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Breastfeeding - the key to success of

in our small family happened Eight months ago a miracle - we gave birth to the daughter. Now we already a little bit grew up, we are 8 months old. Every day the daughter is more amusing and more interesting to become. It it is sure feels in the company of the peers, sometimes even all this “bosses“ over them, and fruits of our successful breastfeeding. When I learned that we will have a child, at once promised myself that I will surely nurse. I do not know why, but for me it became something sacred. I thumbed through many pages with consultations on GV, literatures and the Internet, but, unfortunately, after a while I got confused in opinions and councils and just decided to listen to the future kid and the heart.

Lerochka was born on January 24, 2008

. I at once told that no dokorm from a small bottle or even a spoon will exist though it was very difficult. Terribly nipples hurt, in several days after the delivery each feeding was not pleasure, and something awful, I clamped eyes and gave a breast.

over time it passed

. For the 5th day the milk began to arrive. I understood as far as the breast is important for the child, it is a source not only food, but also comfort, protection and confidence of this little person before the world huge and unknown to it.

there Passed weeks, I constantly watched a condition of a breast, checked everyone uchastochek, massed it, sometimes it was done by the husband, then it was even more pleasant. So he took active part in that our daughter ate only a mother`s milk. One more important element was the fact that I did not use a milk pump and did not decant milk except for the first 5 days when it appeared. And here as a result the breast adapted, milk began to arrive normally, and my child was without feeding up of 7,5 months. We gained weight as it is necessary, even norms are a little higher. Now we, of course, already eat new products, but I import everything very accurately, in a literal sense microdoses. When I already passed these not simple processes of adjustment of GV, I can share not which councils which very much rescued me and helped me.

after the delivery does not need to eat and drink
  1. In the first days too much. Is it is necessary moderately, for this purpose, to give to dairy channels “razoytis“ at you in a breast.
  2. to
  3. Needs continuous massage and control over a breast. Very important element of massage is the following movement. Before each feeding take the breast poured by milk in a hand and stir up it as a small bottle of 3 - 5 times. And later decant couple of droplets of milk.
  4. Well and 3, the most important council, is your desire, irresistible desire to nurse the kid, to derive from it the most blissful pleasure. Feeding by a breast - the same unusual riddle, as well as your kid. I wish all to future and already real mothers of good luck, and you remember that the main thing is a desire.