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Stone - therapy: stones for health of

Stone - therapy - the ancient procedure which incorporated wisdom of many generations of Aesculapians. Treatment by cold and hot stones was applied by healers worldwide, and today procedure stone - therapies most often occurs in the list of services of the medical and improving centers. This technique wonderfully combines the principles of ancient east and modern western medicine.

the Western school considers stone - therapy as special technology of massage and a type of therapy by heat or cold. Hot stones or alternation of hot and cold stones stimulate a lymph - and blood circulation, metabolic processes accelerate, regulate work of vegetative nervous system, speed up work of endocrine and immune systems.

East view of this equipment brings to

understanding that in the course of this therapy deep mechanisms of a power exchange are mentioned, there is a relaxation and the general improvement of an organism. The body, reason and soul come to harmony. Modern techniques stone - therapies can resemble superficially rituals of Indians or monks of Tibet, but their “internal“ medical stuffing is formed the doctors having behind shoulders an extensive experience of practical work in the field of physiology.

For stone - therapies are chosen the stones having the increased density, high content of magnesium and iron that provides slow release of heat. The longer influence continues, the heat gets into muscular tissue more deeply. Most often stones bring from areas of vigorous volcanic activity: Indonesia, Peru, Argentina, from the Hawaiian Islands. As a rule, stones do not subject to additional processing. It is considered that they accumulate in themselves part of natural energy. Stones happen neutral, is positive also negatively charged.


In stone - therapies are used only positively charged stones, such as white marble, nephrite and basalt about which it is worth talking separately. According to ancient beliefs basalt is unique the fact that it collected in itself four elements at once: fire, water, earth and air. Modern researches showed that basalt possesses irreplaceable properties: longer than other stones keeps heat, evenly gives it.

Stone - therapy - the complex procedure including an aromatherapy, moistening of a body, reflex massage of feet and directly massage by stones. The expert heats previously stones and places in a certain sequence and a combination on energetically important points of a body of the person (for example, between toes, in the field of a solar plexus), creating thereby the special field.

Then massage by means of one or several stones begins

directly. One of versions the stone - therapies is massage semiprecious stones. Stones are put to charkas (the main power points of an organism). For this type of massage obsidian, onyx and lazurite are used. The obsidian stones located along the central line of a body contribute to normalization of a power exchange in an organism. Obsidian disposes to meditation. These stones are effectively used at treatment of disturbing states, nervous breakdowns and a depression, also help at local muscular pains. A distinctive feature of black obsidian - ability to keep and reflect a large number of light. Unlike other black stones absorbing light it works with light, keeping its energy. Onyx absorbs negative energy. It is considered the security stone giving forces, courage and strengthening will power. It is capable “to extend“ pain, counterbalances emotions and helps to restore the correct work of an organism. Lazurite is used at treatment of inflammations and for fight against sleeplessness.

Massage by semiprecious stones strengthens nervous system and levels arterial pressure. When heating these stones action of massage amplifies. As a result of procedure the stone - therapies improves blood supply of fabrics, the lymph flow amplifies, the organism is saturated with oxygen, muscular pains and joint pains are killed, the tone and elasticity of skin are restored. Contraindications to carrying out stone - therapies are: pregnancy, any problems with skin at which humidity and heat can provoke deterioration in a state, and contraindication to massage. Be beautiful and healthy!