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Dangerous games

“Anything, only not drugs!“ - parents of teenagers conjure. Scary most of all what you do not know, and drug addiction became at us obvious not so long ago. The research “TO“

is involved by
in illegal consumption of drugs not less than 2,5 million Russians or 1,7% of the population of the country Today. 67,3% from them - young people till 30 years. It in 10 times more, than 10 years ago.

15 - 20 years ago that is when we, parents, were teenagers, about drugs if was told, then in a whisper and with a mark “at them...“ . Present teenagers hear about it and in a school corridor, both in a disco, and in songs of favorite bands. And not only hear, but sooner or later collide with well debugged car of drug trafficking. To this car all the same whom “to place“ - the child, school, the city or even the whole country. So, for example, at the beginning of 70 - x there was intentionally a narkotizirovana Holland, it is used now as a sales market. “At first the market of the Netherlands was flooded with cheap heroin and when achieved mass consumption, submission of the victims, instantly inflated the price. Russia to some extent was lucky that its economy is unstable and the ruble long time was inconvertible. But these times pass, and the international drug mafia anticipates the superincome from such huge country“ (from the book “School without Drugs“, SPb, 1999). On the other side of barricades - parents. But also we have ways to save the children from drug addiction.“ The home“ collected all most important and necessary information on this subject.

the Child admitted
  1. Be quiet, you behave. Do not shout and do not arrange hysterics! It was difficult to child to make a similar confession, he waits for understanding and support, but not a nervous breakdown.
  2. Thank the child for trust. Accurately designate the position: “I love and I accept you, but I do not do the use drugs!“
  3. Learn
  4. how long in what quantities and what substances the child accepted. What does he receive from the use? But only do not forget that it is conversation, but not interrogation.
  5. call
  6. After conversation on phone of “the hot line“, describe a situation, listen to all recommendations.
  7. Be ready
  8. that the child will begin to underestimate a problem and to shift fault to others. Do not play with it similar games, explain that it is its responsibility.
  9. Pass inspection, take a blood test. To define whether dependence was created, only the expert can. The diagnosis “drug addiction“ yet not a sentence - just accept need of treatment.
  10. Remember
  11. ! The detoxication and removal of chemical dependence are only preparation for treatment! Further the rehabilitation course is necessary.

we Look for the reasons

Some try drugs and do not become addicts. Others get to a trap from the first time. It depends on what risk factors influence the person. Scientists divide these factors into groups:

we Eliminate with


Besides the deep reasons which slowly but surely increase risk of drug addiction, there are momentary occasions to take drug which even the most successful child can give in. And we have to on each such occasion have “antidote“.

I will simply try
the General signs of the use of drugs
  • the State drunk, and the smell of alcohol is absent.
  • Sleep disorder, appetite.
  • Sharp changes in character, mood swings.
  • Isolation, reserve.
  • Loss of old friends, does not acquaint with new.
  • By phone tells
  • shortly, always locks cases and boxes.

How to speak about it

B one of days it will occur.“ Give nyukhny“, - someone will tell the child, and further will depend on as far as he is ready to this meeting. It is the best of all to lead the first discussion at the age of 10 - 11 years. Conversation has to take place in a quiet, friendly situation. Take an interest: whether it is known to the child what is drugs? Whether he knows their names? Be not surprised, having received an affirmative answer. Then tell the child that drug addiction is an illness, incurable and deadly. The only way to avoid it - not to allow the first time. If you suspect the child of the use of drugs, then you should become attentive and very accurate detective for a while. Drugs always leave marks. You look at how the pupil reacts to light: from psychotropic drugs the pupil will remain identical. Observe whether the behavior of the child changed. Check his clothes, turning attention to things of unclear appointment.

How many there are drugs?
  • Hashish - from 500 rub for 1 g
  • Amphetamine - from 1000 rub for 1 g
  • Marijuana - from 350 rub for 1 dose
  • of an acid - from 800 rub for 1 brand
  • Heroin - from 1200 rub for 1 g
  • Cocaine - from 3000 rub for 1 g
  • Mack - from 700 rub for packing
  • the Mescaline - from 700 rub for 1 dose

Tricky questions

  • of

    A as about soft drugs like marijuana or hashish? People smoke them for years and continue to lead a usual life.

    It is valid, mental or physical dependence on cannabis long time can be weak. But it concerns only adults with steady mentality and excellent health. Teenagers, people with poor health and unstable mentality become dependent much quicker, sometimes instantly. Besides, “soft“ drugs lull into a false sense of security, create illusion of fitness of an organism - and most often become the base for “rigid“ drugs like heroin. And the last does not leave any chances any more.

  • A you know that drugs awake creative energy therefore they are used by musicians and artists?

    This popular belief was popular in the USA and Western Europe in 60 - 70 - x years. However later, when consequences became visible, these ideas began to decline. Researches of scientists confirmed: drugs give surge in mental activity, generally at the expense of hallucinations. But, as soon as intoxication comes to an end, the mentality comes to a depression. And over time working capacity sharply decreases, and all talents of the personality go only to one: how to get the next dose.

  • Than drugs it is worse than alcohol, and you use it?

    to Argue on it is all the same what to decide from what floor it is better to be thrown out - from the twentieth or thirtieth. The daily bottle of vodka paves the same way to a grave, as well as a daily prick of heroin or a handful of tablets. But there are serious differences. In - the first, sale of alcohol is regulated by laws (children are forbidden to sell), in - the second, for purchase and storage do not put in prison.

Than we play about?
General information about types of drugs


: amphetamines and the connections containing them - efedron, pervitin, fenamin, caffeine. Ecstasy. (slang: AIDS, speeds, hair dryer, amf, drugstore)

External signs. Extraordinary surge in energy, sleeplessness, loss of appetite, aspiration to communication, expansion of pupils, an incoordination. Ecstasy: an opportunity to dance several hours.

Characteristic objects. Unfamiliar tablets of different flowers and forms, sometimes with drawings.

of the Consequence. Violations of a warm rhythm, up to heavy arrhythmias, myocardial infarctions. The death from cardiac arrest is possible. Impotence. Ecstasy: from - for suppression of feeling of thirst there is dehydration.

hemp Preparations: marijuana, hemp, hashish (slang: grass, shala, gandzh, bashik, heel, check, plasticine, piece, milk)

External signs. After excitement and fun - apathy and drowsiness. Tendency to a privacy. Expansion of pupils, red hypostases under eyes, the increased appetite, special thirst for sweet.

Characteristic objects. Small seeds in pockets, cigarettes “Belomor“, bottles with an opening in the lower part, “plasticine“ balls, plates, drops Vizin or Naftizin - for removal of redness of eyes.

of the Consequence. Easing of memory, attention, coordination. Damage of internals, lung cancer. The birth of children with congenital pathologies. Immunity easing. Aspiration to try stronger drugs.

Heroin, opium, morphine, codeine, methadone, pethidine (slang: dose, number 2, paste, white, gerych, bayan, shirevo)

External signs. Traces of pricks on hands, legs, in axillary hollows, between fingers, in a groin, a deep long dream, the slowed-down reaction, pale skin, dacryagogue, nausea, the narrowed pupils, constant cold.

Characteristic objects. A needle, the syringe, a plait, a cord, a belt, the burned covers from bottles, the smoked spoons, transparent bags, cotton wool pieces, old plastic cards. From the house money and valuable things disappear.

of the Consequence. Damage of a brain, attempt of a suicide, damage of a liver, impotence, is frequent - death from overdose. When using one syringes: high risk of a disease of hepatitis and AIDS.

Psikhoaktivny substances: the mescaline received from cactuses and the psilocybin received from psilotsibinosoderzhashchy mushrooms (a slang: mushrooms)

External signs. Unpredictable behavior, the incoherent speech, cold hands and legs, a strong smell of sweat, laughter and crying without the reason, vomiting, severe gripes in a stomach.

Characteristic objects. The unclear dried flavourless plants, parsley in to packing, green powder in plastic bags, mushrooms.

of the Consequence. Frustration of a dream, depression attacks, change of sexual behavior. Damage of a brain, death from accident, including from poisoning, heavy psychological violations.

Psikhoaktivny substances: An acid - synthetic drug in the form of powder or flavourless liquid. To a thicket it is applied on brands or paper small squares (a slang: brand)

External signs. The most severe hallucinations, often are followed by fear. The greased speech, small trembling of a raduzhka of eyes. The fluent choking speech, gloss in eyes, sharpness or the increased smoothness in the movements.

Characteristic objects. Colourless pieces of sugar (can be wrapped in a foil), transparent capsules, paper small squares with drawings, unexpected hobby for stamps.

of the Consequence. Same, as well as from the use of a mescaline and a psilobitsin, but is much stronger. Irreversible changes in structures of a brain. Mental violations, up to full disintegration of the personality.

Cocaine (slang: coke, snow, the cook, anthracite, maraft, chalk, silver dust, plague)

External signs. Pale skin, shiver, fever, temperature increase. Euphoria is replaced by a depression. The speeded-up pulse, expanded pupils, an incoordination. Hyperactivity. Cold.

Characteristic objects. White crystal powder in plastic bags or small small bottles from - under drugs, aluminum foil, plastic cards or calendar cards, a pocket mirror, a fragment of glass.

of the Consequence. A depression, chronic cold, obsession of suicide, the increased arterial pressure. The sudden death from a heart attack or a stroke is possible.

Opinion of the expert

Alexey Nadezhdin, the addiction psychiatrist, to. m of N. the head of office of children`s narcology of Natsionalnogo federal State institution of scientific center of narcology, answers the questions “TO“.

What can help?
One of the most tested and checked programs of treatment from drug addiction is called “12 steps“. It is created still in 40 - x years of the last century in the USA and is successfully applied around the world. The program is created as free, voluntary and not allowing application of drugs.
Is important! Many centers offer disposal of chemical dependence, an exit from abstinency (withdrawal pains) by means of other preparations. But it has to become only the beginning of rehabilitation which disposal of psychological and social dependence surely has to follow. Otherwise failures are inevitable.

TO: Whether the number of addicts at us in the country and what types of drugs use more often today changes?

Alexey Nadezhdin: From 1993 to 2001 in our country there was just storm growth of the use by teenagers of drugs - the number of addicts increased in tens of times. Then, in 2001 - 2003 - m, stabilization, then - even some recession, and now - again rise, however, any more not such intensive, as those years happened. On our polls the drugs made on the basis of hemp dominate today. On the second place - psychostimulators: tablets which are generally applied in discos and parties.

TO: Whether it is possible to cure the addict?

of AN: If we deal with the created dependence, then after the termination of the use of drugs the organism will not become such what it was before. So the speech not about full treatment, and about remission. But, if ask for the help at the very beginning of this way (when dependence did not develop yet), can quite there be a speech about recovery. Efficiency of treatment depends on disease severity, on a condition of heredity and many other factors. As for teenagers, on the one hand, the personality at this age is vulnerable therefore it is more difficult to work. And on the other hand, it is age of plasticity when it is easier to restore the lost functions. And, of course, a lot of things depend here on what is called “the social power of the environment“ in which there lives a teenager. How the people surrounding it treat it and what means have. Any narcological treatment and any actions against the use of drugs demand money. And considerable.

TO: Treatment in various centers costs from $500 to $10000. These programs are how effective?

of AN: I will not comment on any of the techniques offered in the market. But I can tell only one: mostly authors of these programs and those who realize them make obviously overestimated promises.

TO: And what really works what you can recommend to parents?

of AN: I am engaged in creation of the supporting networks much now for those who use drugs, I am the research supervisor of the www resource. narkonet. ru. On the Internet we create such places where both teenagers, and parents can get advice of experts. Of course, here will not appoint the medical program, but will support and will direct.

In general, my personal advice to parents: it is necessary attentive, not turning into paranoia, reasonable control of behavior of the child. To give it information in due time and in the right place. If every day at breakfast to speak to the child:“ If you use drugs, then you will die“, - you will not rescue from anything. But minutes of confidential contact influence can be effective.

TO: What do you think of the movement for marijuana legalization?

of AN: I treat badly. Ten years ago, when the legalization movement blossomed, in the English-speaking press there were almost no articles devoted to harmful effects of marijuana. And now more and more scientific information on impact of marijuana on informative abilities of the person appears - it very strongly stultifies. And the enthusiasm in the world was about it reduced.