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I am a little woman, but I myself in offense will not give

Perfectly if the world and mutual understanding where grandmothers do not give persistent advice reign in the house, and grandfathers with pleasure devote all the time to the grandson. Honor and praise to the spouse who can organize the similar relations in a family, explain, and it is in case of need rather rigid that it is necessary to think of his wife much, to speak with it only about good, not to frighten, not to abuse. Quite often in the nature the husbands who are in time to attend courses of preparation for childbirth from the beloved, helping it to give life to the kid, spending enough time under windows of maternity hospital, removing the complexes connected with postnatal appearance meet. Generally, not the husband, and “a holiday which is always with you“.

Ideally, probably and happens. But here the most widespread option: for the first two months all already played enough “in the father“, “grandmother“ and “grandfather“, the flow of relatives and friends who offered the help and support (they subsided not only do not come, but even do not call). And the young mother finished by monotonous work and a sleep debt with melancholy watches in a mirror at the dressing gown (on it the kid just srygnut), on blurred slightly, and maybe not slightly, a figure to which the husband lost any interest. And where it, this husband? And he, darling, continues to be engaged in what he got used: plays preference, goes with friends to soccer, is at daybreak, and, without reddening, explains:“ We fitted so well …“ Imperceptibly the depression called in the people by silent melancholy with constant desire to cry and periodic - to hang That`s when creeps.

Here pipes! You will not wait! If I could take out and give birth to the child, then and I will cope with all the rest moreover and I will derive pleasure from consciousness of the force, from unconditional love of the kid and for pleasure of communication with it.

So, prevention:

In - the first, I will conveniently organize the “working“ time and space, having correctly placed priorities, the main thing is a quality of communication with the kid. I will feed, bathe and swaddle the child, is tender to talk to him, letting know how I love it. The first psychological need of the child - the mother`s attention expressed by a look, a mimicry and intonation.

In - the second, I will allocate myself time for an hour day dream to preserve forces for occupations with the kid. If I have “free“ means, will employ to myself the housemaid, but not the nurse.

B - the third, I will place all points over i: it is my life, and if you do not want to give me that help about which I ask but only you climb with unnecessary manuals, you steer clear of me (forgive!).

When to the kid will be 3 months old, I will afford the planned “issues“. For example, every second Saturday of month with the child the grandfather sits, and I go to the pool, with the husband on cockfights or I proshvyrivatsya on shops with the sister-in-law, my business.

Husbands, as a rule, are lovely people, you should not take offense at them. I will explain everything to the popularly (“Darling, I now a half-hour will complain to you of life, and you will stroke me on the head, you will embrace and you will console, all right? Thanks, sun!“ ) By the way, the birth of the child and for the father a considerable stress: changes, a sleep debt, responsibility freight - many fathers of family during this period break. But we are with you aryshn though where, and we will cope with it!