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Bears, hares, kittens... Soft toys in development of the kid

the Soft toy strongly is associated at us with images of the careless, happy childhood. Fluffy loyal friends give feeling of warmth, tranquility and comfort. And whether they can serve development of the kid?

Soft toys are made by

of nice on the touch fabric. Material can be the most different: fleece, velor, fur fabric, jersey, a velvet, plush, - it can have both nap, and lint-free structure. Fill such toys with different fillers - a synthetic winterizer, cotton wool, foam rubber. Parts of a body of a toy can be filled with small plastic balls. Touching balls, the kid develops small motility, improves touch.

Producers of children`s goods offer

such wide choice of soft toys that it is quite difficult to classify them. Nevertheless we will try to distinguish main types of soft toys from this variety:

Purpose of a soft toy depends on its look:

All toys are urged to help the kid to get acquainted with the world of the objects surrounding it. You remember: important not what color, a form and the invoice there will be a toy and what ways and possibilities of game with it how you communicate with the child by means of this toy exist and as you react to his progress and failures.

Game begins

the Child who was born is already capable to see, hear and feel. The most important period of intensive development of these abilities - the first half of the year of life of the kid. It is important to help it to get the first sensual experience - to provide necessary touch information.


It is chosen a soft toy

Buying a toy, pay attention to the next moments:

  • Seams have to be strong, filler pieces - not to stick out of a toy. Be convinced, having slightly nibbled a toy hair that pile does not remain in hands, squeeze it - the filler should not fall out.
  • Fine details: eyes, bows, jewelry - have to be reliably attached. For safety of the baby, the less will be fine details, the better.
  • the Invoice of material has to be nice on the touch
  • . Toys from material with spangles, paillettes, beads, the pricking pile are inadmissible.
  • to
  • For the baby till 6 months most of all will be suitable the toys having a lint-free covering (fleece. jersey, cashmere) or with short pile (plush, a velvet, velor). Long pile collects a lot of dust, pieces of pile can get to the child into a mouth or airways.
  • do not buy
  • to the child of a toy of the huge sizes: such toy collects a lot of dust, it is inconvenient to play with it, it can frighten the kid.

to the Baby 1 month. This small lump already much is able: show it a soft toy - the child stood, recorded on it a look. The toy plays music? Turn on the music - the kid listens, trying to define from where there is a sound.

In the first month of life the baby learns not only to fix a look on different objects, but also to get the first tactile experience. And here not to do without soft toys. Take 2 - 3 small toys of the different invoice. The child is not able to take and hold a toy yet. Here your active participation is necessary: carry out by each toy on the handle of the kid, a wrist, the palm back, on cheeks, legs, patches. The baby fades, listening to new feelings.

to the Kid very much is pleasant to consider

your person, to see your smile, an expressive mimicry. Hang up over a bed the toy reminding the outlines and proportions a human face (for example, the smiling plush sun, a soft ball with eyes, a mouth and a nose). Minutes of wakefulness the baby will try to hold a look on a toy.

By 2 months the kid is already capable to fix a look on objects, to monitor their movement. Select for display of a toy of bright flowers, avoiding pale pastel shades: such colors do not draw attention of the baby. Call color of a toy, show where it has eyes, the nose, a mouth - the child is able to monitor your gestures, to attentively consider a toy.

musical toys will be useful to

For development of acoustical concentration. Show to the child a toy, having turned on the music, - the kid fades, listens. Slowly take away a toy in one party, in another, up, down - the baby looks after her movement.

But here music ended - give the chance to the child to touch the soft friend. If the kid does not stretch to a toy, easily push him handles: having encountered on soft, the kid tries to feel a toy, to catch it by a hair. So we develop tactile sensitivity and touch.

In 3 months the child already tries to reach for a toy, to seize her, to touch. To develop ability to coordinate the movements, it is possible to take a toy and to hold it by means of the following exercise. Bring the kid to the toys which are in advance placed in a row on a shelf. Point to everyone and tell how this or that toy is called, induce the baby to reach for them, to seize them or to push off from the shelf.

of Anything superfluous!

do not inhabit a bed where your kid sleeps, a set of soft toys as air circulation is broken, toys can fall to the child at his movement. It is better to have one toy which is specially intended for laying to sleep, - as part of a peculiar ritual of withdrawal to a dream. It can be a soft toy of the gentle pastel tones calming nervous system which to the kid will embrace pleasantly and conveniently.

Can suspend toys to a bed of the kid so that it, moving handles, could encounter incidentally them and touch. The baby learns to understand prichinno - investigative communication between the movement of the hand and a touch to a subject. It is a necessary stage in mastering ability to make purposeful actions by a hand.

the Small child listens to words which you pronounce therefore talk to it more often, comment on everything that you do.

the kid surely is enough

In 4 months a toy, feels fingers, pulls it in a mouth. Mastering the feeling movements of a hand - important achievement of the baby. Thus the perception of the invoice of material, ability to associate the received feelings with their source develops, small motility develops. Improvement of these abilities requires several (4 - 5) soft toys from materials of the different invoice - plush, velor, fur fabric, jersey - and toys with a special filler - plastic granules. Offer the kid serially each toy - let he will touch it, will touch, will feel and will even taste. The child receives different feelings from contact with each toy, learns to compare them. It is not excluded that some toy will be pleasant to it more: he will long investigate it. Then complicate a task: add a toy from other materials - a tree, plastic, rubber.

the Gentle children`s hearing is very susceptible

to melodious, smooth intonations of a voice of the adult. Read it rhymes and poteshka, sing songs. And of course, involve soft toys in these cheerful occupations. For example, it is possible to dramatize A. Bartho`s verses “My toys“. Most likely, you remember them by heart. Show to the child of the soft fluffy hare, read a rhyme:

“Hare was thrown by the hostess -
In the rain remained hare.
From a bench could not get down -
All to a thread got wet“.

A here on a visit to the kid the amusing horse rode:

“I love the horse,
I Will brush with it a hair smoothly,
the Comb I will smooth a tail
And astride I will go to visit“.

Let toys make various actions: the horse jumps, hare sits on a side of a bed and waves a pad to the baby, the bull-calf “goes, shakes“ on a table, the elephant nods. Such performance of verses is very useful to the baby: he learns to connect visual and acoustical feelings, to concentrate attention.

In 5 months the baby can have a favourite toy. And quite often it happens a soft bright toy. Some children very much become attached to the teddy bears and hares on the first year of life, and then carry by this feeling up to elementary school, and at times and through all life.


improve your movement remains: it can reach the objects which interested him. Put out of a zone of reach of the kid it favourite toys. It is so tempting - to reach them! Thus you push him to independent actions, promote active development of skills of crawling. Playing with the child, it is very important to support him by a tender voice and to praise for any progress.

such game is useful to

To development of thought processes. The toy runs over the screen (the sheet of dense A4 paper) and runs out on the other side of the screen. Having several times shown to the child this trick, you will see that it directs the view of that party of the screen from where the toy has to run out, waits for it emergence and rejoices when the toy appears. Thus the kid establishes truth, very significant for his development: the subject does not cease to exist, having been gone from a field of vision.

In 6 months the kid actively learns to creep. It is possible to develop this skill by means of toys, attractive to it. Lay out a path from toys, having placed them at small distance from each other. Drawing attention of the baby with one toy, we encourage it to creep towards it and to take it. Then we will draw attention with other toy etc. At the beginning, when the kid did not master skill of crawling in perfection yet, toys should not be much - 2 or 3 quite enough.

At this stage of the development the child masters various actions with objects - actively develops visually - effective thinking. The following exercise will help the baby to master a number of actions: to take a subject, to put in empty capacity and to take out it from there.

Several soft toys we put

in a small box. We begin to dramatize the fairy tale “Teremok“ - to get in turn toys with words: “A tower - teremok who lives in a tower?“ It is possible to put the most different soft toys in a box. Be not afraid to improvise, compose the version of the fairy tale: and along with a mouse - a norushka, chanterelle - the sister let there live also Kolobok - a ruddy side, and a doggie - a black nose, and a cat - a muryska - what soft toys are near at hand. The kid can become interested in this game, will want to inhabit teremok different animals - and will put toys in a box.

Care of a toy

the Soft toy possesses one unpleasant property - to save dust. Therefore it needs to be erased or vacuumed often.

Washing in the washing machine is suitable

only for soft toys without the built-in mechanisms, with a sinteponovy or porolonovy filler. It is necessary to erase such toys separately from linen in the mode of delicate washing, and to dry up on the sun or about heating devices. After washing carefully check integrity of a toy: be convinced whether the seam burst, whether details are strongly attached.

Musical toys is not recommended to be erased, otherwise there is a namokaniye of electronic contacts, and the mechanism fails. It is possible to collect dust from such toys by means of the vacuum cleaner with a special nozzle.