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Be ready, or Pathology of maternity hospital No. 18

Instead of the preface

Conversation in a maternity welfare unit.
- Something I do not like your results of KTG, will go to maternity hospital.
- Ugu.
- you Will lie down, you will be checked, analyses will make.
- Ugu.
- What, however, you will go?
- I Will go, of course! And what, the choice is?
- Well, well done! Many rest all extremities, and here - no, the good fellow, well done!

On - telling

to the truth, I did not understand then in what heroism and as it is possible to rest when something threatens the child who is carefully stored already 8 months … I and now, two years later, went. The office of pathology of pregnancy is not that place where it is possible to want. There it is necessary! It is vital! And therefore there all go, even those who with tears, the shivering hands, gritting the teeth, rest. Will tell it “is necessary“ - and you will go.

Never earlier I was in hospital. Never! I did not know what to me to wait for, I lacked elementary - information! From cozy home paradise threw out me to the ice ocean of state manner. Instinctively there was a strong wish to rest all four, but was late and senselessly.

And therefore, for same, as well as I pioneers this story.

the Instruction “Be ready


1. Be ready to break at any time in maternity hospital. From it, alas, nobody is insured. Collect a bag in advance. How? Approximately so: a standard resort set minus all rags and footwear, plus a night dress (it, a pajamas with trousers to you nobody will allow to put on), a convenient dressing gown with pockets (pockets to carry in them the mobile phone for 200 dollars, toilet paper and other “knickknacks“) and rubber slippers (that did not fear either fire, or water).

the Bag throw out

! A cellophane package - here the friend of the person! Put all things there. Otherwise it will be made together with you by sisters of a reception, and at the same time will look through with addiction and will half your invaluable emergency ration. I, thus, lost:

If at you not really with resorts, here the approximate list (what is required by all means):

  1. documents (the passport, the policy of medical insurance and the prenatal record, the direction, results of inspections if there is
  2. a nightgown
  3. rubber slippers
  4. a dressing gown
  5. socks
  6. a towel for a body
  7. a towel for the person
  8. a handbag with a toothbrush, paste, a hairbrush, hygienic lipstick, children`s cream, soap (it is better children`s), shampoo, a deodorant, toilet paper, wet towel wipes
  9. a cosmetics bag with a mirror, tweezers, a file for nails, cuticle scissors and so forth.
  10. of the book, magazines
  11. the cell phone and the charger
  12. lollipops
  13. a cup, a spoon, a fork, a knife
  14. garbage bags
  15. a package of food (everything that you love - fruit, vegetables, cookies, yogurts, cheese - but especially be not zealous; do not forget tea in packages, sugar and juice - waters - liter packages and bottles)

Make photocopies from all the documents and too take them with yourself. The copier in a reception hard-working, but not really - will jam it, and your family on all area will run with round eyes.

2. Be ready to wait. The first that will meet you in maternity hospital, is the hall. Cold (likely, depends on a season), greyish, with several sofas from a leather substitute. Sit down, and from this situation get in a queue - it is necessary to wait fairly long, especially, if you are not going to give birth just a moment.

Expectation for you - an opportunity to communicate longer to the family whom you, perhaps, will see not soon. The m does not have such concept as “visit of relatives“ in 18 - maternity hospital, in any case, free of charge.

3. Be ready not to cling to things. Your turn. After short paperwork (you did not forget a photocopy?), to you will suggest to change clothes. Remember, on you there have to be a night dress, a dressing gown, socks, notorious rubber slippers. In total! Any pants and bras. Civil you will give to the husband, mother, (well or who there with you arrived). In maternity hospital it is not required to you (read - walks are in the fresh air not provided).

should not altercate and shout that you without linen cannot live. Silently you change clothes, pants - in a dressing gown pocket (and! here why pockets are still necessary), you leave a bra on yourself (yes who will see it there?) .

4. Be ready to unpleasant procedures. The following item “aunty“, indifferent to your stesneniye, will shave you average sharpness the machine, will give a diaper and will send to a shower.

Shaving process not really pleasant, but not deadly. If you consider that it is humiliating - get used, a lot of things in maternity hospital to you will seem humiliating.

5. Be ready to tell with hunting about all the sores from infantile age. Shaved, washed. Now you are ready to a meeting with the doctor. The doctor will listen to your numerous sufferings, and further … Further - ascension on an imperial throne under the name a gynecologic chair. A difficult task, especially last months pregnancies.

It is heavy - get used, it is not last your “a way upward“. Revel in thought that “it was much easier to become pregnant“ and more pleasantly.

6. Be ready to a Spartan situation. Now, actually, office of pathology. Long, quite gloomy corridor and doors, doors, doors … “Open“ are chambers and procedural. “Closed tightly“ - an ultrasonography office. And “slightly covered“ is a toilet, a shower, “umyvalnya“, sisterly and an entrance to office.

the Corridor in figures and letters:

Chamber: There is a chamber on 3 beds - one, the others on 8, and even 10. In chambers: a bed, a bedside table (on everyone), a dining table one on all, and chairs by the number of participants of concession. Here and all situation. From pleasant - in chambers it is pure also light-, beds convenient, however, tall for growing fat in the face of ladies, linen not new, but pure.

If you decided that the triple chamber is a dream, consider that in meter from it there is a TV, and it means that you learn all participants “Houses - 2“ by name even if never watched this super - show. You learn who wants to become the millionaire and where there is “Field of wonders“. Besides, the remote way to a toilet and a shower is necessary to you. And then, chances to get to one “criminal“ chamber about 1 to 10 so in advance begin to feel nostalgic for summer camps. Sleepless nights, a set of stories with the general title “And there was a case“, jokes, tricks, horror stories and sentimental novels. It is a pity only, the pioneer fire is not expected.

7. you Like to eat densely? Be ready to a rigid diet. In general, feed tasty (is what to compare to), but it is not dense. Besides, the dinner is brought early, till a breakfast very far. Though many have no appetite. So in principle is enough, also the products, from the house taken, manage to spoil. Well, here, generally, you judge by yourself how many and what to take.

do not forget tableware! Nobody will give them. Fingers is you will be! My request “the personnel accepted to borrow a spoon“ so: “You what here went, did not know what is will be?!“ Well, was left practically without the first in day receipt, and without the second, by the way, - remember, all piece products (cutlets, fruit, cottage cheeses, cheese, etc.) you in the first day will not be given out!

8. Be ready to become the participant of the show “Behind Glass“. If you like to stay alone with yourself - you got not there. You will not be left for a minute. In populous chamber - it is unreal. In a toilet - also do not think, they are not closed “for your safety“ (lovers to hold a door with a hand, at you nothing will leave - between a toilet bowl and a door kind couple of meters) so at any time the door will be opened and in an aperture the face of your girlfriend by misfortune will seem. And it will occur with enviable a regularity because there is a lot of pregnant women, to write they go often, and a toilet one. A shower - better at once forget about it. You will not get there. The turn is infinite, and among about 50 pretenders there will be at least one “mermaid“ who laid down in office of pathology only because the house there is no hot water, and she will wash all the time until the shower is closed on processing.

Of course, all the same you will go to a shower, get in a queue on all chamber and be on duty, to “mermaids“ knock more persistently, swear, complain all collective - believe, not only you dream to take a shower, set the schedule, eventually, a limit and think, generally! Well, and for maintenance of purity of a body you took wet towel wipes - use, for some time they will rescue you.

9. Be ready to leave the bashfulness. Forget simply - and all! The door in procedural is never closed, I do not remember at all, it was assumed there or not. The turn on dab is built, and a living stream - one gets down from a chair, and another already on it clambers. The same with pricks, still you did not manage to lower a shirt - the cry is distributed:“ Following“. Other participants of turn watch process of a corridor. In any case a door, there are even no curtains at a window! Too perhaps for safety? Thank you that not the first floor though!

10. Be ready to communication with nurses. To answers like “Not your business!“, “That that is necessary and prick!“ To rudeness, to the address on “you“, to command tone and so forth, and so forth. I long thought what to compare establishment and the attitude towards future mothers of personnel of maternity hospital to. Here, I`m sorry, nothing except a cowshed came to mind. Really, the relation as to stupid herd. Of course, I heard that pregnant women “grow dull“, but, sorry, not on as much that deprived of civil rights to turn into cattle.

of Steam of examples of the attitude towards future mothers experienced on themselves (not to be unfounded).

History 1. With me in chamber the girl to whom the doctor prescribed some droppers lay. What was prescribed it - that and put. Also left. The girl lies, lies, and suddenly in the face of the surprised public begins to change her face color on violet, and feels at the same time nevazhnetsk. Naturally ran for nurses. And that you thought, someone came? Anything similar! Gave very valuable advice:“ Let the girl on a flank will turn“. That`s all treatment, did not even look.

History 2. I gave birth in the same maternity hospital, but later. Several hours prior to childbirth I had a mucous stopper, I read about it in magazines, heard from acquaintances, but when I went to a toilet and saw blood, got a fright outright. It seemed to me that there is a lot of it very much! I ran in in chamber with the shivering lips. Neigbours called the nurse. She saw in what I a state! It did not touch it, of course, at all. First of all it began to lecture me with voices raised why I did not take with myself in a toilet a diaper and where it at me in general. Then it became clear that nobody gave it to me. Then dragged me in procedural, put a diaper, told: “Give show that at you there“. Then looked, how at the full idiot: “Yes it is a stopper simply! Fights are?“ “Is, each 5 minutes“.“ Well, go and consider farther as often go how many last, then you will come to a post - you will tell“. In total than nothing it seems, but it was farther so: neigbours in chamber reminded me that I give birth under the contract, I called the doctor, and in 2 minutes it was in chamber, took away me on survey and here … “Yes at you before full disclosure practically nothing! You in maternity should be long ago! What did you do not call earlier? Let`s go!“ In several hours I gave birth to the boy. What I did not call earlier - itself I do not know, took off from the head absolutely, and that is why nurses did not call the doctor it is a question. I have no “personal“ doctor, I so, probably, also gave rise in office of pathology.

History 3. Not absolutely history, and so, is a lot of - many any “harmless“ phrases:
“And you laid down here, did not know what is here will be?!“
“You what here you lie - that long ago? Well - well! You can lie so all day! Where doctors go?. give“
“, quickly take off a dressing gown and on a chair!“
“You what, you do not know that it is necessary to leave a dressing gown in a corridor?!“
“A diaper where - e - e - e?!!!! that it is necessary to“
“, prick! You will ask the doctor!. Tomorrow! pressure to measure“
“By run to a table! Well! Quicker!!! What do we lie - that?! Following!!!“, etc.

is shorter than

, try to isolate for yourself that nurses really have to you and that is not present.

to Feed, give to drink, watch purity in chambers, to provide the treatment registered by the doctor, to call the doctor if necessary - yes, are obliged. You can go - to demand, only on rudeness do not break. Otherwise than you it is better - that?

should not ask a question to the nurse “what to me is pricked?“ or “what for tablets you give me?“ It is valid not to it. You have an attending physician - him and ask, than you are treated for what this preparation, etc. In general, address personnel on a minimum, for really necessary and important - you will be healthier.

the Address on “you“ in maternity hospitals consider

as norm. All will “stick“ to you: doctors, nurses, cleaners, neigbours in chamber - it is not dependent on your age and social standing so accept better and be not indignant.

Well, here, grant

, and all. If you responded to all 10 Be Ready! points “Always are ready!“ - you on the right track.

P. S. The name of article - not a stylistic mistake. I wrote what meant. It not about office of pathology of pregnancy, it about pathology of the maternity hospital No. 18 of Moscow and many other maternity hospitals in Russia. Symptoms at them same. You will face there both rudeness, and indifference, and loneliness (yes, despite continuous stay by a number of a lot of people, you will be lonely because, by and large, nobody does not care about you), humiliations and insults, a hopelessness and melancholy. And future mother so wants a cosiness, heat and kindness … It is clear, from where passion to house childbirth, to childbirth non-standard, to self-treatment, despite of dangers (and very serious). There is a wish for heat! But at most of mummies the sense of responsibility for the child and before the child outweighs own rest and a cosiness (and it is correct). Also there are we to maternity hospital... Also we are ready to do anything, both we are silent, and we suffer. And all for the sake of safety and health of dear, favourite, one and only little man. For the sake of continuation of life on Earth. Really it is impossible differently? We all country fight for birth rate. There is a wish to believe that times when it is warm and safe at the same time will come. Then we will cease to fight and we will begin to give birth.