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It is considered that it is more difficult for woman with child to find work on definition, than other categories of citizens. However, as appears from stories which we managed to collect, complexity often is not in lack of offers or insufficient self-confidence, and not that it is difficult to combine work with education of children. Just to mother, decided to continue work as nobody else wants to find by all means a congenial employment, to feel comfortable and on the place. And it is much it is possible!

All roads conduct

in bank?

Ania Dmitriyeva graduated

from teacher`s college as a mathematics teacher, and the son was born almost at once. When it went to a garden, friends offered Ania work in the magazine which just opened then - to type texts into the computer. There was a little money - business only began, but arranged the free schedule and communication with the same mothers who got a bit tired from sitting of the house with children pleased.

Time went. The son went to school, the daughter, already was born and it went to a garden - and Ania still stayed at home, periodically doing some work on a request of the girlfriends. And suddenly unexpectedly for itself became the employee of bank. Though, maybe, not so unexpectedly? Ania Dmitriyeva tells.

So turned out that I all life worked with the friends, and even not so much worked independently how many helped, was on pickup. To gather something, somewhere to phone, answer calls, behind something to go... On the one hand, I am seemingly free, it is not necessary to me to nine for work, but with another, it is unknown when I am necessary next time. And I am still such person that I cannot refuse. When “employer“ - your girlfriend, it is difficult.

to the Husband such situation was not pleasant to

at all. Earlier he was glad that I stay at home, and recently even more often was interested whether I asked about work - but only normal, real work - someone from the friends.

Well I also asked

the girlfriend Irka who works three years in bank (by training it the teacher, but it is necessary to feed a family): whether operators are necessary incidentally to them? (I knew that this simplest what can be done in bank, and there can take even without experience as took Ira in due time.) She asked the one who in this bank suited it whether they have work for her girlfriend, and for some reason introduced me as “very bright“.

Gathering for interview, I just in case asked the husband, is one salary lower than what level not to agree. Also decided that I will tell about myself everything honestly, without trying to embellish something.

First that I was asked on interview by my future head: “And you really such bright?“ . Told about conditions, I told that I will think. Consulted to the husband, worried that I give a ride to the girlfriend to whom just then helped - was on duty on phone, and agreed.

Now I go to work to nine and even a little bit I am proud of it. I do not understand much yet, but the bank is such place where it is possible to ask everything all, and I use it. If carries, children will spend summer with the grandmother at the dacha, and I will visit them and “to drive“ in work.

Councils from Ania:

If the person likes to master something new - at least household appliances or an intricate computer game which the child cannot understand in any way, - to it, most likely, it will be interesting also at new unfamiliar work. And interest - the key to success.

At communication with the employer to show false modesty also unhealthy, as well as to inflate the merits. It seems to me, to keep with advantage and to be honest - best of all.

Two children and career of the journalist


At Marina Mosina two small children. For the full-fledged working day it has neither time, nor forces. And she has no desire for a long time to leave kids: children make the main sense of her life. And all - Marina found the way to work and could even formulate the principles which always helped it to find the interesting business bringing at least small earnings. So, word to Marina Mosina.

By training I am a librarian, but did not work in the specialty day yet: I managed to settle in the factory newspaper of one of capital higher education institutions that it seemed happiness top. However in several years I started missing: subjects are same, a salary modest. Began to ring editorial offices of the Moscow newspapers, offering the services. I did not know what I want to write about, and, probably, therefore my job searches did not lead to success: the author who has no subject and which offers nothing is necessary to nobody.

in the middle of my searches I began to attend lectures of the psychotherapist Alexander Poleev famous now where listeners were invited to participate in teleconversation about a problem of relationship of the man and woman.

When removed transfer, I got acquainted with Masha Mussina, the journalist from “Worker“. Once, behind tea drinking after shootings, Masha told that she very much likes the accuracy with which I formulate the thoughts. It was necessary to look down modestly: “I work in the newspaper, it is my duty“. - “Remarkably! - sincerely Masha was delighted, - I just need authors!“ . So I received the first task from editorial office of the Rabotnitsa magazine. In those days it was prestigious and favorable to be printed there: for one article I received the royalties making about a half of my salary in the factory newspaper.

Soon I was invited in only the opened Chastnaya Zhizn newspaper - Masha Mussina was among her organizers. The salary was put very decent - for the little girl from the factory newspaper it was a great luck! Then I was published in magazines “Krestyanka“, “Zdorovye“, the Dochki Est Materi weekly... Surprisingly, but it turned out that establishing contacts with them big is not difficult. I never earned a fantastic sum, but progress in the journalist to career was available. Now, many years later, I can formulate the principles which helped me to move forward.

Councils from Marina:

without hiding the readiness to work, to the employer, as well as the man, it is necessary to give an opportunity most to show an initiative.

Money - there is more to come. For people emotional, impressionable, creative work has to be interesting in itself.

Receiving any offer on work, it is necessary not to be afraid to risk, even to change everything in the life. (Of course, at the same time it is necessary to listen to the intuition.)

Doctor, lawyer, advertizing manager?


Masha Koroleva after school came to medical, being going to become the doctor as her parents. And now, eleven years later, works as the advertizing manager in the largest publishing house. If to add to it the higher legal education, several years of work in Arbitration court, the birth and education of the daughter and the known searches of the place to lives, the Car history is rather interesting and in something even instructive.

After I did not gather additionally point at receipt, I did not want to continue more with medicine. And efforts of parents, tutors and my own I was prepared in legal (all - the English special school behind shoulders). The father`s friend employed in Arbitration court.

At institute I got acquainted with the husband, the daughter was born then. At work went as it is necessary, to a child care leave. So, probably, also went down stream, but during sitting of the house I was demoted and transferred to office. That it was clear - it is the most not prestigious work.

me it seemed to

A that I promise. Not only that graduated from the institute (in office people without vocational education usually work), even before pregnancy considered cases, stood well. Having come to work, I apprehended it as the reference. Me - so other than others - and in this bog to process entering - proceeding.

the Husband just then found

phone of the Austrian recruitment agency which is engaged in staff recruitment for the enterprises of oil and gas industry. Sent them the summary. Offered it work of the head of legal department of the large Russian energy company, and then refused - on this place took other applicant. But asked whether it does not have whom in mind to lower position. And the husband offered me.

As I understood

, for the person, self-assured in fact, it is not really difficult to find work on recruitment agencies and the summary. But it does not mean that you at this work will remain. As happened to me.

Ya came to this recruitment agency and had three interviews. The first - in agency, the second and third - directly in the company. I was taken. The head of department in legal department to direct at least six cheloveka.

Ya for some reason thought that a lot of things I am, and behaved respectively. Well, and language at me is suspended. And I had not complex at that moment on the fact that three years to sit with the child is much.

But once I crossed a threshold of office, I was attacked by such fear! I understood that everything is farther will be serious that it is necessary to work as the lawyer, but not the secretary. These are trials, infinite consultations, questions which you have to answer authoritatively.

Ya was in panic. The husband told: well let`s try, all - such salary. I pretended that I was sewn up at work, took everything home and did at night, with its help. Exactly in a month to me let know that I do not correspond, and I understood that for me there is no bigger rescue how to leave this work.

But so, probably, this discrepancy pressed on mentality me a post that then began to seem that I am completely lost as the professional. And even not as the lawyer, and in general as the person who is capable of something.

But I am not a house person, I should have worked. And I accepted the first casual offer. The school girlfriend calls, there is a position which is not demanding special preparation: to watch payment of accounts for advertizing in large publishing house, in fact - to try to recover debts from advertisers.


Work tiresome, absolutely uninteresting, it is necessary to ring round, write letters, to send faxes. It lasted half a year until in the company reductions began. I was reduced.

But I am a person sociable, in huge publishing house where 600 people work, at me it was already full of friends. And in a month offered me the place of the assistant to advertizing department (in fact, the secretary of department) in the Moscow Times newspaper. I did not want to be engaged in the long term in advertizing sale at all, but wanted to work in this company.

Then I passed

into other department - on work with clients. After will sell them advertizing spaces, we stipulate placement of advertizing modules on strips, we communicate with advertisers concerning the model, design... It is rather routine too, but nevertheless live work in tremendous collective. Besides, in edition all speak in English - and language at me went uphill: big practice. In a salary I did not win, career ambitions almost buried, but I work and I derive from it pleasure.

Councils from Masha:

should not be afraid of interview about employment after sitting with the child. You nurse the kid so far, you mature and you get a lot of things. Your worthiness increases: you are not a girl, you could give rise and grow up. You become more created person. You know how to behave.

of Dismissal from work - not the most terrible in life: they allow to take rest and think of what you actually want.

does not happen only at once: interesting work, good collective, high salary, attention of the administration. But if there is something one, it is possible to make a start and move from it further in the chosen direction.