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Fashionable pregnancy. The season of pleasure

Fashion and pregnancy - this symbiosis appeared on pleasure to future mummies not so long ago. Anyhow, the woman always wants to be attractive. Especially during such important period of her life as pregnancy.

the Joke about clothes for the pregnant woman. First child: you start walking in clothes for pregnant women as soon as 2 strips on the test appear. Second child: you wear usual clothes while it is possible to get into it. Third child: the pregnant clothes are and there are your usual clothes.

we Will begin

with the fact that there are many stereotypes and prejudices which were in a conflict with a modern way of life of the woman for a long time. It concerns also clothes for the pregnant woman. Unfortunately, more than once it was necessary to hear, especially from lips of people of the senior generation, condemnation of the pregnant woman wearing the fitting dress. Like, paraded. Here only such remark enters me into thoughtfulness: as well as why it is necessary to hide a stomach? In my opinion, the wide clothes not only hide nothing, but do the woman of a bigger size. Also this walks “a pregnant bell“ in a dress - a baby`s undershirt in the winter and in the summer.

But all - such models already in the past. Now almost in each large shop it is obligatory to eat department with models for the women carrying the kid. In the large cities began to arise and specialized shops for pregnant women spread. The prices in them are higher, but and it is more interesting than model. And, at last, for the most whimsical ladies in situation - boutiques of the famous fashion designers.

besides, the world of modern technologies offers the mass of opportunities and in this sphere. The Internet - shops and catalogs offer for pregnant women the huge range with home delivery.

So, dear mummies, to you is given one more opportunity to update clothes in a waiting time of the kid. Having violated all rules, I will afford such thought - buying clothes, do not think that it for only nine months. In - the first, the average woman for the life becomes pregnant 2 - 3 times. In - the second, after the delivery the stomach does not decrease as quickly as it would be desirable. Then, there is always an opportunity to present a “pregnant“ dress to relatives or girlfriends. About charity too you should not forget - you can please future mummy from socially unprotected layers. I do not speak any more about needlewomen who with advantage for themselves and the child use then such large amount of fabric.

Therefore, choosing itself clothes, you do not hurry to change style. Got used to trousers and shirts - there are no problems, only little change of a style. The shirt will be with the overestimated waist and navypusk, and the trousers expanded in a waist can softly clasp your growing tummy, and be narrowed below to “pipes“. If you got used to skirts, then, perhaps, safety when carrying will be the only condition. The skirt should not be too narrow below, too long and too dense. It is natural to avoid falling.

of Fabric can be the most various too. Is told about advantage of natural materials much, and they are useful not only to pregnant women. Therefore I will not extend to this subject. Besides, who to what got used. The modern industry propagandizes artificial fabrics, natural are already rather expensive. You should not create any special conditions for the pregnant woman, she lives in a certain environment and the child will appear in the same environment, as mother. The main thing that it was in harmony with itself. It concerns also clothes.

Councils to buy by

clothes on 1 - 2 size it is more because in few months you will recover, me, to put it mildly, irritate. To carry 6 - 7 months the same things - it will not be sustained by no modern woman. Approach has to be similar to that, the clothes as usual are chosen. Several trousers and skirts and are twice more than blouses, shirts, jumpers etc. The elegant clothes are not excluded. At least, I did not meet near theaters and concert halls of the sign “the entrance is forbidden pregnant women“ yet. Life goes on.

For lovers of shopping the pregnancy period several not a hindrance. Such woman will open for herself the new direction and will begin to study more attentively departments of accessories, hats, gloves, bags etc.

Can be experimented also with new image who will dare to criticize the pregnant woman?!


For example, it is possible to buy a blouse with a deep decollete and to decorate the increased breast with a large necklace. Enjoy an opportunity to show to people around rotundity of shoulders and a bust 3 - 5 sizes. By the way, during this period you can check whether really your breast is as small how it seemed to you before?! People around got used to see you in strict suits and work at office assumes a certain style, and for a long time bothered you?

Use the period of pregnancy and bring a romantic note in office suit, change color scale on more gentle, pastel. It is unlikely the chief will decide to make you the remark. And then all will simply get used.

U you the choice will appear - to leave new style or to return to old. Or perhaps both that and another is good!

Moreover, during this surprising period you are able to afford any style, without thinking at all at the same time: “But whether I will look in it too thick?“