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As there was Kiryusha of


Having defended in May the dissertation on hydrobiology of Baikal, in June I already moved to the northern city of Bodaibo to the friend and got a job to the remarkable reserve. In August I already was on the magnificent lake Oron where beauty of the nature was supplemented with healthy food (berries, mushrooms, fish etc.) . In September right after return from expedition I became pregnant. It was found not at once - caught flu and could not understand why all medicine taken by me leaves in the same way. Having made the test, burst out crying, of course, - I dreamed of it, but not also at once! The friend was stunned and not at once, but all - suggested to issue the relations. It was succeeded to make it only on New Year`s Eve.

Toxicosis was only three days and how it became clear, from - for incorrectly picked up vitamins. Not only that to the decree continued to work at two works (still gave lectures in technical school), and after an exit in the decree could not refuse to the city hall and read a heap of seminars at schools and technical school about harm of smoking, alcohol and drugs. It looked remarkably as the stomach was huge. But I practically did not notice it, only began to be tired more and the reading matter of the house cardinally exchanged on literature on pregnancy and children.

Having come to give birth to the hometown is closer to the family, I indulged in shopping and additional inspection (I in general the accurate pregnant woman was - in time did everything).

I was warned - the child will be more than 4,5 kg so Caesarian. Also it is not necessary to go on any courses of “the correct breath“. In 39 weeks planned to put and in 40 to kesarit. Calmed down completely and again returned to shops - oh as it was pleasant to me! In advance made the list of purchases, being guided by the Internet and magazines. Came to children`s shop and burst into tears - the list on three sheets A4, but nothing is clear, so huge choice! Went to the girlfriend who has two children. It reduced the list to a half of a sheet A4! Showed everything and explained. I am very grateful to it, it appeared the rights completely.

also my husband Arrived. It was exempted from work for the next three months to spend them with us on Baikal after the birth of the kid (we have a giving there). He approved my choice of a carriage and all rest. After we completely bought everything and prepared a bag in maternity hospital, I released it on the dacha where there were already my parents, to prepare everything for arrival there of the baby. Of preparations it was full - a wide bed (that all three together found room), a room wash basin with instant heating of water, an air heater about climate - control, ideal purity.


the Health in our 37 weeks was remarkable, only legs began to hurt strongly as I did not want to stay at home in any way, and rejoiced to free time - long walks on fresh air, favourite coffee houses and girlfriends, at the same time managed to remake a heap of affairs! Many times heard that last months “uncontrollable“ begins - i.e. young women sometimes suffer from an incontience. On the 38th week at night about three nights I a little “that“, went to a shower, having been glad that the husband on Baikal also does not see it. Only the grandmother 83 - x slept at home years. On the way to a shower I took with myself a radio telephone and, having seen in soul that liquid pinkish, called in “03“, having honestly warned that, perhaps, it is not amniotic waters, but which - that another and beet the day before ate.

“ambulance“ Right there came tearing along, I went down in a dressing gown and a nightgown with 4 - go the floor to open an entrance for physicians - thought, I will be examined at first, and then will solve, to carry or not. They abused me and sent behind things - so I and went in house.

In the car the conflict happened - I categorically did not want in that maternity hospital to which they carried me, and demanded in that which I chose with the doctor. But did not listen to me. Called to Baikal to the father and complained. When I already stood in a pool in “unwanted“ maternity hospital and processed documents, the father called and reported that I will be put back in “ambulance“ now and will bring to “desired“ maternity hospital, but to me it was already terrible and there was no wish to go to other end of the city. I refused. The aunt accepting me from conversation understood that I here wanted not at once. She took offense and left to sleep, having thrown me in a reception one, and I “ambulance“ - that released.

I Stand aloone in a pool also I cannot understand what to do farther... Suddenly there is a nurse with a mop and begins to abuse me. I did a foolish think with this pool, but I prepared to Caesarian and did not suspect at all what to do when waters depart (it is necessary to use laying though as it can help, still it is not clear to me). As a result over me some probationer took pity and continued to process documents. My number was 3600, I still thought whether it is a hint on the weight of my boy. Then there was an enema.

Lifted on patrimonial 3 - y the floor. Well, here I was delighted: I think, here now - that all also will make! Aha, as! Helped to depart to the water remains (I held them with strong muscles of one place, it appears), told:“ You will give birth itself - the child about 3,6 kg“. I in horror: how ““? Sight is weak, a spine injury, an umbilical cord in a cervical furrow! Excuses did not help. Asked about fights. Decided to tell just in case what is, especially, I did not know how it, but quickly got to the core of me. Told that if in 72 hours you do not give rise, we will stimulate. Long considered how many it is 72 hours? Same several days! No, only not it!

In general, I do not transfer hospital - boringly and with itself did not take the laptop. Sent to pathology on 4 - y the floor. There I quietly whined in the corner - I, such talker sociable, did not even begin to communicate and meet anybody. And here when fights began, was horrified!

morning Already came, and it became clear that the father in the rain went at night on foot on a mountain track of 20 km - at us it is only possible to reach by the waterway giving, and the husband the first flight left in the morning. They arrived to the city at the same time. And I considered time between fights so far. Wash everything friends and acquaintances warned that I did not miss disclosure of a neck of a uterus and did not give rise in a corridor - at my mother the neck revealed almost completely for an hour both times. When laid down on the next KTG (it each three hours did) the difference between fights was 7 minutes, and in half an hour - 5 minutes. Here I began to ache that looked. Said to me what not earlier, than in an hour it is necessary to watch, but I strongly ached and went a tail for the doctor. That took pity and looked. Then a bullet took off from an office and returned with other doctor who gave the order:“ Urgently in prenatal“. Gathered on - army quickly. I in a couple of minutes was on the place. But in prenatal the place did not appear. Put in a chair in a corridor, but I could not sit - leaned on a chair and peacefully shook it within an hour, knocked them on a wall, though was afraid that it will not endure my next fight and will collapse. Having felt thirsty terribly - it appears, it is impossible, allowed to come into prenatal and to moisten lips... Oh, in what ugly poses of the woman lie, even to me, to the biologist, it was unpleasant - well, I think, I - that will beautifully lie! All somehow silently lay, only one girl very much shouted. As explained to me, she is 35 years old, it is its first labor - difficult. I am a not young person - 26 years, but hoped that it will be easier for me.


made room - me put, looked and left to have dinner. I was in rage and demanded that talked to me and explained how to breathe. Soon after a svatka amplified, and I began to shout more abruptly, than 35 - summer. On me swore for the fact that I did not go to preparation courses, and now so I shout. Then, when I began to faint between fights (it gave me the chance to have a rest), delivered me a dropper. I was against: “How I will twitch?“, on what there was an answer: “It is not necessary to shout and it is not necessary to twitch!“ It was necessary to hit into a tiled wall with the extended leg - from the next office the doctor resorted to look what occurs! And besides swore... My pose, to put it mildly, was not beautiful, and it was for some reason indifferent for me. Passed more than 12 hours since waters began to depart. Despite fatigue, I paid attention that if to women are allowed to make an effort during fights, then then they are conducted in patrimonial at once. And though forbade to do me it so far, I was just once extinguished - again abused, but only room in patrimonial was made - translated there!

I went - everything went before eyes... I was surrounded by a lot of people, I for some reason curved a bottom, and it was necessary to lie to two girls on my legs that I did not prevent the kid to leave. One more doctor approached and asked whom the doctor who constantly calls and asks how he - dishonor my affairs and why I him am the doctor, famous on all city, the shouts is necessary me? My answer was not cultural, and it was remembered by all office. Then we with jokes often remembered it. The midwife stood between legs and said that during fights I would make an effort and did not suck in the child back between fights. It needed a little time to understand that I do not think nothing at the time of fights, and it changed tactics: asked to push out between fights, but not to cherish the pain. One more I had to lay down on a stomach since I nevertheless regularly sucked in it back. When there was a head, I terribly cheered up, and further already everything was simpler!

Here! Showed me it! At the same time said to me that gave birth to the athlete! My question “And why It Is Blue?“ did not get support. Told that and has to be. My shouting happiness (53 cm, 3,620 kg) was put to me on a stomach, and here then - that I also felt happiness, unimaginable happiness! And when it drained in “bidonchik“ (what was my breast earlier), I burst into tears and understood that now I am a mother!

Shovchik at me was only one and that internal, he to me did not prevent to live at all, and there was it from - for the fact that I was extinguished earlier, than I was allowed. Having rested in bed some time with the miracle, I began to recover. Me shifted to a wheelchair and took away from me the child. Told that hour it is necessary to lie on a stomach and not to move. 40 minutes I spent for calls, then came off and went to look for a shower. After a shower went down to the girlfriend. In an hour the mad husband approached and, having asked me on torments in labor, assumed that the daughter I will not want now what I answered that though now! It was shocked!

Through an hour and a half mine Kiryusha was brought to me in chamber, and since then we do not leave! So independent childbirth is a miracle which is very pleasant for remembering! And all endured pain nothing in comparison with happiness and pride to be mother!

As I began to feed with

Brought me my child and told that I put it to a breast on demand, and left. And to put - that there is nothing - from mine 4 sizes before childbirth and the unknown at the time of childbirth something not really similar was allocated for milk. Found out - colostrum. Well, colostrum, so colostrum. Let`s feed. Day fed - everything is all right. Then the breast began to ache a bit, and colostrum became a little, but I was sure that I everything is all right and, having fed the child even from two breasts, fell asleep. Not only I woke up, but almost all floor - a voice at Kiryusha, as well as at mummy, ringing, serious. Was frightened terribly! Than to help I do not know - full, dry that else? The nurse jumped up to us and brought up - sent to kitchen. Until we reached with it, already both cried. On a face of mine synut all - (except me) everything became clear to all, and to it put, even not heating, a milk small bottle which it in two drinks mastered and fell asleep. In the morning already at me milk appeared, and the breast became the size 8 - 10 somewhere. It is good that I took Kiryushenke`s kombinezonchik in maternity hospital, in diapers it was impossible to put to a breast it - very strongly she acted forward.


of Milk - is more than enough, and pain - and that has more. Told that there will be problems if I do not learn to decant everything. The rough doctor came and, having undressed me to a belt, drove into the corner a knee and began me to decant, and I to abuse it a bit.

it was necessary for

that after an extract the husband helped me, but he could not hurt me, and I, having left it with the child, escaped to buy a milk pump. Did not regret money and bought electric - what happiness. To me and now periodically to have to use it, and to us the fourth month. Temperature fell down only next day, and I felt sense of relief at once. It is not necessary to torment itself and the child, it is necessary to be decanted at once as soon as the breast begins to grow coarse - and it is difficult to child to suck such “bidonchik“.