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Perhaps we will play?

- Mother, play with me, - the child asks, having caught a skirt hem
- Darling, is no time mother now, play itself something. You have so many toys!

Familiar situation? The nursery is filled up with dolls, machines, balls, drums, books and designers, and it is all the same boring for the child. And it despite the rich children`s imagination and amazing ability to reproduce what was seen in game. There is nothing surprising in it. The child needs, in - the first, the partner in games, and in - the second, more senior and skilled the companion, capable to teach him to these games. The preschool children attending kindergarten in this plan were lucky. Is also wise (or just skilled!) the tutor and the whole group of persons interested to play. And if the child does not go to a garden, and stays with mother, the grandmother, the nurse at home? Then on shoulders of the adult the duty lays down not only to feed and walk the child, but also to play periodically with him role-playing games.

the opinion Extended among adults that the child does not need to be trained in game, is deeply wrong. If not to play with the child, in most cases he will primitively act in a game situation. Its life experience is still very limited, and character of game, most likely, will have imitating, but not role character. That is from the gun the child will just shoot, an engine - to get, turn on the machine on batteries. In imitating games there is no plot (or the plot is extremely simple), there are only various manipulations with objects.

the Development of the toy industry which caused creation of the automatic and more and more made technically toys, strangely enough, only aggravated with

a situation. Children are forced to act according to the logic of the toy put in it by the producer, leaving own imagination on a background. Therefore unostentatious presence of the adult at game becomes more and more actual.

the Very first game which occurs when the speech comes about syuzhetno - a role-playing game are “Daughters - mothers“. Girls are programmed on this game genetically. It would seem, all as easy as shelling pears here. There is a certain baby doll, there is a mass of attributes for game: carriages, small bottles, nipples and so forth. Everything that remains - it is to use a requisite for designated purpose, repeating a plain plot day by day while game does not bore. But once you approach business creatively, to accompany a little the child, and the plot will acquire new and interesting details. Suggest the daughter to stay not only mother, but also to present itself the grandmother or the senior sister. You can play a role of the girlfriend of mother, the coming nurse or nurse. You can use several dolls (brothers - sisters) at the same time or at all to do without them (playing a role of the child). Options there can be a weight. Besides, the training moment is easily built in game. For example, rocking to sleep a doll, you read the poem:

Oh, Kacha - Kacha - Kacha,
What is born in night?
On a bog - a breeze,
in the field - a gray moth,
In the sky - stars and the moon,
In our house -

A you feed (I. Pivovarov) with br and you dress a baby doll under such “accompaniment“:

a shirt sewed

Ya to a bear,
I will sew to it panties.
Should sew to them a pocket
And to put a candy.

On a plate porridge cooked.
Where big our spoon? I to you before food
Paws will wash up br water.

I Will tie to you a napkin -
you eat a cutlet, you eat a candy,
the Milk drink up,
And we will go for a walk rather!
(Z. Alexandrova)

After a while the child will remember this poem without coercion. In this way it is possible to study any verses if only they were successfully built in a game plot.

can make Interesting additions also to game with a posudka. In - the first, it is possible to play various situations - reception of guests, a campaign on a visit, restaurant, a royal dinner, a banquet at the president etc. In - the second, as toy products it is possible to use the most various materials - haricot, peas, grain (and shuffle of small objects is very useful for training of small motility), purchased plastic and wooden sets of vegetables and fruit … And even the most real food (if you want to kill at the same time two hares - to play and feed with something useful the poor eater). In - the third, process of game can include various training moments is both table layout, and repetition of norms of etiquette, and unostentatious training in new words and concepts. For example, we with the four-year-old son actively learn English, inviting on a visit a teddy bear - the foreigner, extremely choosy in food. And when the younger child interferes with game, time in a playful form to remember a story about the little pig who is not recognizing any rules of conduct at a table comes. And then game without regret is transformed to general fun.

Game in “Shop“ will also be pleasant both to girls, and boys. The situation is well familiar to children, and you should accompany only a little. And if you want to bring didactic aspect, more than it is enough opportunities in this game. It both the oral account (as money counters from board games), and classification (distribution on departments on the basis of the general sign of a subject will approach), and the same foreign language if your child is keen on it.


In general, preschool children are very easily trained in game (moreover it is almost only way of training at this age). And process of game in training can give a lot of pleasure. With the senior preschool children it is also useful, and it is fascinating to play in “School“. For this game only the cretaceous or magnetic board and mutual desire to play is necessary. For a start enter the child into “theory“, explain that at school all children sit at the school desks and do not jump from places, teachers call by name - to a middle name and when want to tell something, raise a hand. Show, at least on the example of an alarm clock what is a school call. Collect notebooks and books in the improvised portfolio. And further everything depends on your creative activity and intellectual opportunities of the child. Only do not forget that it is not the real school, and only game therefore be not overzealous, and is better act as the pupil more often.

big pleasure your children will play

C also “Hospital“, “Doctor“. For this game it is possible to use a ready toy tool kit, and it is possible to borrow some objects from the real first-aid kit. Empty bottles, an enema, bandage, banks, an aspirator, a plait, syringes without needle - all this very much is useful in our game. Also dolls and soft toys as patients can be involved. And you can act in this role also you. The imagination scope in this game is unusually big. It is possible to suggest the child to visit both the pediatrician, and the surgeon and the veterinarian (in passing “doctor“ learns about features of a profession), and the medical officer (having combined this game with the “war game“ loved by boys), and doctor Aybolit (dramatizing the well-known story of Chukovsky). And it is possible to involve also large-caliber equipment (the bicycle or the car - the buggy) and to present itself the doctor of “ambulance“ rushing at full speed to unfortunate patients.

Using house “transport“ it is possible to play also “road“ games, and at the same time and to learn some traffic regulations. As a grant purchased cards (they are made in the form of a fan) or made independently will be useful. For this purpose on three sheets of a cardboard it is necessary to draw the traffic light. On the first leaf - with brightly red “light“, on the second - with yellow, on the third - with green. Perhaps, you want to add gallery of signs and other cards, for example, “the parking is forbidden“, “entrance is forbidden“, “crosswalk“ etc. Now the adult has to play a role of “a support for signs“. Do not forget to change signs! The child acts as the law-abiding driver at this time. It is possible to diversify game with appearance of “pedestrian“ (a toy, members of household), “transport“ or even “the employee of traffic police“.

what it is possible to play? In gas station, HUNDRED and car wash. In flower salon, a hairdressing salon and pet-shop. In the tram, the plane and the train. In the submarine and the spaceship. In large construction or in the Bolshoi Theatre. Yes to the desert island, at last. As you can see, to think up and create a role-playing game it is not necessary any special conditions. Only the small effort over itself that instead of waving away from the child once again, it is simple to tell is necessary: “Well, let`s play. And in what?“