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Crystal St. Petersburg

having visited St. Petersburg Once, I decided that I will surely return there. It was in 1991. 17 years later, in August, 2008, such opportunity was presented to me and the husband. And considering that we in St. Petersburg have a few relatives, and the prospect appeared very good.

After the scorching Tambov heat, St. Petersburg appeared before us in a small drizzle of a rain...

As in St. Petersburg to us should visit many friends and relatives, we had to build routes of excursions according to it.

In the first day, on Wednesday, we went to the Peter and Paul Fortress, to heart of St. Petersburg. Passing on the Ioannovsky bridge through the Kronverksky passage, threw a coin escaping from a flood to a zaychishka and plunged into unperturbable serenity of the Peter and Paul Fortress. The cathedral of Saints Petr and Pavel - a tomb of an imperial surname - decorates a very tall spike as if symbolizing the walking Peter I. From an observation deck of fortress admired a magnificent view Neva. Here on the beach there took place the exhibition of sandy sculptures on a water subject. Exactly at 12:00 from Naryshkin of a bastion the gun saluted. Further we went on Kronverkskaya Embankment by the place of execution of Decembrists and the museum of artillery to Birzhevoy Bridge and, having passed to spit of Vasilevsky Island, went in voyenno - the sea museum which is in the Exchange building. On Universitetskaya Embankment reached centuries-old sphinxes. Having defended in turn 1 hour 50 minutes, got to Cabinet of curiosities - the first museum in Russia founded by Peter I.

Next day, on Thursday, we went to Petrodvorets to admire variety of fountains. We did not set visit of the Grand Peterhof Palace as the purpose therefore we with great pleasure took a walk in shady avenues of the lower park near the murmuring streams of fountains. It is necessary to pass and to notice any fountain. Each fountain - a work of art! Passed to the mooring to behold cold tranquility of Baltic. Seagulls, rolling over from a leg on a leg, settle on pebbles. Silence... Only occasionally brisk little squirrel will run out on a path, as if asking: “And you to me what brought?“

we Come back to noisy polyphony of fountains, to cheerful splashes of crackers. Full of positive impressions, we come back to St. Petersburg. And already we have a rest in Aleksandrovsk to a garden at the Admiralty and we continue our travel further.

At first we make a wish, having rubbed a nose to a camel, then we rise by a colonnade of St. Isaac`s Cathedral, we follow further to “Bronze Horseman“ where again the magnificent panorama of Neva opens. Having passed on Konnogvardeysky Boulevard, we follow to New Holland. Unfortunately, many facades of buildings are on restoration. But we do not despond, slowly we move to Theatre Square and the Maryinsky Theater. It is a little aside - the Lion`s bridge, and there and no distance to St. Nicholas Cathedral. Saturated day was given. We come back home on Garden, passing Yusupov Palace and having a little had a rest in the garden of the same name.

On Friday rainy morning therefore instead of foot walks the preference was given to the museums was given. At first we visited Church of the Resurrection On Blood, or as it is already habitual, the Temple of Saviour - On - Blood. The mosaic covering of the Temple makes over 7000 square meters. Besides a mosaic, in furniture of the Temple the set of types of semiprecious stones is used. The impression is indelible!

Having left the Temple, we understood that morning continues to be rainy and, without thinking twice, went to the Mikhailovsky Palace in which the Russian Museum settles down. For a couple of hours we plunged into the world of the Russian painting, beginning from an iconography and finishing with abstractionism.

Having finished with

the cultural program this day, we went to my friend Inna with whom I a few years ago got acquainted on the Internet and the destiny disposed so that we happened to meet. Impressions of a meeting was even more, than from the cultural program. People native practically!

gray cloudlets ran up in the Evening, and the sun looked out. Our camera safely died, probably, without having sustained beauty of the city and desire to imprint each nuance for memory. But this event did not stop us, and we went to water walk on the rivers and canals. By the way, from the Peter and Paul Fortress these walks are at least 100 rubles cheaper, than from Nevsky Avenue. Katerochki go each hour

In Saturday we had a reduced program since night walk on the city was coming us, and we went to the Hermitage. A facade from Palace Square on restoration, unfortunately. But at us impressions of the Winter Palace from the Peter and Paul Fortress are still fresh. Having defended in turn about an hour, we safely got to the Hermitage. 17 years ago it made stronger impression on me, but in this visit I visited the third floor, and still I was pleased by existence of small benches in some halls. Tourists, of course, crowds...

Walk on the night city - it is rather, all - a trip around the night city. But a unique opportunity to admire colors - the musical fountain at the spit of Vasilevsky Island was presented to us. How thrilling! Also I should not say that in Las - Vegas more abruptly! All the same fountain very beautiful and romantic. For the first time I saw cultivation of bridges. A little in the distance Palace and Foundry, and directly before a nose - Troitsk! Absolutely unforgettable show! We were in time to Bolsheokhtinsky`s distributing and Alexander Nevsky Bridge. My avaricious words are not enough for the description of this magnificence!

Next day, on Sunday, having slept after night walk, we went on a visit to relatives to Shlisselburg. At the same time visited fortress “Nutlet“ which since the beginning of the 18th century was the most terrible imperial prison, such Russian Bastille. And in the years of war during blockade the garrison of fortress helped to preserve Road of Life.

On Monday we decided to have a rest from independent excursions and to relax in the excursion bus with the guide. Therefore we went to Tsarskoye Selo, nowadays the city Pushkin where visited Big Catherine Palace and the park adjoining to it. Very richly the building in architectural style of late baroque looks! Rastrelli was expert. All its palaces as candies in a gold wrapper. Invitingly look and are elegantly tasty inside. Gloss, luxury, magnificence! There is a wish to stand near each curl for hours and to admire. In the palace there is a restored Amber room. Unfortunately, the original is still not found, but what was recreated by our restorers, deserves a separate praise, considering in what state there was a palace after the end of fascist occupation. The huge park adjoins to the palace. On it it is possible to walk the whole day: to feed squirrels, to admire a smooth surface of ponds, to enjoy aroma of herbs.

In such high spirits we returned to St. Petersburg where once again walked on embankments of Moika and Fontanka, threw coins to Chizhyk-Pyzhik, loafed about on Nevsky Avenue, wandered on the Summer garden.

Here and there passed our 7 days in St. Petersburg because on Tuesday we went home to Tambov.