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We gather at way (that needs to be had in the road first-aid kit)


It is probable, you already had an opportunity to estimate wisdom of a saying “All the is carried with itself“. We suggest you to extend this idea and to the road first-aid kit - a thing just irreplaceable on travel. It has to contain all necessary to give first aid and to help with treatment of sharp diseases.

the First-aid kit for future mother

Add the habitual first-aid kit with means which can be useful on travel.
  1. of Means from mosquitoes
    • “Asterisk“, cologne “Carnation“ or “Fumitoks“.
  2. Stings
    • Rescuer Ointment (kills pain and hypostasis in the place of a sting).
    • of Ointment with analginum, a Dimedrol, novocaine.
  3. Bruises, injuries, grazes, bleedings
    • a wax paper for compresses (it is imposed over a lotion and bandage).
    • the Adhesive plaster with gauze laying.
    • the Small bottle of 2% peroxide of hydrogen (well disinfects, quickly stops bleeding).
    • Iodine in a bottle with a pipette (it is useful as the disinfector, and in the form of an iodic grid - as the good warming means on the hurt place).
    • Tugoelastichny bandage (on a case of an injury of large joints).
    • the Haemo static sponge, that is the special fabric impregnated with fast styptic substance (the small piece of a dry sponge is imposed on the bleeding wound, it right there bulks up and stops bleeding).
    • Medical glue - a film on an iodic basis of “BF“ (quickly dries up on a wound, forming a protective film which long keeps disinfecting effect).
    • Solution of boric acid (perfectly disinfects skin and mucous membranes).
  4. the Stress
    • Well calms and spirit infusion of a valerian or a pustyrnik (20 - 30 drops) improves a dream.
  5. the Allergy
    • Eye drops Wiesen (on a case of an allergy to flower pollen, a grass, fresh hay, down and feathers of animals).
    • Klaritin, suprastin (tablets).
  6. Suppuration of eyes, infection of a nose, ear
    • Disinfecting drops albucid, sofradeks (drops), gramitsidin (drops or ointment).

the First-aid kit for the kid

(details in March issue for this year).

So what is represented by the road first-aid kit and in what situations it can be necessary for you?

  1. of Scratch, wound, bruises, bleedings, burns
    • Bandage (1 wide and 1 narrow).
    • Sterile gauze napkins (are imposed directly on a wound or to the place of a burn under bandage).
    • Bactericidal plasters - a set of the different sizes (for treatment of insignificant cuts, scratches).
    • hydrogen Peroxide (for washing of small wounds and a stop of nasal bleeding).
    • Brilliant green - diamond greens.
    • Iodine (besides cauterization of scratches, wounds and grazes it can be necessary for treatment of bruises, bruises - “an iodic setochka“).
    • Cotton wool (small packing).
    • Q-tips.
    • Scissors (for example to cut bandage).
    • Alcohol medical - a small medicinal bubble (for disinfection of hands and objects in case of need).
  2. Fever (temperature increase)
  3. to
    • the Thermometer, and it is obligatory in a reliable case!
    • Paratsetamolosoderzhashchy a preparatdetsky form (with the instruction!) .
  4. Sharp food poisoning
    • Absorbent carbon - in tablets (it is used at sharp diarrhea from 1 to 3 tablets on reception).
    • Smekt`s
    • (1 bag on reception at diarrhea).
    • Regidron - powder for preparation glucose - salt solution (it is applied at diarrhea to prevent dehydration of an organism and to restore loss of liquid and salts).
  5. of Belly-ache (intestinal gripes)
    • But - a shpa (since 2 years on 1 tablet on reception).
    the Allergy
    • Klaritin - a children`s form or tavegit
    • , suprastin (till 3 years - on 1/4 tablets).

our council

the Road first-aid kit has to be compact and convenient.

It is desirable for li to arrange

drugs so that, having opened it, you at once smokl to find that it is necessary for you, without throwing out all contents outside, on it there is not always time. It is clear that a cellophane package - not the best place for storage of drugs. Let`s tell if you lay them in a big convenient cosmetics bag on “lightnings“, then you will wrap it in ordinary-looking fabric and put among the things, you will always have it near at hand and will hardly interest kids.