and ratios of active agents correspond to this appointment.

But not only the allergy can visit the advocate of natural cosmetics. One more danger is covered that, we have no accurate recommendations of the producer: for what type of skin how to put how many to hold how to wash away... Most of people are sure that gifts of the nature are equally good for all... Here also it turns out that the mask from a cucumber will strongly pull together dry skin though fat it could be really useful.

A the srub from cream with salt will scratch gentle face skin whereas would be ideally suited for a body.

Admirers of house means can face also more specific troubles: for example, the mask from grated carrots is capable to paint skin in rich yellow color and so that then you will not wash. And the fermented milk products put on a face can provoke purulent rashes. And it is already direct road in a cosmetology office or even on reception to the dermatologist.

Questions without answers

Protecting house cosmetics, it is accepted to specify that similar means are checked for centuries that our great-grandmothers put on a face that they ate, - and perfectly at the same time looked. Yes, all so (though as our great-grandmothers actually looked, precisely nobody will tell). But you should not forget that at the disposal of ancestors there were absolutely other products: milk not from a package, and pair; tomato not hothouse, but only that from a bed, and without any indigestible fertilizers... whether

you Can brag of the fact that you know how many days apple lay in a box before getting to you on a table? And at storage the considerable part of useful substances in vegetables and fruit collapses. Whether authentically you know, than saved the cucumber bought in the market from wreckers? And the overall sad ecological picture forces many serious producers of cosmetics to refuse use of natural plant extracts and extracts or to raise the price of means on their basis.

can Receive safe raw materials in only two ways: to grow up it in ecologically safe area (and they on Earth remained not so much) or to clear of unhealthy impurity grown up in usual places. Sometimes it is cheaper to develop synthetic analog, than to take the original from the exhausted nature.

Risky combinations What

of dirty tricks to expect

from the famous house recipes?

  • the Honey, strawberry or a citrus applied on skin often become the reason of allergic rashes;
  • of a face pack on the basis of wheat flour, and also compresses for hair from black bread and an egg yolk after drying it is very difficult to wash away;
  • compresses from davleny garlic can cause a severe burn of skin;
  • strongly pull together with
  • of a mask from egg white and cucumber juice skin and can cause a peeling;
  • the mask from onions gruel gives to hair very strong, almost ineradicable smell;
  • too sticky honey applied on lips can become the reason of microinjuries as a result of pasting;
  • compresses from grated carrots or beet can turn you into the alien - orange or violet.

Pluses of cosmetics of homemade

Certainly, they are too. At least following:

the Conclusion is simple

of the Summary: you should not rely on house cosmetics unconditionally. Having heard or having read the new magic recipe, listen at first to opinions of those who already tested means, carefully choose ingredients - only the freshest and qualitative. Present that you came to the market not behind mask components, and behind fruit for the child - and with such spirit choose. And, above all - find out about everything how these products will be combined with your type of skin and a hair.

generally, a task hard - to buy a jar of ready cream it is unambiguous more simply. But you wanted naturalness? And in the nature nothing just happens.