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To travel - means to live

we began to prepare For the summer travel to Adler in two months. Were going to go five together is I, my six-year-old daughter Anyuta, my friend and the fellow worker Katyusha and her daughters - five-year-old Nadia and eleven-year-old Lisa. Exactly in 45 days train tickets “Sverdlovsk-Adler“ were acquired. Remarkable Belgian suitcases which perfectly served us further were bought. By phone the arrangement on accommodation in the private house of Adler was made. Girls looked forward to holiday and diligently counted up days to a trip.

I there came day of our departure to Adler. We stand on a stop waiting for the bus. Things are laid in suitcases, pencils, albums and toys are hidden in children`s backpacks, shopping bags are filled with products. In my soul - easy concern on time which should be carried out in far-away countries. In the opinion of the family who is seeing off us - nervousness and grief from parting. We took the places in the Lesnoy - Yekaterinburg bus. Having seen enough the landscapes flashing behind windows, our daughters fell asleep. I mentally drew pictures about a meeting with the sea. 3,5 hours of a way past quickly. We spent the next 3 hours in the children`s hall of the railway station of the city of Yekaterinburg. Girls naprygatsya in a game zone with a labyrinth and balls, played on gaming machines. Declared landing to the train “Sverdlovsk - Adler“ and we went on an underground passage to our car. We took reserved seat places and began to arrange well our regiments. We should go three days or 65 hours of a way. For these three days our girls were crawled on regiments, covered with drawings pencils a half of an album, played enough in school. We with the girlfriend read all magazines which are in advance bought in a newsstand, discussed many everyday problems. The train carried us by the European part of Russia. Long parking in the cities and on substations gave the chance to buy something tasty in the train, for example ice cream and berries. We for days on end admired the beautiful nature. We passed several tunnels through the Ural Mountains, saw enough of the Russian woods. Girls looked out of the window and also wheat, to the herds of cows which are walked on green meadows rejoiced to fields of sunflowers. Closer to Rostov there came the heat. In the car it was very warm and stuffy. Our train went on the coast of the river Don. There was a wish to make a long stop and to bathe in a reservoir. In the last evening before arrival of the girl fell asleep late, all looked out of the windows on the changing nature, on the first southern trees; there was a strong wish to see the sea. The train passed several tunnels through the Caucasian ridge and smoothly turned in front of Tuapse on the Black Sea coast. There was a dark southern night, and the seas it was not visible. Only bright neon fires on cases of rest houses gave proximity of the sea resort.

We arrived to Adler on July 27 at 5 in the morning. On the platform we were met by the good-natured owner of the two-storeyed house in which we had to occupy two rooms. As it was free on arrival to the house there was only one room. There Katya with daughters left the things, and we with Ania were lodged slightly further through several houses to the distant relative of the owner. At 6 in the morning my room was still occupied by lodgers. We took a shower in the yard, drank tea on a common kitchen, left the things under supervision of the hostess at home and went to a meeting with the sea. The soul was full of pleasure and delight from a sound of the waves running on stones, from contemplation of a blue scope, from fresh sea air. Our old trips with parents at the sea were remembered. The sea stormed a little, but we with the girlfriend and daughters with pleasure popleskatsya in coastal waves. Then we have well breakfast in the nearest cafe and went on the houses. On the way back we glanced in a four-storeyed cottage in which two rooms surrendered. Conditions of accommodation were excellent, the prices suited us. We decided to move to this house. The owner of a cottage brought us behind our suitcases. We thanked owners of our first housing and went to become populated and display things. In two weeks of rest we walked on many streets of the private sector of Adler. In the city many rooms surrender. To find housing really, it is only not necessary to rush to the first address. It is necessary to resemble, look and choose for himself the acceptable conditions. At the same price it is possible to find small rooms, with a shower, a toilet and kitchen on the street, and excellent spacious rooms with all conveniences in the house.

Two weeks of rest passed

in Adler remarkably! We swam in the sea much, moderately sunbathed on the sun, investigated sights of the city and its vicinity. We very much liked excursion in a dolphinarium where we saw performance of a white whale, sea lion and dolphins. Visit of an apery was interesting. It is large scientifically - the research center of the Russian institute of medical primatology. Here, the covered open-air cages, contain more than one thousand monkeys of the most different breeds. We watched feeding of animals since we arrived to nursery during a lunch. We noticed many self-check with cubs. And still we saw one monkey who got out of a cage and joyfully ran across the nursery territory.

Excellent impression was left by horse walk on beautiful vicinities of Adler, on the river bank Mzymta. We went by horses on glades, about small lakes with plashy carps in them, rose by hills and went down in ravines. Clever horses of Bingo, Black and the Cypress carried us with children, having never kicked up, listened to our teams.

the Set of beautiful plants, bushes and trees we looked at

in the Sochi tree nursery: pyramidal cypress, pith oak, sequoia, bamboo, different types of palm trees and many other things. Except representatives of flora we saw and representatives of fauna is and curious ostriches, and majestic peacocks, white and black swans, geese, ducks. Having risen uphill and having looked at a panorama of Sochi and a blue sea distance, we went down a ropeway. After a tree nursery we went to “McDonald`s“ where children received the portion of a children`s lunch in a box with a toy.

on August 1, and we did not bathe when a half of day was poured by a rain. This day we did not manage to look at a solar eclipse. In the evening of this day we with the daughter made sea walk by Photon motor ship. We well sustained small rolling of our motor ship, were photographed with the captain of the vessel, admired beautiful views of the Caucasus Mountains and pack of the dolphins floating nearby.

With the girlfriend and daughters we went on excursion to a sea aquarium in Matsesta. How many there was different animals! These are sharks, a crocodile, penguins, turtles, a seal, a hippopotamus, a great number of different fishes. Excursion is excellent, only little girls had to be carried on hands since some aquariums were highly from a floor, not for children`s growth.

Separate point on our trip is costed by excursion across evening Sochi with arrival in park of rest “Riviera“. From a window of the excursion bus we considered various architectural constructions of the city: marina, winter theater, concert hall “Festival“, various hotels, hotels and sanatoria. Walk across night “Riviera“ was not absolutely successful. From - for late time to us did not manage to walk on chestnut avenues of park and to look at beautiful flower beds. On the Friendship glade where the magnolias planted by astronauts us grow did not drive. And we had to ride attractions under sudden heavy rain. But in general the trip to Sochi and the narration of the guide about stories of the city and its vicinities were pleasant.

Interesting. In Agur Gorge we with the daughter saw the Devil`s Font falls. Gray steep rocks, the small lake with water, muddy after a rain, a superficial cave in the depth of the rock and the hanging-down branches of bushes give fabulousness to this place. On Mount Akhun - the highest point of Sochi, we rose on 30 - a meter viewing tower. From height the fantastic panorama of Sochi, Adler, Khosta, the sea and tops of Big Caucasian ridge opens. At a trip up on the mountain on 11 - to the kilometer serpentine there were many abrupt turns, but we with the daughter from it were not stirred up. We breathed clean mountain air, washed cool spring water and remarkably transferred a trip.

Bright impressions was presented to us by an aquapark “Amfibius“. There we rode long enough on different hills. I with Katya liked driving on rubber circles - “bagels“ on the huge, twirled blue pipe. Anyuta with Nadia and Lisa moved down to the pool from “baby mammoth“, “snakes“ and “octopus“. Our daughters did not get out from a paddling pool, lapped and lapped! In the same pool there is a system of multi-colored pipes from which the water streams different in diameter and force beat, here it is possible to receive an excellent hydromassage. Also there is a barrel with water which, turning over, from height showers all with millions of splashes and causes delight in children and adults. Periodically we went to bathe to the pool with warm water. And what beauty in the territory of an aquapark! There are a lot of most beautiful beds with different flowers, and bushes are accurately cut in the form of a crocodile, an octopus and a sea horse.

Several times we went to the Adler recreation park where children jumped on trampolines and rode machines. I with Katya swam for a while in the sea on inflatable banana. It gave us huge pleasure. High speed, jumps on waves, heaps of salty splashes in a face, and then bathing in clear water far from the coast. Class!

Stay on the beach of Adler never was boring. We constantly bathed, watched jellyfishes. Girls collected multi-colored pebbles, fragments of glass and cockleshells in a box. Anyuta somehow found a pottery splinter. For it it was the piece of an ancient amphora though it was very similar to a part of a plate from the nearest cafe. Several times on the beach we met the artist who drew oil paints on flat stones sea landscapes. Having followed of it an example, little girls began to paint pebbles wax crayons. We often watched in the field-glass the warships standing on the horizon. Every day we saw off in a distance planes which took off in the sky over the sea.

time of our departure Inevitably came from Adler. We celebrated the last evening in Fregat cafe, then walked on the embankment where lamps brightly shone and loudly music played, from the mooring threw into coin water in hope still to arrive. In the morning the owner of our cottage shipped our suitcases which grew heavy from purchase of souvenirs in the car and brought us to the railway station. The train “Adler - Sverdlovsk“ carried us on the coast of the Black Sea to Tuapse, and then on the East to the Ural Mountains. We went home to our city of Lesnoy. There was a strong wish to be washed, eat normally homemade food, and the most important - to share with native impressions which were presented to us by travel to the warm southern city of Adler.