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Not only female problem

So it developed that ability to have children and conception was always considered as a problem exclusively female. And blamed for all failures only women. The set of couples left from - for the fact that in a family there were no children, the woman passed all circles of hell, was examined, examined, and the desired kid all was not. However today statistics is as follows: at 30% of married couples infertility is connected with violations in the woman`s organism, and at other 30% - in a man`s organism.

at 30% of couples the infertility reason - in a combination of violations at both partners, and only in 10% of cases is not possible to establish the infertility reason. Therefore all experts dealing with problems of conception meet in one - it is necessary to be examined and look for the reason of failures together to exclude such factor as “man`s infertility“. This diagnosis can be caused by various diseases which, eventually, lead to sperm deterioration, up to total absence of spermatozoa, and to violations of an ejaculation.


At some men observe symptoms which give the chance to suspect fertility violations (ability to conception), for example change of the sizes of testicles, considerable weight loss or obesity. At other men having infertility it can not be observed any pathological symptoms.

the expert of the educational program “Happiness of Motherhood - Each Woman!“ helps to understand the possible reasons of man`s infertility in more detail to us Lyudmila Romanovna Artsybysheva.

According to her, ability of the man to conception is defined by genetic factors. If close relatives (the father or the brother) had infertility, then chances are big that the man will have the reduced fertility (ability to conception) too.

the Main reason of man`s infertility - sperm pathology. Violations can vary from total absence of spermatozoa in an eyakulyata (azoospermiya) before change of their quality. Chances of successful conception decrease if the quantity of spermatozoa are not enough (oligospermiya). If reduction of mobility and a deviation from a normal form of spermatozoa are added to this violation, then approach of pregnancy becomes even less probable.

Pathology of sperm can be caused by different factors. At many men it is difficult to define the exact reason of deterioration of sperm. Smoking, alcohol, medicines, and also frequent overheating (for example, in a sauna), the work connected with a long sitting position can have negative effect.

of One of the most common causes of man`s infertility are also infections, let and endured at teenage age. They are capable to influence fertility of the man. Usually influence it is temporary, but in case of infections, sexually transmitted, consequences can be far more serious.

of the Man, had once a mumps, have to report about it to the doctor surely. In most cases the virus causing a mumps affects parotid glands. Such course of a disease has no negative consequences for male fertility. However in certain cases the disease becomes complicated orkhity (an inflammation of testicles) and then at 30% of men function of the struck small egg decreases. Subsequently it can become the reason of reduction of quantity of spermatozoa at the man and decrease in their mobility.

the Chlamydial infection, gonorrhea - diseases which in the absence of effective treatment very often lead to fertility violations. Even if the chlamydial infection or gonorrhea took place many years ago, and treatment was at that time carried out, at the man complications of the postponed disease can be revealed.

Recurrent inflammatory diseases of uric ways at the man not necessarily indicate

fertility violations. However it is necessary to tell about them to your doctor as they can be a symptom of immune violations which, in turn, influence ability of conception.

Pain and increase in a small egg can be a symptom of its inflammation or an inflammation of an appendage. As both bodies play a crucial role in development of spermatozoa, in order to avoid problems with fertility effective treatment of any pathological processes in a small egg and its appendage is necessary.

the Varicosity of a seed kanatik can also have negative influence on quality of sperm of the man. Violation of venous outflow from a scrotum promotes increase of local temperature and creates adverse conditions for normal maturing of spermatozoa.

Most important in treatment of infertility - in time and it is correct to p to diagnose it. For the man the first necessary analysis is the sperm research defining quantity, mobility, a form and viability of spermatozoa.

Usually one week prior to delivery of the analysis within 3 - 4 days is recommended to have actively sex, and in 3 days before direct visit of a medical office absolute rest which excludes any manifestations of sexual activity is necessary. All this time, that is time of preparation for the analysis, the man has to exclude any alcohol intake and medicines and to try not to overheat. Also if the patient`s partner had any inflammatory disease recently, or is ill during this period, it is necessary to postpone delivery of the analysis for other time, up to an absolute recovery when nothing threatens spermatozoa.

If the analysis of sperm shows to

aberrations, then it should be repeated. The interval between repeated researches of sperm has to be not less than 3 months. It is connected with the fact that the full cycle of development of a spermatozoon lasts 3 months. The assessment of fertility of sperm is necessary for a right choice of a method of treatment of infertility of couple. For example, if at the man the quantity of spermatozoa is reduced or their mobility is reduced, then it is necessary to resort to auxiliary reproductive technologies, without wasting time for inefficient methods of conservative treatment.

Today overall effectiveness of treatment of infertility makes more than 50%.

Use of modern techniques allows to establish to

within 2 - 3 months of inspection the reason at 99,6% of married couples and within 12 - 15 months to achieve restoration of fertility from 70% of couples.

But, without watching, at the available possibilities of medicine, the main thing is not to miss the chance to become parents and in time to see a doctor! Through joint efforts you will achieve desired result!