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Search of a cheap site: make everything

Whatever supporters of pure logic spoke, but it is possible to jump over an abyss in two jumps. Ordinary history: the prices still “slightly - slightly“ grew, and it turned out that the credit on which you can count will not be enough for a country lodge in any way. And then the ingenious thought comes to your mind: to take the credit for purchase of a site (vacant or with a structure “under demolition“), and, having paid off, to take one more on construction of the house. You study the prices, programs of banks, and forward! It on paper. However in rural areas also ravines meet. Observance of several rules will help to find a footpath.

the Lodge as if is copied by

from the tourist booklet (to tell honestly, it is really copied): compact, two-storeyed and with a penthouse on only 4 hundred parts! It costs in the put 3 meters from neighbour`s fences at the left and on the right and in the whole 10 meters - on a backyard. The house went in on a half of a hundred part. It is 40 quarter. m of the first floor, more than 60 sq.m of the second (at the expense of the room over garage - a workshop) and 20 more sq.m - penthouses. A house configuration - a graceful letter “G“ internal windows on the South. Bearing walls from D900 foam concrete, a facing brick, a metal tile. In total about everything, including the earth a little more than $50 thousand (a site small, illiquid, the cost of a hundred part is cheaper than average).

But one small minus is: there are $ no 50 thousand to move this lodge from imagination to the district, and the salary does not allow to take them on credit.

Rule No. 1: read and call

But as we already noticed, an exit is: to try to jump over an abyss in two jumps. To look for a site and we will study programs of banks at the same time. Of announcements of sale of “empty“ sites moreover and it is less than 6 hundred parts, in newspapers disappointingly a little. There are several good databases on the Internet, but also there 3 - 4 hundred parts - the rare guest. It is useful to ring round real estate agencies anyway: even if you in 9 cases from 10 with ice politeness will be answered that such sites - not their level. In other words: “Vegetarian we do not hold - with!“ But there is one case from ten! Or from twenty. Or from hundred. That when you are told that there is one uchastochek on 4 hundred parts.

If the thought of such humiliation is impossible you

, then from the first call adjust a voice on moderately - an impressive tonality and tell that you want to buy a decent lodge in it - that the area hundred parts on 20 - 30 (especially do not bury). Yes, yes, you understand that it is necessary to stop by at agency, but it would be desirable to discuss previously that it is necessary for you and that they can offer. Chances that to you will paint a situation on the direction will be more.


However, first of all to you will offer the house in the cottage settlement under construction. It is possible to beat off it in the different ways. For example, to tell that there is a strong wish to get a konyushenka on couple of horses, and they not in any settlement will be let. Well, and having listened to everything that you will be told, screw that you plan to buy (better to say: “to buy“) nearby a lodge for the mother-in-law:“ By the way, about the mother-in-law. 4 hundred parts quite will be enough for it. How many can cost such site nearby? Seldom enter the market? Then, maybe, from it we will also begin to dance?“, Etc. The chance is. But can answer:“ Dance“. And to hang up. People work not the first day.

Rule No. 2: Do not ask the questions “in a forehead“ and help people to think

Krom of working hours which you devote to studying of printing and electronic announcements, and also to call-down of agencies, you have also days off. It is necessary to go to the country, to go and ask. Surprisingly, but almost always illiquid sites manage to be found the tyk method.

Go you can also by the car, but keep in mind that you from a window do not talk to people, you will not see announcements. However, it is better to begin search with settlement administration, and also local branch of real estate agency, they appeared even in small settlements now. Come, talk (here, certainly, without horses), surely leave the business card.

of Announcements it is a lot of - on the square, at station, at little shops, on artesian columns, doors of rural library, on a larch at a footpath in the wood, but it mainly the announcement of “news agencies“ on rent, in any case, nothing valuable. The announcement of sale of the house, half-house, a site often one - actually on a fence of the house, a site. It is necessary to go.

Here, on the suburb of the settlement there are less foreign (vacationers), and inhabitants make contact more willingly. Nevertheless try not to ask direct questions (“Who sells a site here?“). Greet and ask grannies about the same announcements (“And where here announcements of sale of houses glue?“ ) also you bryaknit inadvertently that you generally the teacher. Doctors in villages are respected too, but goodness knows of what sores to you will begin to complain? If in the next three - four quarters someone stammered that is going to sell a floor - a site, you will be surely brought together.

prompted to

the address in the neighboring village Once. (In this case surely remember a name - a middle name of the grandmother who gave the address). Mushroom pickers assured of the wood: there are no dumps and harmful productions nearby, and the next building - on the highway, kilometers in three. Seemingly shopping center.

was “Certified“ means: “N.`s settlement - there? And the dump will be more right? There is no dump? And spoke to me... In general? And if I directly go, then I will come to the highway? There, apparently, is a building, it will be to the right or to the left? Far? And spoke to me... And what is built there?“ Etc. I repeat, nobody is obliged to give you the developed answers, help people to think. And people think better when they see that before them the idiot. Generally, good there was a place. It is a pity, was late.

Eventually, nothing prevents you to bypass and travel over vicinities, to find out prospects of the district. Interesting information on the area can be found on official and the public Websites of area, and also the Website of regional administration. There you will find an ocean of plans of housing, industrial, warehouse, road construction. Some of them are carried out. Solve, whether in your advantage.

Rule No. 3: Visit object in advance


- country association in the Simferopol direction. Soon the territory will be transferred from agricultural appointment to the settlement - the settlement will be attached to the neighboring village. Light, gas, borehole water of high quality (the water supply system is completed). On the one hand in one and a half kilometers behind the wood - railway station, with another - in half a kilometer - the route. 8 hundred parts. There was in the announcement (broke entirely from a round curbstone - such remained in Moscow area) a dopiska: “Expansion of a site is possible“. In telephone conversation the owner by an unsteady voice reported that the house burned down, children grew up, and the wife left. Intuition prompted that the requested price will manage to be “moved“. Agreed about a meeting. Decided to go in advance, to study a disposition.

According to descriptions of the seller the site was on the border adjoining the wood. To it I also left from station. The border of the settlement turned out some strange: the part of sites moved forward in the wood further others. From - for one fence answered that nothing and nobody is known, the owner of another was more garrulous. The source explained where there is a site of “fire victim Vova“ and even told a story of wavy border.“ There was somewhere here a geodetic column, - the old resident vaguely waved a hand. - Then its some truck turned. Well, he still lay down a little and disappeared“.

, it seems, in documents the border of the settlement was described by

so:“ along the road on a wood edge“. The was road, however, earlier not absolutely expensive, and it is rather, several a koleyama, winding between trees. Not to fight boards about fences, rare cars began to take away further in the wood. Especially as summer residents arranged not only gate from journey, but also gates from the forest party, and near gates put shops (“well, not on journey to put them, where cars - to and fro, and gravel from - under wheels“). Then slightly ahead put a big table for dominoes. Or rather, the table itself was formed: there the birch clump stuck out, so, heels of sickly stvolik, legs for a table and two benches just turned out. The next birches fitted too: turned into columns for an arbor over a table. Nearby cleared away the basketball platform. If the driver of the passing truck asked a hatchet that as - nibud to clear away the road and to pass, without touching an arbor and the platform, then willingly gave and even helped. And stvolik and branches in a new track put that, so wheels did not break it.

then neighbors completely quarreled with

A. It was a pity for the spent works, and the public zone was honestly divided:“ You look. One basketball ring on one site, and another - on another. Now it is possible through a fence to play volleyball. And that got a dominoshny table of wons. It turned it and, see, there lifted a new extension. Now is whipping the cat: to it already several times came that took down. And in that party you see a fence - a tumble-down house? Do not trust, it is masking. He put it recently. For country amnesty supposedly if amnesty, and it will escape punishment. Then took three hundred parts and now I will weave. I - that? Less than two hundred parts killed, a kitchen garden. Will press - in a half a day I will transfer a fence back. And these money-grubbers will pay“.


It is interesting that at new fences gates were arranged too, and near them there were shops. The site of “fire victim Vova“ appeared at real “deadlock“ between the next possession.“ Possible expansion of a site“ promised not less than three hundred parts. Voviny inquiries were enough for a shop, a swing and a shtaketnik around a young fir-tree.


generally, nothing especially valuable this time found out. But all the same one needs to come and the day before. In presence of the owner (let him though potter with car in the distance) neighbors are reticent even on the general subjects - the unwritten code. And so you as if tourist.

And did not happen to get acquainted with Vova. He called on Saturday evening and pleased: the wife returned. Will build up. Here pleasure - that.

Rule No. 4: Find the ill-wisher and allies

One more interesting announcement the colleague threw. Called, agreed about a meeting, arrived the day before. Got to talking with two residents of the settlement. It was necessary to explain somehow the arrival without seller and the interest in his house. I had a fresh therefore did not begin to lie about hard night work and about what was mixed by day look. And in general, it is bad to deceive. Therefore honestly admitted that agreed with the seller to meet here on Sunday, but, here, passed by today, on Saturday, and did not keep. Then told that would like to talk to somebody “from his friends“. For some reason answering this simple question, people report opposite: begin to tell that your seller last year “in blood“ fought with the host No. 12, and residents of the house No. 14 do not even greet it. If to you call really friends, then act by process of elimination.

If carries

, then you learn that, for example, the wall of a bath cracked (“over there where paint is more dark“). At survey of a site with the owner to pick a wall of a bath and it is necessary to sigh not too deliberately: if you press, the seller will look for less observant buyer, but it will be possible to move the price a little. If the house cracked, then here especially allies will be necessary.

Reception is quite extended by

. The buyer transfers on object (city or country) in turn two - three and more friends who hit into the same point. In this case anxiously pick a finger a wall of a bath or tap with a boot on the base of the house. Thereby bringing the seller to thought that “murder will out“ it is also necessary to agree to any price.

Of course, it is possible to employ and bring on viewing of the expert - the builder. But why to pay the professional for what neighbors will tell free of charge? Besides and the owner could employ the expert to disguise house shortcomings.

nothing especially bright well-wishers could report

About this site, they and plainly did not make out the new owner. Only also told that “over there, at a sea-buckthorn, water till July costs“.

On Sunday, I was not in time pokovyryat a boot sock the soil at a sea-buckthorn as one more “buyer“ approached, and at once declared that the site is pleasant to it, and he “is ready to add“. My God, and here “auctions“! One swindlers around.

Rule No. 5: Money against warrants


With a difference in day from two rural branches of real estate agencies. Do not take in head to sign the contract for “selection of options“ and to post bail! At first look at a site, and there it will be visible. The agency already has a contract with the seller, so they risk nothing. In most cases the realtor will agree with you (possibly, he will decide to punish you “for impudence“, having raised the price, but before still it is necessary to live).

the First site was given by

to the owner in unlimited use of a poultry farm from which there is no smell left even. Asked the realtor whether she will help to persuade the seller to wait another couple of weeks until I issue a mortgage loan. One cannot say that the realtor too was surprised. Just began a sad voice to tell well-known.

To 90% of sites situated near Moscow the documents which are incorrectly processed, not up to the end issued, not issued at all and even have counterfeit. The law on country amnesty allows to register free of charge a site under the ownership in the presence of any document which recorded allocation of a site in use. It agrees to the legislation existing at that moment, certainly. But, as always, there is one “but“. Registration of the property right requires the description of a site, its cadastral plan. Otherwise it will be just unclear on what site the property right is registered. The problem is in no what two thirds of the land plots of the description have, i.e. boundary business on them was not formed, given on them in the Unified State Register of Rights (USRR) is not present. Land management works quickly carry out only private offices. Walk of the surveyor along perimeter and its drawing on a piece of paper cost from one and a half thousand “green“. Shishkin, you understand. For successful “promotion“ of documents that registration did not drag on for half a year, and even one and a half, it is necessary to lay out not less. The matter is that documents from you can be accepted, and to return to the put terms with the instruction on a mistake in registration. But can sincerely approach and recommend the relevant private office where will make “candy“ of a package of documents. In principle everything is honest.

the Owner graciously agreed to wait for at least two years, but I should undertake all expenses. Including, a package of documents for registration of the transaction of purchase and sale. These are over two tens references: about lack of arrests, prohibitions of debts on property, lack of debts on taxes, lack of boundary disputes, about restrictions and encumbrances for a site (for example, passing on an electrocable site). It too.

- And if I collect all this, and you will refuse to sell?

- Not - and... I will not refuse, - the seller assured.

In general, practice standard but to contact this type it was ceased to want. Especially as there was the second site.

Rule No. 6: And documents on it appeared in a full order. The real trifle remained - to find bank

Seems, it was necessary to begin with it. It appears, from 40 - 50 banks working on a land mortgage, only 4 - 5 contacts a mortgage on a vacant rural site. The others if use the phrase “land plot“, then is exclusive in relation to cottage settlements. the “Wild“ site it is very difficult to p to estimate

. With apartments it is simpler: they standard (even those “elite, on the individual project“). Everything is clear with prestigiousness of the area and its prospects. In a village at unclear distance in the unclear direction it is harder and harder. Managers of one of banks liked to tell a story about how they selected to themselves the company of the appraiser and a distance several on test the same site. Estimates differed almost by 10 times! Later this bank refused from z at allemelny mortgage. To give the credit on the security of the site - big risk. You represent a joke if the client with the seller employ the company inclined to the overestimated assessment, will honestly divide the credit (a payment for a site) and, say, will strong wash down. And what the bank with a site will do?

One of banks risks

only at a short distance: credit term - till three years. Another issues the credit for purchase of a site in the presence of the contract for construction of the house. And all banks demand not less than 35% of an initial contribution. That too almost feat.

the Rural dwelling is less protected by

. Wooden houses burn more often. Brick... There was to itself a hut on chicken legs of 100 years and 100 more would stay. On the basis of what geologists drew a conclusion that correct soil, and issued the corresponding reference. In an amicable way they had to drill a couple of holes, but it costs deranged money which the seller and the buyer regretted. Probably some arrangement worked. The new owner decided to construct a three-storyed brick cottage. Somewhere on end of the second floor the house with a crash sank. The horror of a situation is that the site turned into absolutely illiquid. The cost of its rehabilitation is equivalent house costs.

Yes, at registration of a mortgage loan the client insures also object. But difficulties with a site assessment, specifics of individual construction, without speaking about administrative difficulties of Moscow area, create unacceptably high risks for insurance companies. So, are unacceptable also for banks.

But an exit is! The credit on the security of other property which for some reason is called “lombard“. Many banks give it. You put the city apartment, and the bank is not hurt by the head about what can happen to you and your site.

- I will not allow to put the Apartment, - the wife cut off (the Cossack, and that says it all).

Ya tried it was careful to blow up: I even the life will insure!

- Everyone can happen, - the wife thoughtfully looked out of the window. - There is no corpse, there is no insurance.


got stuck in a throat. Even I do not know how to call the rule No. 6. Nothing, I will persuade.

P. S. Redrew the project: 41,25 sq.m on the first floor, 41,25!