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Cheerful pastime of

Children big lyuboznayka: reach for all new and interesting, but it is better to comprehend the world together. Is together more cheerful! We with the daughter unseparable friends: everywhere together. Alina is 1 year old and 1 month - fine age for knowledge and research of the world.

the Child all in the movement also waits from you for something and as though speaks: “Mother, and what we will do?“ And game together begins... We build huge houses, locks, pyramids, we arrange doll representation, we dance. Oh, these bewitching sounds! They are so interesting to Alina. Here passed the engine, the elephant, here a cat here ran... It is so much interesting melodies.

we Like to read to

books, to be exact to thumb through them. And I not just read, and I enter with the daughter reader`s dialogue...

we will arrange

A now five-minute when toys and bad mood bothered, we will just dance. And Alina nods and spins in a step. And here we in a dance tuft.

Danced to the heart`s content? Then, let`s go to walk. Our family likes to go to the wood. We take tent, and here we are the real tourists. It is important to child to feel beauty and harmony of the nature. Here everything is interesting: the foliage filled with all beauty of summer, singing of birds, a kolykhaniye and a crash of a fire, wind whiff. And as it is pleasant to children`s legs to be run on the river bank, to feel heat of water. In the summer Alina liked to lie down together with us on a water mattress, to popleskatsya in water. And if she was tired, then we had a rest in a lodge - tent.

But not always managed to go to travel and therefore sometimes arranged water procedures in the yard of our high-rise building. Inflated the pool, poured water and brought toys to children. And already sea of laughter, ocean of pleasures. After such water action children slept like a log.

Still together we like to sing a children`s karaoke: Alina sings, and I sing along. So we study sounds. Together we do house cleaning: the daughter already understood that it is possible not only to sort things, but also to collect! But most of all we like to play at hide-and-seek together, a game of tag and to build mugs! The main thing - to involve the child in game. With Alyn`s father disassembles tools, studies the car, learns to understand men. She tries to catch each his eye and the word. She as though asks it: “The father, show still!“ Once it showed it how to drive in nails. For it it was very ridiculous action.

When there come minutes of grief, we give to Alina a helping hand, we involve it in game, we blow it on a snub-nosed nose. The main thing - to be together always. Both in pleasure, and in grief! I understood that it is not important that we do. And it is important that we do it together! The child does not know this world, and every minute spent together is unique and invaluable! These seconds, minutes, years are filled with children`s happiness!