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Pregnancy without varicosity of

the Waiting time of the birth of the kid - the responsible period. Pregnancy demands from women of the attentive attitude towards the health because the care of the child begins long before his birth.

Knows that during pregnancy the varicosity often develops. And with each subsequent pregnancy this disease progresses. But there are also good news! If in due time to replace usual tights on medical compression (for example, with the VENOTEKS ® panty hoses; THERAPY), the varicosity and its complications can be avoided.

As VENOTEKS ® helps to protect health, to keep a good shape and to give birth to the healthy kid? These questions are answered by V. V. Andriyashkin, the phlebologist, the candidate of medical sciences, the associate professor of faculty surgery of RGMU, GKB No. 1 of N. I. Pirogov.

- What it is necessary to know about varicosity?

- Varicosity - one of the most widespread diseases. Statistically to 30% of women over 60% - after the second get sick with varicosity after the first pregnancy. Lead uncountable risk factors to development of varicosity: varicosity at parents, flat-footedness, an adverse ecological situation, inconvenient footwear and close clothes, reception of hormones and many other things. But very few people know that varicosity is not cosmetic defect, but a symptom serious is warm - a vascular disease which can affect health of mother and the kid who was not born yet.

- What signs indicate the beginning of a varicose illness?

- Daily examining legs, it is possible to notice a trace from an elastic band of socks, hypostases of feet, small vascular “setochka“, the bulked-up veins, small knots along veins and many other symptoms of varicosity of different severity. Perhaps, these signs did not draw before your attention. But now, when you know what they mean, they should be noticed and furthermore it is necessary to pay attention to them.

- What it is necessary to make to protect itself from varicosity?

- Doctors and producers of modern medical products combined the efforts. And now new technologies are promptly included into our life. Pregnant women replaced simple tights with medical compression jersey of VENOTEKS ®. Of course, each phlebologist individually selects the scheme of treatment of patients with a disease of veins of the lower extremities, but at the same time remembers an integrated approach in which one of obligatory elements is compression therapy.

- in What the compression jersey of VENOTEKS ® differs; from the usual dragging-away tights?

- the Dragging-away tights have no medical effect, they carry out only cosmetic function, do a figure of visually more harmonous. Production of VENOTEKS ® has medical effect which is confirmed with the clinical tests which are carried out on the basis of our department. Thanks to property of the graduated VENOTEKS ® compression; improves blood circulation, prevents emergence of hypostases and weight in legs, helps future mothers to keep good health.

- What is the graduated compression?

- the Graduated compression is the pressure which is physiologically distributed on a leg. Maximum pressure of VENOTEKS ® renders on area of an anklebone, towards hips the level of a compression decreases. The similar dosed distribution of pressure does not allow blood to stand in veins and promotes restoration of normal blood circulation.

- whether needs to carry compression jersey if there are no hypostases and vascular asterisks?

- it is valid, at the first stages of a varicose illness of visible signs there is no disease. However during pregnancy in an organism of future mother there are changes affecting venous system. Body weight increases, the account of it increases load of veins of the lower extremities. The volume of the circulating blood increases, pressure upon walls of veins increases. Venous vessels extend - normal outflow of blood from legs is broken. Also weakening of a tone of walls of veins happens under the influence of pregnancy hormone - progesterone. Hormones provide the normal course of pregnancy and prepare an organism for childbirth, doing connecting fabric extremely extensible. And if not to protect a vein by means of compression jersey, then venous insufficiency develops. Normal blood circulation of a fruit is broken, and it can provoke premature birth. Therefore for prevention of varicosity the compression VENOTEKS ® tights; it is necessary to carry from the first days of pregnancy. By the way, in tights for pregnant women there is a special extensible insert on a stomach. It is made specially that future mother could carry VENOTEKS ® during all term of pregnancy and at the same time it is comfortable to feel.

- As the compression jersey influences development of the child?

- the Compression jersey is absolutely safe for future child and his mother. Moreover, it exerts positive impact on development of the child: stimulates outflow of blood from legs to bodies of a stomach, promotes improvement of blood circulation and provides conditions for normal development of a fruit.

- Antivaricose tights can be carried, without removing, the whole day or needs to be done breaks?

- the VENOTEKS ® Tights; socks during the day are intended for a constant, only for the night they need to be removed in order that vessels worked. Otherwise the organism can remember a condition of compensation for the account of a compression and “grow lazy“ to work.

- whether needs to carry compression jersey in maternity hospital?

- Being going to maternity hospital, together with necessities by all means take with yourself the special VENOTEKS ® stockings; for childbirth. At the time of delivery there is a big blood loss, and an organism as the uniform system reacts to it increase of coagulability of blood, that is the probability of a tromboobrazovaniye increases. If you already have a disease of veins, then there is a threat of development of a thrombembolia with the most serious consequences for health. Protivoembolichesky stockings protect the woman at the time of delivery from development of a vein thrombosis and its complications. To give birth in the compression VENOTEKS ® stockings; - means to take care of additional safety for itself and the child.

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In completion of our conversation all good health and once again to remind our dear mothers: to keep the health and it is necessary to protect the kid:

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