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Beauty after holiday of

From a holiday on a seashore you have not only pleasant memories, but, unfortunately, and small wrinkles, pigmentary spots, the overdried hair, the getting-down suntan. It is temporary, and you should not lower hands. Let`s get down to work!


Problem: skin lost elasticity.

Reason.“ Under the influence of the sun exchange processes in skin are slowed down, production of collagen decreases, - Svetlana Kovalyova, the dermatologist, the cosmetologist of Avon explains. - Especially in it UVA beams are guilty. If not to take urgent measures, in a term (a deep layer of skin) the chronic inflammation will be created, and fibrous structures will begin to collapse, skin will become thickness, will lose elasticity, and complexion will grow dull. Keep in mind that the sunbed possesses similar harmful action on skin“.

Decision. Of course, urgently to stimulate collagen synthesis. Within a month daily use lifting serums before applying the habitual cream, and 1 - 2 time a week - masks for increase of elasticity of skin. In salon pay attention to procedures anti-eydzh, directed to restoration of normal work of fibroblast and increase of elasticity of skin. For example, procedure of deep moisturizing Phyto - collagen on the basis of the Italian cosmetics of Phyto Sintesi (Epilsiti salons). In it soluble collagen which restores water balance and elasticity of skin is used.

to return to skin elasticity, there are enough five procedures by frequency of times a week or special procedure for restoration kozhivokrug eyes of Perle de Caviar (Institute of beauty “Tamari Bote“) whom the collagenic mask enters.

can Accelerate collagen synthesis by means of manual massage and hardware methods, for example, radio-frequency influence in combination with endermichesky vacuum massage on the device termo C or the combined influence by radio waves and the laser on the device E - Max. Only surely consult with the cosmetologist - manual and hardware massage has contraindications.

Problem: small wrinkles.

Reason: as a rule, after holiday in tropical countries skin is dehydrated. “From - for a lack of moisture on a face the setochka of small wrinkles appears, - Olga Galenina, the dermatologist of Vichy laboratory tells. - Fortunately, it is reversible process“.

Decision. You need any procedures and house means for intensive moistening of skin. Cosmetologists recommend to complete a course of injections of hyaluronic acid after holiday to all women after 30 - for prevention of dehydration irrespective of a condition of skin. To normalize balance of moisture and to return to skin shine, try the peeling, but only very easy, superficial, for example, almond.“ The molecule of almond acid is more than molecule of glikoliyevy acid therefore gets into skin more slowly, renders the minimum irritant action and does possible application of a peeling in case of thin by sensitive skin“, - Natalya Tarasova, the cosmetologist of Epilsiti salon explains. The majority of saloon procedures for intensive moistening of face skin are very pleasant. For example, leaving for dry and sensitive skin “Rooibos - cocktail“ on cosmetics (OleHenriksen (Inochi salon) stars not for nothing love: a compress with essential oil of tangerine, massage with oils of blackcurrant and apricot stones and creams with natural components - an excellent way to relax.

Problem: pigmentation, freckles.

Reason: alas, you were insufficiently protected from the sun - can be, used means with a low sun-protection factor or forgot to put it repeatedly. As a result pigmentation violations began. If pigmentation not hereditary, you are able to clarify it for few months. However, if the sun forced to be shown hereditary pigmentary spots, house means will not possible to cope - you will need long work with the cosmetologist.

Decision.“ Pigmentation - a pressing problem of many women for which prevention it is necessary to carry out prevention, applying sun-protection means and avoiding active insolation! Process of clarification of pigmentary spots long also demands patience from the client, and also observance of all recommendations of the cosmetologist. In the SkinCeuticals line there is a miracle - a preparation - serum with the high content of the active Phyto+ components which influences melanotsita and melanogenez“, - the cosmetologist Natalya Roshal says.

“In fight against pigmentary spots an important role is played by peeling, - considers That Mammon, the executive director of department of researches and developments of Clinique Laboratories. - Peelings and the bleaching means will help to level complexion quickly. Be not afraid of bleaching - modern means contain enzymes and antioxidants which accelerate peeling and regeneration, and also reduce risk of emergence of pigmentary spots in the future. Begin with daily use of the clarifying serum - within a month and 2 times a week do the clarifying mask. Use cream with SPF not less than 10 in the afternoon - otherwise pigmentation can become more noticeable even under the inactive sun. That tone of skin was uniform, put the clarifying serum in the morning on all face, and in the evening - only on problem sites“.

In salons pigmentation including hereditary, it is possible to clean laser polishing or peelings. We recommend middle peelings, for example, of Mekaspeel on the basis of koyevy acid, Spa - peel on the basis of salicylic acid or a lemon peeling of OleHenriksen. The last is always done by Rene Zelveger and Linda Evangelista for reduction of hyperpegmentation and narrowing of a time three days before important ceremonies.

can get rid Of hereditary pigmentation which amplified under the sun for 3 - 4 procedures by means of the Fraxel laser (The center of regeneration of “Zhenes“). After the laser skin is quickly restored, and you not only cope with hyperpegmentation, but also increase elasticity of skin.


Problem: unevenly suntan descends.

Reason: you protected skin insufficiently or did not use the moistening means after suntan. Decision: houses when you take a shower, use soft to a means otshelushivayupta for a body, and then in moist skin rub the intensive moistening means, for example, body oil. Do not worry - completely suntan will not descend, but unevenness will disappear. When the peeling stops, use the moistening means with effect of suntan, - you receive a shade of which dreamed. For fast effect register in Inochi salon in the Sea Prelude procedure. Thanks to sea components you for a couple of hours will return to holiday, and your skin will be moistened.

Problem: drying, skin itch.

Reason: do not worry, when changing climate it happens often. “Besides body skin not less face skin suffers from dehydration after the sun“, - Olga Galenina explains. At careful leaving it will be possible to cope with a problem.

Decision: to restore balance of moisture. If there are no contraindications, descend in the Russian or Turkish bath - it will help to adapt quicker to change of climatic zones and normalizes a metabolism. If an itch rather strong, you descend in a drugstore and buy means for atopichny skin or body cream with urea extract (for example, Iso - Urea from La Roche - Posay) - he will quickly remove an inflammation and will return to skin smoothness.


Problem: hair became dry and look lifeless.

Reason: from - for the sun and sea salt hair become dry and become thinner.“ Unlike skin in which mechanisms of protection and restoration both from free radicals, and from any other aggression of environment are provided hair are protected only by melanin and a keratin, - Olga Elizaryeva, the stylist of Oblakastudio salon explains. - Their synthesis is carried out deeply in skin, and at aggressive joint influence of sunshine and sea water of these factors of protection it is obviously not enough“.

Decision.“ Make friends with polynonsaturated “irreplaceable“ fatty acids - olive and argon oils are rich with them“, - Svetlana Kovalyova advises. To eliminate dryness of hair, it is necessary to apply them both inside, and outwardly. Outwardly - in the form of masks for hair with argon or palm-oil. If hair are strongly overdried, safely leave oil on hair for the night. Inside - in the form of fish of fat grades, a liver, seafood and olive oil, and, of course, do not forget about special dietary supplements for hair (in them there have to be vitamins A and In, potassium iodide, zinc), for example, “Inneov Density of hair“. In the afternoon instead of mousses for laying and varnishes use the indelible moisturizing creams and sprays for laying.

In salon try programs for an intensive hair reconstruction on the basis of oils and natural components. For example, seven-phase treatment of hair of Lebel in “Oblakastudio“ for moistening and restoration of structure of hair so effectively thanks to orange oil, honey, bamboo extract, a protein of pearls and seaweed. The main components of the restoring AquaOlium program from Kerastase - oils of avocado and jojoba.