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Turkey actually

Should be begun with the fact that we with the husband and the child were going to go 1,5 years to Egypt where already were. But while went to travel agency, tickets did not appear any more. For the month ahead there were no permits, and there was a wish to have a rest very much and to wait there were no more than forces. Offered us Turkey. Well, my many acquaintances go there constantly, it is necessary to look, compare. Before I was in China, Egypt, Greece, Finland. The husband was in the Czech Republic. All right, went to Turkey (Cyd).

was Chosen 4 *, all inclusive, 09. 09. 08 - 22. 09. 08. Flight was good, the son fell asleep on take-off and woke up after landing. Turkey met by a heat (at 22:00) and the European service. In hotel allocated for us number with a window in a quarter of their usual windows in a floor and on a wall all almost. It was not pleasant to me. Asked to change, changed every other day (without money), stopped by in this new number. Only I put the child to have a nap after dinner as I shouted through disco columns - music, naturally, he long did not oversleep, music played also to 3 o`clock in the morning. This hotel of 90% of numbers hears this “remarkable“ appendix. I almost did not sleep, besides in this beautiful number with a shod balcony there were mosquitoes! On a reception the announcement hung that will be poisoned mosquitoes next day. Like, “leave numbers“. But it not for us. We asked us to move, the husband went 2 more times without me, we were given (without money) back our silent number with a small window. I was happy to live in silence...

Sea, sea. We came to the beach, and I told that it is Anapa, but only with plank beds. The sea is muddy, the beach (sand) - dirty. Alga circle, stubs everywhere, rags, packages, dogs, horses, cats, cars. Generally, I was disappointed, but same Turkey that from it to take. Among vacationers I generally met “the former USSR“: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Dagestan and so forth, still were Poles, Germans, it is a little Americans. In our hotel Russian-speaking gave blue bracelets, to Poles - pink. Discrimination, however. Well, we came to have a rest therefore we relaxed all the same. I in the first day went to a bath (boors) where I after a sauna was rubbed, washed, made foamy massage and the general from aromomasla. It very much was pleasant to me.

Usually we had breakfast at 7:30 and went to swim in the sea. There big turtles float, but we did not see. Then before a lunch swam in the pool, the husband with the son had a nap after dinner, and I ran to sunbathe at the pool. What was pleasant, so the fact that one of pools (all their 2nd plus children`s) had 2 hills. After a dream all of us together went on the sea, then in a sauna and the Turkish bath to have a shower bath cold water from marble bowls, sitting on a marble table.


In Cyd to me very much liked the ruins which remained since the time of Alexander of Macedon. We went there (3 km from hotel to the antique downtown) 3 times for holiday: in the evening, in the morning and in the afternoon. Drank the Turkish coffee on the seashore. Sat on a shop under full lunar, and the Turkish dealer with roses ran up to each couple with words “roses, romanticism“. Went on the river Manavgat (for 6 km) by a minibus for $2. Took a walk in the river bank, in the Turkish market. In the market all one and too, and the prices are higher, than in St. Petersburg or Moscow: from $35 to $12 for the same goods. It is necessary to bargain.

to me still very much liked to walk in the evenings. On the street smells in the different flowers, especially a jasmine.

the Child at us the best, very quiet, is a pleasure to have a rest with it. He very much liked to travel with us, sitting in a carriage. Once he led me from hotel and shows that supposedly it is necessary “there“ (for gate). Well, took a carriage, went. The minibus passes by us, the son shows on it, went on a minibus. We took it everywhere and with it went by minibuses already several times.

Still very tasty and cheap freshly squeezed garnet juice. We found for $3 - a beer glass (330 ml of juice). Went then to drink it every day. Bought fresh figs (fig).

we Have a rest well - sunbathed, were bought, joined history. In Cyd there is a half-ruined amphitheater in which there was concert of the famous Turkish singer, there let free of charge. It pleasantly surprised us, pleased that we so successfully walked by.

In the last day we departed in the evening, since morning there was heavy rain, by a lunch ceased, but became cloudy and is cool. Thank God that we already depart, and someone only arrived also only for a week, and rains on a weather forecast for a week came.

Of course to have a rest - not to work... To have a rest always very well, but to Turkey we do not want any more. Everything is learned in comparison, but also you should not go in cycles in shortcomings. In the world there are a lot of interesting and beautiful places - there will not be enough life everything to look therefore and to you it is not necessary to come back...