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The story about how Marusk was learned to play “children`s“ games

- Hi, Maruska! - and the smiling girl in a house dressing gown and with the kid on hands opened the entrance door more widely. - At last you reached us!

smiled to

“Maruska“ in reply, carefully came into the apartment... Hooked a hand on the carriage which is solidly occupying a half of a corridor was lop-sided on the children`s stool which is seen in kitchen, felt some unusual smell whether porridges, whether vegetables... “Here - here, and I will have it soon... Around the mess, smells as at combine of baby food and I! With the child and houses!“ - with disappointment the guest thought.

Once Masha and Zhenya were close girlfriends. About five years ago, when both studied in one group of university, communicated much and with pleasure. After university of the girl concentrated on career, and gradually former friendship came to naught. And now, when there came in life the following stage - not “office“, but family - the former classmates again suddenly “contacted“.

It seemed to

that Zhenya, at university all seeing the person more independent and independent, than Masha, in marriage if leaves, then is closer to forty, and at all will not bring children - will not want. Zhenya already when about pregnancy and children it was told as about something very far and hypothetical, it is proud declared that “if I give birth - that only through Caesarian, and I will not nurse - that did not droop!“ . Masha even envied her determination and courage a little. Itself - that she, of course, too wanted to remain beautiful and young as long as possible, but assumed that she, most likely, for the sake of children will go on which - what esthetic victims, will not master current trends...

But left so whether as Zhenka married slightly not earlier than all in group, and the child at them from Leshkaya was born too soon... And Masha so was fond of improvement of a track record that she did not notice how she safely crossed a treasured boundary in 25 years - time to which it there was a wish to be married and to have the child already earlier. was p> to Masha Now. She married few years ago, and now was pregnant. But for some reason execution of teenage dream of “the husband and the child“ did not bring the expected pleasure at all - can because over time this dream was forced out by other, more monetary and ambitious reasons. The girlfriend, on the contrary, by phone “sounded“ terribly proud and happy “domokhozyaysky“ destiny. And having crossed a threshold of the Zhenkiny house, Masha felt contrast even stronger: on the one hand, own irritation from stay in the apartment through “impregnated“ with the child, and on the other hand, a pleased smile of Zhenka. It became somehow uncomfortable... Both so changed that it is necessary to get acquainted, seemingly, anew.

the Hostess waved a hand towards kitchen: pier, welcome.

- Here, it to tea! - Masha stretched to the girlfriend a package of fruit and candies.

- Oh, look that with you brought to us - and - and, - Zhenka rustled with a package, and the kid in all eyes stared at a source of new sounds.

- the Nice kid, - Marusya politely noticed.

- And at you will be such soon! - Zhenka encouraged, seating the son in a stool.

- Such... The girl at us, - corrected the guest.

- Such so such! Kids they are also kids... But you tell how you feel what thoughts that as - spread! - the hostess grabbed with confident movements from the shelf to steam of cups, quickly poured tea, placed everything on a table, sat down opposite to Masha and was going to listen. The kid with enthusiasm began to patter meanwhile a plastic mug about a stool side.

the Guest slightly frowned.

- what to say yes, Ren! We so - that not to tell that we were going to bring children right now, in a year - planned another. But it happened, so it happened. And at me at work the most interesting began as all this inopportunely... - Masha shook thoughtfully-headed. - I do not represent even as I will master in such time to stay at home... To help with the kid, so it developed that there is nobody, but will not take him in a day nursery from the first days after the delivery... Generally, I in an emotional turmoil, will honestly tell! - Masha did not expect that she here so will open the heart at once, but, probably, a time already was to give vent to feelings.

- At work interesting began, you speak... - Zhenya smiled. - So at you is such soon interesting will be at home that will be forgotten by you about the work!

Masha grinned. The kid dropped a plastic mug on a floor meanwhile and now had a good time chants - “a rumble - a la - a laaaaa“, swinging handles in a step to own creativity.

- Interesting... - Masha grinned. - Well... Aha... They there only in three, perhaps, years become rather amusing. - Masha remembered the nephew who on the third birthday amused relatives comments about gifts. - But when he was only born, in a year, in two - same still as... vegetable!

Zhenka burst out laughing with


- Well, you will tell too - vegetable! Any not vegetable and, Darling? - Zhenya took on handles of the son who began to show active interest in the sugar bowl standing in dangerous proximity to its stool by then.

-. You will not play with it plainly, - Masha continued. - You will not talk to it. Sleeps and eats, eats and sleeps. Also cries. Bathe, feed, change clothes, bathe, feed, change clothes. Melancholy. Monotony. No, I do not argue, I will do all this. But I will not pose as a happy mamushka when it is sad and boring for me, and precisely!

Zhenya obviously did not agree

. It shook on a lap the son, and it was visible that she tries to formulate something.

- You know, I understand you perfectly, - Zhenya told. - They in infancy others, you understand. Both not adults, and not children as if. Not adults, because there are not enough years to them, but not children because children, it seems, are associated with excessive fun, hooliganism there... And babies are really similar on shchenochok, kittens helpless. Peep something. Human language is not understood. But if to have some knowledge... About boredom of the speech will not come, believe me...

Masha took a sip of

tea, furtively looked at the watch. It has enough heard plenty of morals from mother, was not enough still to take a course of lectures at the girlfriend on a visit... But Zhenka was not appeased.

- Marus, well, the truth. You want, I will teach you how to play with it when you only home bring it?

- perhaps to sing Songs to it? - Masha waved away. - Yes I read there in one magazine...

- Songs, it yes. - Marrying moved to the girlfriend a plate with pies. - And you be treated, treated. But here listen. To you before childbirth how many remained?

- Month...

- it is excellent! I recommend to think up already a name and to greet every morning it by name, and to speak to it “good night“ in the evening. Too with a name. He hears you for a long time! However, you do not trust me, read literature, I can give you books...

- it is not necessary to

, thanks, and in general...

- Well, came on a visit, so listen! - Zhenka ordered. It dispersed outright. - However, Mash, believe me, about boredom there will be no speech also, let someone miss, but we - will not be. Well, the kid in a tummy gets used to the name. And then. When you bring it from maternity hospital, you put on a bed, you come from a bed and you call him by name and you wait when it begins to turn the head on a sound. Perhaps at once it and it will not do, but you do every day and note when he makes it! And that quicker it occurred, obligatory, every time when you make with it everyones... manipulations... call it by name - you wash it, you feed, obkakanny you take off trousers - Zhenka laughed. - Call, call it by name! Your first game such will be.

- In general, it is so amusing. I when turned on sharply the music on a computer, it in the first days could not define, where to it to turn the head. But when I told something to it - that is a voice human plus a voice familiar - it always very precisely defined where I stand, turned to me... You represent. In them is put to identify mother`s voice, for the sake of a survival! - Zhenka was obviously inspired with this fact. Masha hardly abstained from venomous comments, though listened unexpectedly attentively. To it it was strange that about babies it is possible in the principle to carry on such rather substantial conversation.

- it is only necessary to try to hold the Person very close to it, they not really well at first see, - Zhenka was not appeased. - Bend to it, call by name. So he quickly - quickly will already begin to smile to you, you do not represent how it is cool when you understand that he already mastered such human gesture plain it seems... They it seems some in a dream already later after the delivery smile two weeks. Then, in three weeks, can smile “in anywhere“, and when it is conscious, looking in eyes, in one or one and a half months he smiles - here where a high.

- Hekh but, very fascinating game - it is stupid to call by name and “to watch“ for a smile! - did not stand Mashka.

- And there is more to come, - imitating advertizing, Zhenka sang, she decided to ignore Maruskin tone. - I am Dimke on fingers of legs and hands and on a barrel neck. Yes, just here so legonechko you blow, they like it. And here separately to mass each finger on handles and legs, it too, as a rule, very much is pleasant to them. To them, you understand, in the first month it is necessary to gather any feelings. You want that it became not a vegetable quicker, and “amusing“ how you told?

- Ugu, - with the filled mouth Marusya lowed. For some reason this conversation forced it to be nervous slightly and when Masha was nervous, she always wanted to eat.

- So if you want that somewhat quicker this moment came, especially it is impossible to miss to neither him, nor you in the first months! Call by name, blow on palms and speak: “It is your palm!“ And then kiss. Palm. Still he can train sight. Toys in the first month, maybe, it is also not necessary... And here it is simple to take, for example, a scarf bright, to bring to the person, well it is not really close. And to look. As it his eyes “will take“, at once carefully and slowly aside to take away a scarf.

- That that?

- And it at first can lose it from a field of vision. But then you it will teach to look after a subject. You understand? Or here they have a congenital reflex, to take your finger strongly - strongly. By one and a half months passes... For now did not pass, give it a finger and as at it the finger will turn out to grab, at once praise it supposedly Sveta or Alenka (or who you will have there, such clear head) such sweet girl …

- Or here! - Zhenkina thought worked with the trebled force. - Taste the cut orange to it to a nose to bring, let will try any smells! And here gather still wool, silk, a foil and to palms bring, let he still will feel skin that there are any invoices. You understand? And music... It is possible to experiment with music, to put from classics to fate - well, not loudly, not to frighten that - and to watch how it reacts. It is amusing to see that they already have a musical taste at such early age. Dimke, by the way, very much likes both Bon Jovi, and “Aerosmith“, and here, for example, “Rammstein“ not really respects... Aha, I and Rammstein for the sake of interest to it put!

Involuntarily in the head of Mashka the thought that at them in the computer a lot of different is loaded “muzyk“ rushed. The husband Mashkin was a terrible music lover, the expert on the directions and genres, and itself not bad played the guitar.

- Still can show it light from a small lamp, to overturn it on a tummy more often, in different poses to drag it on the apartment when he does not sleep sluggishly and immoderately. And! Right after we from maternity hospital brought it, my Leshka put out the tongue at it - so, for a trick. So the kid put out the tongue at it too! We to it as began to build then ugly faces... However, in a couple of minutes started howling - they are tired very quickly. He will not be in time in the first months you games to tire, itself will quicker be tired so do not worry - Zhenka hurried to assure the girlfriend. Probably, was afraid that now Maruska will endure that it will be “too“ interesting to her with the child!

did not notice Marusk`s

itself how began to think that it would be quite good to write down all this. At work which she left in the decree it all accustomed not to rely on memory, and important to write down what, by the way, Maruska mentally thanked more than once the administration for... However, to show to the girlfriend what, say, conversation about babies and games with them somehow “hooked“ on, too for some reason there was no wish...

- the Girl, give, please, this notebook and the handle!

- Thirty rubles from you.

Maruska sat down on a bench in the foyer of shopping center and began to scribble quickly: “... To put music of different genres, to pull faces, to blow on fingers...“ The girl ceased to write down, thoughtfully brought a handle tip to lips, the look rummaged on the revetted building walls - Maruska tried to remember. “What there still was?“, - she rummaged in the memory. - Aha! Small lamp... Bright scarf“.

Alenka was born

exactly in three weeks. In the apartment all necessary was ready to arrival of mother and daughter: the complete works of Rammstein are downloaded in playlists (it at the father - the music lover in a collection did not appear, and there was a wish to check daughter`s musical taste very much), the old grandmother`s scarlet scarf lay accurately on a crib and too waited for the hour of triumph...