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Lazy rest on the Turkish Riviera of

U us still small child, and we can, without adapting to the schedule of school vacation, to have a rest when necessary. My chief needed to give this year to me holiday in September. September suited also the husband. It granted me 4000 dollars and most to resolve the right all issues connected with a trip. The right smoothly flowed in a pleasant duty of acquisition of the permit.


the Country


“We do not need the coast Turkish and Africa is not necessary to us!“ It is difficult for me to agree with words of the famous song. Let`s surely go to Africa as soon as our two-year-old daughter grows up for now we depart to Turkey again.

In my opinion, nothing is better than Turkey for small children is not thought up yet. There are, certainly, countries with more comfortable climate and conditions of accommodation, but it already absolutely for other money. In Turkey practically in all hotels children accommodate free of charge or with big discounts. And to fly nearby.

Hotel looked for

in reasonable proximity to the airport. There was a wish and reach quickly, and not to hear noise of planes. The Kurortny district of Lahr located between Antalya and Belek was ideal option. We like big hotels in which it is possible, without leaving the territory, to fully enjoy all benefits of rest. As a rule, the choice of dishes in such hotels is very various.

Thumbed through the catalog. Drew my attention 5 - stars “Lares Park“: the huge area, is a lot of greens, waterslides, a jacuzzi, a paddling pool, the sandy beach. Its cost perfectly was entered in our budget.


As things should be born to the husband, I decided not to be limited and take in anything all necessary. One suitcase did not succeeded to manage. Two too. Having given in to arrangements - threats of the husband, replaced the third suitcase with a bag. Do not think that I packed all our clothes. No, clothes and footwear modestly lay in a suitcase corner. The lion`s share of the place was occupied by food for the child. My choosy girl absolutely rejects overseas viands. It is lovelier to her heart (stomach) habitual porridges, children`s canned food and juice. Initially took yogurts. Wanted to put still children`s cookies, but, having remembered as with pleasure it is eaten by the husband quicker than the daughter, laid out from a bag and made precious room for the first-aid kit. Artful conditioners trap continually, and tablets, mixtures, rinsings it is just necessary to take just in case. Happens, we sometimes snatch on food, without having calculated the forces therefore it was necessary to take gastric drugs. Bandage, cotton wool, brilliant green, iodine, and ooh... - the suitcase was hardly closed. Sincerely I hope, we in vain drag with ourselves medicines!

Needed to pack children`s things. Here entreaties of the husband did not help. I was unshakable: the child will depart with the favourite musical chair - a pot. It is not important that it of the size of a half-suitcase. Last year I especially for a trip bought a pot less, then spent two weeks in arrangements of the child to sit down on it and in washing of wet panties. This time I planned to spend holidays behind more interesting occupations.

last year we only for travel got an easy, compact carriage - a cane. All holiday I envied parents who walked or had a rest at restaurant with the sleeping children in normal carriages. In our new carriage it was unreal to sleep, to take cover entirely a peak from the scorching sun. Though in Moscow the daughter perfectly does without personal vehicle, was decided to go with a big stroller. The carriage was irreplaceable both for shopping, and for evening promenades with the tired child.

At last everything is packed by

. Having inspected our belongings, the husband with a smile noticed that for entire happiness there is not enough still bed, the bicycle and the scooter.

the Road

Ya I have extensive practice of hours-long expectation of sending charter flights. With the small child this very doubtful pleasure. This time decided not to hope for punctuality of a charter and in travel agency paid in addition for flight by regular flight of Aeroflot. Expensively, but it is reliable, besides convenient time of an arrival - a departure.

the Carriage was allowed to take in the plane. It was scared to hand over it in baggage as our “old woman“ could not worry traditionally - ill-treatment of loaders.

Many children on the plane sleep. I did not create illusions concerning behavior of our daughter therefore I for tranquility (first of all, people around) put in hand luggage of the book, felt-tip pens, toys. Before landing changed clothes of the daughter for a sundress and set up it on the head the Panamanian. I bought a headdress to the child brightly red color (for convenience of fast search of the beauty liking to run away). All holiday I without effort distinguished in crowd of restaurant and on the beach our Little Red Riding Hood.

the Line for the visa threw

in shock. The visa can be bought for 20 dollars or for 15 euros. Turn in dollar cash desk it is incomparable more long. We took with ourselves different currency so long we had not to stand. On the child, irrespective of his age and irrespective of whether goes according to the passport or it is entered in the passport of parents, the brand is got separately.

Reached by

hotel in 15 minutes. On the road the guide briefly told about possible excursions. I listened to a vpolukh, our child and excursions - things incompatible. Generally, we never buy excursion from hotel guides as it is 1,5 - 2 times more expensive, than “round the corner“. In street travel agencies it is possible to get similar trips with the same service. Assurances of the guide about invalidity of an insurance on these trips only the fairy tale. Also you should not give in on arrangements to go to free round on shops. All know where there is “a free cheese“... Loss of forces and time. The prices in these shops exceed Moscow.


the Hotel entirely justifies with

the name. Its big territory really reminds park: the cozy corners, various greens, bright diversity of beds, twisting paths framed with flowers and bushes. In a shadow of trees there are chaise lounges. In stylish it is white - the blue building more than 400 numbers are located. From a window the sea is visible. But not from ours... I was greedy to pay in addition for a view of the sea, and in the evenings our family enjoyed a quiet rest in number with a modest view of the road. And happy owners of a sea landscape shuddered from noise of animation programs and music of night discos as ours, and the next hotel.

Number prostovat. It is unclear for what reasons the interior is issued in the depressive dark tones which are badly combined with light desire comfortably to have a rest. The owner of hotel probably decided to save on the designer. Shortcomings of furniture compensated snow-white dressing gowns, disposable slippers and contents pass - bar. However, pass - in bar you will not be full, it is time to glance in restaurant.


Oh, food as long I waited for you! It is disappointed took of tables a view and began to gather “the remains of former luxury“ in a plate. It became clear that in the territory of hotel 3 football fields where several teams of the athletes who are not complaining of lack of appetite even in 40 - a-degree heat constantly train are located. In full it is possible to enjoy culinary art of local cooks, only coming by the beginning of a meal.

Especially quickly disappeared during a breakfast freshly squeezed juice. We learned about their existence in the last days of rest. And here the sweet table always burst with abundance. To pass by it with the child, without having taken anything - it is problematic.

- Give

, give, give! - heart-rendingly the child demanded, afflicting with bad manners and unwillingness to try something other of monotonously - a various set of dishes Turkish - a buffet. Helped out the Moscow stocks.

On “a children`s table“ products “and - la Macdonalds“ flaunted with

: hamburgers, cheeseburgers, French fries, ketchup and mayonnaise. Someone`s father reacted to my surprise: “The normal menu, and unless children eat another?“

However, various flakes, muesli, yogurts, rolls, porridge for breakfast are quite acceptable for the child. I in vain expected what will bore the cook every morning to cook the same porridge. However, our small gurmanka in 14 days was not bothered by porridge, but she ate it with such speed that the husband managed to rise in number and to digest a breakfast at the TV.

Soon the food at the main restaurant to all of us became boring to

, and we began to visit other small restaurants and bars in the territory of hotel. Especially it was pleasant “Olivia - bar“ on the last floor of a tower. Of course, forbidden fruit is sweetest: there did not let with children. Correctly, kids should not prevent to relax to adult, and big children there is no need to watch how parents drink. From a balcony of this bar the wonderful view of the territory of adjacent hotels opened. It is always curious to look how the situation at neighbors is! Here it is only a pity that neighbors so close...

the Food in hotel pursued

continually. Even if we managed it is unceasing to pass all points of food on the way to the sea, ashore we got stuck in the beach bar. To refuse the most tasty ice cream was above our forces.

Completely managed to estimate the advantage of Turkish cuisine to me, having only returned for work, sadly choosing in the dining room between potato and macaroni. the Sea

the sea to reach

by p not easy. Besides bars forced down from the planned course blue pools with the waterslides and chaise lounges standing under umbrellas along a side. I tried not to let the child in a paddling pool. The strong smell of bleaching powder frightened. It seemed to me that such concentration is suitable for bleaching of linen better, than for bathing of a malyshna.

the Following temptations on the way to the beach - pass - club and a playground. Pass - the club is intended for children is more senior 4 - x years, but animators do not object at all if your child is much younger. The main thing - desire of the child.

the Playground for five-stars hotel is rather weak

. Struck the metal hills which are heating up during a heat therefore the notice was observed here in the late afternoon.

Beach pure and big. All have enough place in the sun. Places under an awning were in great demand, they were enough too. The only small minus - a canopy is located far from the sea (speak, from - for turtles), and the husband had to ply constantly on the heated sand between our plank bed and the sea with buckets - watering cans behind the water necessary for a construction of the sandy lock. Construction was international. The children who are not burdened with knowledge of foreign languages perfectly communicated among themselves. Not for nothing we brought with ourselves many toys. Shovels, molds, buckets disappeared immediately. There is no wish to think that the families which paid several thousands of dollars for accommodation in hotel were tempted with cheap toys. Most likely, instruments of labor were lost in sand.

the Sea warm, with a flat sandy entrance and hardly noticeable waves. Paradise for children of all age.

Along the coast can be passed on beaches of the next hotels and to admire their territory. Nearby “floated“ noisy “Titanic“, behind it the handsome of “Mirakl“, afterwards a horror film (with architecturally - the esthetic point of view) “Kervansaray“ towered. At lodgers of the listed hotels on hands bracelets of different color are put on, in our hotel bracelets gave out to nobody. It seems a trifle, and it is pleasant. It was remembered how I incidentally scratched the baby the bracelet during rest in other hotels.

the Illness

Everything went remarkably until the daughter unexpectedly got sick. At supper pulled out it, high temperature rose in the morning. The version of an overheat was not considered as stay on the sun was strictly regulated and minimized. Called the familiar pediatrician Moscow, he assumed poisoning and recommended absorbent carbon with plentiful drink. Two days were tormented and at last addressed local medicine. Called by phone specified in the insurance policy, reported symptoms of an illness and the name of hotel. Soon number included the doctor and the girl - the translator (she worked in our hotel).

the Doctor examined the child and established a rotovirusny infection. Got acquainted with our drugs, rejected them and free of charge left the: febrifugal, antibiotic, antiemetic. For the total amount about 50 dollars (judging by price tags on them).

So far the doctor filled with

numerous pieces of paper, the girl descended on a reception to make an insurance photocopy. Then returned to transfer us appointments of the doctor. In Russian the doctor knew only names of diseases and drugs.

the Turkish medicines made by

the business - by the evening the daughter recovered. Next day she gradually could eat. The attitude towards patients in “Lares Parke“ is pleasant. During an illness to us called from a reception by telephone, were interested in a condition of the child and asked what needs to be brought in number from restaurant. Independently it was not allowed to take out food from restaurant officially, but everyone managed to make it if necessary. whether

Should be said to

how we with the husband reproached ourselves with the untimely address to the doctor. The inexcusable mistake costing to the child of unlucky days of a bed rest while around life raged.


Soon the daughter finally recovered, and we devoted one of evenings to shopping. In hotel there are several small little shops with the modest choice for immodest money. There is nothing to do there, and we went to the central street passing along the coast between hotels and houses.

At first to us markets with the Chinese range, nothing differing from the Moscow markets came across to

. But I read on the Internet reviews of shopping center with goods of the European quality, and about “Dolphin“ we found it. Really, wide choice enough qualitative fakes of well-known companies. The price completely depends on your ability to bargain. I did not see anything special that it would be impossible to get houses, except for souvenirs and hookahs there (I think, they at desire in Moscow can be found too). But all of us equally derived pleasure from a campaign and got bags, jeans and children`s jersey. Jeans to the husband were longish, and the seller suggested them to truncate free of charge. Called “boy“, that jumped in the car, and in half an hour returned with the hemmed jeans. We were treated with tea with lukumy at this time. Similar service is characteristic of a set of the Turkish shops.

the Epilogue

Holiday flew a whirlwind, having flapped in the last day a cloud of bitterness of parting with the fallen in love hotel. Though rest was saddened by an illness of the daughter, we had warm memories of the atmosphere of hospitality and hospitality reigning here. But here we will not return any more, we like to look for new hotels for travel. Yet never regretted about the choice.

In memory memories of the near past when we hardly had money for rent of the room on the Black Sea coast are fresh

. Holiday always was happy what heartily we wish those who else gather at way.