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Velvet gramofonchik of

Recently fans of flowers show more and more interest in family gesneriyevy and not only to saintpaulias. The attention to other types, in particular is more and more paid to gloxinias. Before persons interested to grow up “velvet gramofonchik“ stopped the seeming difficulties in maintenance and reproduction of these plants. Actually it is a flower, unpretentious, easily made multiple copies and convenient for the apartment.

Recently fans of flowers show more and more interest in family gesneriyevy and not only to saintpaulias. The attention to other types, in particular is more and more paid to gloxinias. Before persons interested to grow up “velvet gramofonchik“ stopped the seeming difficulties in maintenance and reproduction of these plants. Actually it is a flower, unpretentious, easily made multiple copies and convenient for the apartment.

Listopadny rainforests. Sunlight reaches the lower tier much more, than in the tropical damp wood; soils are richer with a humus and less sour; the soil layer (to 20 cm) well keeps moisture; within a year average air temperature 21,1 ° With (on: Walter, 1962). Often also others meet klubnevy (a klubnevy rhizome), “the plants reserving water“. Climatic conditions are characterized by the droughty period. At this time the elevated part of grassy plants dies off, in tubers the nutrients which are saved up by leaves for a damp season remain. The last are spent for respiratory processes which do not stop also in a dormant period, but generally - for development of rudiments of kidneys of renewal, formation of roots, and then and elevated bodies. The more the reserve of nutrients, the quicker and more fullly will be development of new escapes.


It is interesting that the majority of plants of these woods begin to dismiss leaves, and some even to blossom, at the end of a dry season, before the period of rains. And during the droughty period the fallen-down foliage and the dried grass often burn out.

we Will arm with

with this knowledge and we will consider as it is possible without prejudice to itself and a fine sinningiya to enjoy its surprising flowers long time.

Before us the hybrid gloxinia attracting a look - a plant with huge, the diverse coloring and half tones, velvet luminescent bells - flowers and a klubnevy rhizome which elevated part dries up for the winter that at a certain technology is very convenient for room conditions.


Apparently from the aforesaid, to a sinningiya needs more light, than an African violet. At a lack of lighting the stalk is extended, but the plant also intensively blossoms. In the last time anonymous hybrids began to meet the extended stalk - a column. It is necessary to rearrange a plant to lighter place if it did not help, then to fight against it it is useless. It is possible to give comic advice to grow up such plant as ampelous and to call tenderly “my trailer gloxinia“. and podkormok during vegetation it is also required by

of Watering to p more. It is possible to feed up any fosforno - potash fertilizers with the small content of nitrogen (according to the instruction to fertilizer). It is possible to take “Ideal“, “Kemir Lyuks“ and similar to them. To water with warm water in process of drying of an earth lump. Usually the flower itself regulates the number of watering: water is drunk quicker - the earth dries up quicker, and we need only not to forget to give to drink to the favourites in time. Also it is not necessary to force them to drink more and more. From such “bog“ the plant will just decay.

Because food it is required more, also the pot is better to give

more. To 15 cm in the diameter on a big adult plant. Though the gloxinia can grow also in a small pot, but then it should be watered too often. For the beginning fans there can be difficulties with watering adjustment. Also in small volume there can be a lack of food from what edges of leaves will dry out. And in general, in too small pot of a plant actively lose the lower leaves, the flower becomes shallow, (an exception the window plants needing oppression of root system make).


fine - very thermophilic plant steady against dryness of air, so room conditions just for it. In hot time it is possible to spray slightly the plants for the night warm water. And it is possible to advise to make sprayings for the most in love with the pets early - early in the morning, thereby as much as possible to bring closer conditions of keeping to natural and to allow beauties to enjoy dew.

Blossoming continues till October-November, at a dosvechivaniye lamps on window sills - till December. After blossoming the elevated part of a gloxinia dies off. It is always better to allow to a plant to dry up most, but not to cut off a stalk moreover at that time which we will consider necessary as at an usykhaniye of elevated part all nutrients from leaves pass into a tuber. Very important before reduction of watering to feed up a plant the fertilizer which is not containing nitrogen, for example, “Monofosfat of potassium at all“. Also it is necessary to shave attention that if during the summer the gloxinia constantly loses leaves, then the plant which hardly wintered the next year will have sickly young growth and poorly to blossom. The tuber, in a pot, is stored in a dry state at the room temperature. (Not less than 18 ° With - S. G. Saakov, 1983). Conveniently for a pot, having papered (not in cellophane - the tuber has to breathe), to clean from eyes down with to any place, whether it be even a case box. Exceptions make the klubenk of young gloxinias which are wintering the first time and not in time to prosper during the summer. They should be watered moderately during the winter. As it was already told by

to p, in the nature of a sinningiya begin to sprout after hibernation till a rainy season. In house conditions one of signs of the beginning of vegetation - germination of a kidney on tubers. But we can, without waiting for this happy moment, at the end of January to get our favourites. To soak properly the earth, for example, having put pots in a basin with water. The tuber which is easily cleared of the sodden earth should be put in a new substratum. Classically for gloxinias the following earth mix is recommended:

Ya with success apply land mix of the following structure:

can be taken

Instead of manure on sale “Biogumus“. If land mix is formed without manure or “Biogumus“, then it is necessary to feed up plants mineral fertilizers in a week after change.

If your plants have such convenience as a warm rack with 14 - hour artificial lighting, then they can please you with blossoming all the year round, at different times filling up and waking up. It is rather easy to organize it.

The matter is that in the nature the droughty period, and also the rainy season, comes not in the same day of a calendar, not in the same hour. And plants vegetirut from year to year longer, fill up quicker. At gloxinia windows react to fall of temperature on window sills, on reduction of length of day in the fall. Under these adverse conditions (as and in the nature to them it is uncomfortable at this time) sinningiya begin to fill up, and by “preparation for a dream“ the first average leaves begin to dry up. In the middle of a plate of a leaf start anew to appear dry spots, the leaf and gradually all elevated part dries up then, roots partially die off. At this time it is necessary to reduce watering and the earth in a pot will dry much more slowly so it is impossible to be mistaken, we always watch that our pets were not filled in. When the plant absolutely dries up, it is necessary to remove dry stalks and not to water any more.

On racks quite another matter. Under favorable conditions the gloxinia continues to grow and blossom sometimes all winter. And only begins to be put to bed in the spring to wake up somewhere in the middle of the summer and again late to fall asleep. But it is difficult to control this process as the desire to continue to grow depends completely on the plant. Sometimes and at cultivation on window sills such gloxinias meet. If the plant continues to vegetirovat, and we persistently reduce watering, the flower can even die. It is even worse if we decided that time of rest and in the middle of vegetation (as considers a flower) came, we will take yes we will cut off a stalk and we will clean a pot “on rest“. It is clear, that it will be difficult for plant to survive in such conditions. I want to calm at once those who grow up gloxinias at windows - the rare copy will not begin fall to fill up on a window sill. If it happened, can quietly enjoy blossoming, watering a flower above room temperature. It is possible to put such “dolgotsvet“ on a support that to roots it was warmer. As a support even the turned pot can serve. You can not worry - the dolgotsvetushchy beauty will not suffer from it, will not weaken, she will go to rest when itself deigns. Will serve as a signal for reduction of watering usykhany plants. If you have racks, and on them enough gloxinias - they will blossom at different times.

And still blossoming of plants can be regulated. One of ways is a rooting in different terms of the sheet shanks taken with strong, which are actively growing and the blossoming plants. If the gloxinia began to prepare for a dream, then the leaf taken from such plant, most likely, having formed a tuber, will fall asleep till the next season, without having given the child. Such klubenk should be watered in the winter! If the gloxinia actively vegetirut, then on the contrary, seldom happens that the leaf did not give the child at once. If suddenly it also comes, then usually from cultivation of the most sheet shank in adverse conditions.

the child quickly grows at

At good leaving and blossoms. At a sinningiya fine terms of blossoming come quicker, than at a saintpaulia. In the nature the plant should manage to grow, prosper and give seeds for one season. It is possible to receive the blossoming plant from the leaf taken at the end of August in January - February. Of course, it depends also on a grade.

the Second way of regulation of terms of blossoming is a seed reproduction. I would like to tell about it separately.

In addition to told above I want to note

that on my supervision, sheet shanks and stepsons of gloxinias it is better to implant most quicker in the torfoperegnoyny tablets “Jiffy - 7“, but so that one shank fell on one whole tablet. Then plants turn out strong and quickly blossom. Perhaps, it is connected with the fact that stimulators in one tablet are enough exactly for one shank / stepson of a gloxinia.

Also I want to note

that the gloxinias which are grown up from a part of a sheet shank are not worse than the plants which are grown up from the whole leaf at all. Especially as some standard grades possess very large leaves. It is even more difficult to implant such leaf entirely.

in the course of rooting of a leaf can be received additional klubenk and children, having cut out part of the central vein. In the cut-through window klubenk, children and children from klubenka will grow. All this should be separated and implanted separately in torfoperegnoyny tablets. If to leave such leaf in a small greenery, then klubenk and children on a leaf will be with rather developed roots. The children without klubenk separated from a leaf form a tuber independently. If to implant a half of a leaf, then often happens that the child is quicker formed from above, on the central vein, and then already at a scape.


On a klubenka, formed at the leaf basis, it is necessary to leave one child, the others to cut off and implant separately. Each cut-off child forms the klubenek. Also, when the child at the basis of a leaf will enough grow up, it is possible to cut off the implanted leaf, having left klubenek to the child. And the leaf should be implanted more and more.