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Any toy, or Ten ways to play Everything with cubes of

develops parents dream of that their child was clever and developed. And what is necessary for its development at the age of 1, 2, 3 years? Of course, toys! Therefore mothers and fathers, sparing no expense, go to shopping, leaving the huge sums there. It is necessary to buy both one, and another and the third. One toy will develop motility, another - will help to learn color, the third - a form. Each toy in something is unique and therefore it seems absolutely irreplaceable. And whether you, dear parents know that in the world of the children`s imagination everything can be everything. The palm pressed to a hand will be for yours the baby fine phone, is not worse than bright and musical purchased at all. Ability to see others in one objects, it is necessary to create something from nothing for full development of the kid, his imagination, imagination. There is even such concept as “a toy - the deputy“ - use in the games of a toy - deputies is one of criteria by which development of the child is estimated.

we Will take

, for example, ordinary cubes. A set of cubes - really necessary thing which has to be in any nursery. Cubes are irreplaceable for development by the child of three-dimensional space, designing, development of coordination and... It is difficult to list all advantage of cubes. Let`s present better what games it is possible to play with your kid, having available only a set of cubes.

  1. we Build a tower. The very first game to try to play in which it is possible to begin approximately with 6 - 7 - 8 months when your kid is already able to sit steadily. To put a cube on a cube for it - a complex challenge which demands sufficient development of coordination and large and small motility. First the child will only pull down your turrets, then will begin to build the. And too to pull down. The act of destruction is also necessary for the child, as well as the act of creation. Here it puts a cube on a cube. Magic! The tower turned out! And then rrraz! And the tower disappeared. And it too magic!

  2. Diversify with
  3. your games with cubes: build not just a tower, and with the set properties. For example, only red or only blue. So gradually begin to study colors. Take big and small cubes. From big cubes the high tower, from small low turns out. So by means of cubes we study the size. How many cubes in a tower? Already and first account. Is more senior than the child (2 - 3 years) it is possible to ask to construct a tower, same, as at you. The child learns to reproduce a sample, gets acquainted with concept of sequence.

  4. Bricks and cubes. Usually in a set of cubes there are cubes, bricks, cones, cylinders, spheres etc. Remarkably! We play and learn geometrical forms and figures. What the cube side is similar to? Yes it is a square! And brick? And sphere? We develop a lexicon. Side, edge, corner. Here and mathematics elements. The cube is higher than a brick. How many it is necessary to take bricks “to grow“ to a cube? But the brick is longer. How many it is necessary to take cubes “to reach“ a brick?

  5. Building! So, your kid is able to put a cube on a cube for a long time. Now the construction set opens for it boundless the field for development of the imagination and imagination. Build together: houses, locks and towers! Garages, roads, bridges. Everything that will come to mind (in confidence - from bricks for inventive kids excellent machines turn out).

  6. of the Doll and cubes. It is good if your doll has own furniture. And if is not present? Even better! Make a table and chairs of cubes. Invite a bear on a visit. Let they will eat pie from cubes and will drink tea from cups - cylinders. Guests were tired? Let they will have a sleep on beds of their cubes. From cubes excellent tables, chairs, beds, shelves, bedside tables, TVs, plates and washing machines turn out. Swing and hills. Or perhaps you will think up something else?

  7. A now - a fizkultminutka. Suggest your fidget to jump through different barriers - obstacles. Naturally, from cubes. It is possible to make the whole obstacle course and to arrange competitions.

  8. “Is drawn“ by cubes. Yes, cubes (especially small) it is quite possible “to draw“ to lay out from them the little man, an animal... And even figures and letters!

  9. we Will play
  10. the fairy tale. And her heroes - ordinary cubes. So, we will begin:“ Once upon a time there was a small cube. Once he went for a walk and met the big and terrible red cylinder“. And further? Think out together with your kid further!

  11. we Collect by
  12. cubes. Game ended. It is time for cubes to gather in a lodge. Gather them, at the same time you learn color, a form and develop attentiveness. The kid, bring me a green cube. Thanks! And now yellow cylinder. There`s a good lad! And where red arch? Look attentively! Here it, was gone under a chair and cries: ah, find me, carry rather in a lodge.

    Or can collect by

    cubes so (usually, such way of collecting of cubes causes in my children just a delight storm).

  13. we Develop accuracy. In turn throw cubes into a box. Who will precisely send more cubes to a box? The only minus of this game - big desire to pour out all collected cubes and to start everything anew.

Here you see

what number of the cheerful and developing games it is possible to play with ordinary cubes. And it is not the complete list. It is just a little imagination and imagination - and any toy will become developing.