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And your heart to you age-mate?

of the Reason of heart diseases long time represented a riddle for doctors, the first results of one of the most long and known researches of residents of Framingem (USA) did not appear yet.

It began

in 1948 and proceeds still. During this long-term careful monitoring of indicators of health scientists of the Boston University revealed the major factors increasing risk of development is warm - vascular diseases: the increased arterial pressure, smoking, excess weight, diabetes, a sedentary life.


on the basis of the obtained data developed the Calculator of age of heart. This interactive test helps any person to estimate own risk of emergence of heart diseases and stimulates people on small, but significant changes which will help to keep health of heart. The calculator is actively used in 13 countries, and more than one million users were influenced by its efficiency.

So, already over 124 000 Dutches already used the Calculator. It became clear that on average the biological age of heart of the resident of the Netherlands is about 4 years more than his passport age. Results of the Dutch researches also allowed to establish that biological age of heart of 69% of people who include in the diet fruit and vegetables not less than 5 times a day and 73% of those who adhere to a diet with the low content of “dangerous“ (saturated) fats are 15 years less than their real age.

the Yunilever Company thanks to which everyone can use the Calculator of age of heart develops more than 50 years products, useful to heart, under the Bessel brand. Mayonnaise and spread of “Bessel“ do not contain cholesterol, are rich with nonsaturated (“useful“) fats the Omega 3 and 6.

you can calculate age of the heart right now. Considering personal indicators of all factors influencing development of heart diseases, the Calculator of age of heart will show as far as your heart younger or is more senior than you. Besides, on the website www. loveyourheart. ru is a lot of interesting information on how by means of simple changes in a way of life healthy can keep the heart.

Information is provided by a brand Bessel
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