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What to present for the Teachers` Day?

around the world celebrate on October 5, 2008 the Teachers` Day. Anyway, this date is close and clear to everyone because each of us has behind shoulders eight - ten - eleven years spent in high school with same as he, pupils, and, of course, representatives of the most important profession in the world - teachers.

you ask

- why this profession the most important? Anyhow? Teachers deal with the thinnest and fragile matter - with children`s souls. And they have no right for a mistake.

We, parents, trust the teacher the most expensive that we have, sincerely hoping that he will not only teach our children, but also to bring up them in our absence. Yes, quite so. Educational and educational processes are indissoluble among themselves. And when we take away the child in kindergarten or school, we as if agree that the tutor and the teacher will replace to our children ourselves. At least for a while.


It is sure, each of us how many to it was years, at least, remembers a name of the first teacher and a name of the favourite teacher of a subject which at school was pleasant most of all. Traditionally for the Teachers` Day it is accepted to give flowers and greeting cards. Children this day with pleasure fill up a table of the class teacher with bouquets of flowers. It is very good if children are prepared for this date in advance and will make a gift to the favourite teacher with own hands. The tools which are available today for creativity allow to create needlework miracles literally. Children under the leadership of one of mothers can make a picture of beads. If each child executes on one beaded flower, the magnificent bouquet which it is possible to arrange on a canvas will turn out and to insert into a frame. It can just be put in a beautiful vase which, by the way, too can be painted with paints. In general, similar ideas - a huge set. The main thing to state ideas and to manage to organize children on joint work. Make it! And the teacher will be very grateful to you.


Probably, to these it is also worth being limited, without forcing children to hand to teachers material gifts. Fortunately, many parents well understand it. Actually not each family is able to afford to present to the teacher even if a small purchased gift. When you or the child defiantly hand to the teacher expensive gift, you thereby put the teacher and schoolmates in an uncomfortable position. Besides not any teacher will agree to accept expensive thing.

we will not tell

here about those teachers who expect expensive gifts and even in advance order to parents (and at times and to the pupils) those things which are necessary to them. Such people discredit the teacher`s profession, and them now, unfortunately, there is a lot of. Moreover, “gifts to teachers“ almost already entered norm. Often in reply it is necessary to hear:“ Well you, but it very good teacher...“ But all - something forces to doubt reliability of similar statements as I am firmly convinced that teachers as representatives of the intellectuals, just have no right to afford similar...

If you very much want to thank the teacher, take the initiative on parental committee, and present a gift to the teacher from all class. And without attracting to it children. Though, from the point of view of pedagogics and under school laws, gifts to teachers have to have purely symbolical character. You give them on behalf of pupils, and they do not earn own money yet.

Another matter if you already graduated from school and long ago you have the income. If the school still is nearby, and you cannot reach it, think: what prevents to gather and come to native Penates this day? How many memoirs and emotions expect you! You will meet teachers, own youth. Agree with schoolmates, in advance warn the teacher about the arrival. Remember that presently schools have own protection, and without preliminary coordination can just not let you.

By the way, good idea for a gift to the teacher from group of the former pupils. To collect by small collective enough means to present to the teacher something essential that, taking into account quite low payment of his work by the state, will become for it pleasant doubly. Pick up something from household appliances, having found out previously what your teacher most of all needs. For example, it can be the liquid crystal monitor: eyes are tired of old monitors, and for the teacher it is very important to keep good sight. The audio system which will allow to have a rest in music sounds after intense day of work will become an excellent gift.

you cannot give to

such expensive gifts? It does not matter! Present a set of tableware or beautiful tea service. It is not so expensive, does not contain any hints and is almost always pertinent.


the Teacher - the philologist or the historian will be glad to brand new volumes of the encyclopedia, a gift copy of the book on art and other materials with which with pleasure will fill up the library. Books always were and remain the best gift. And to whom, how not to you the nobility what of books will be pleasant to your teacher most of all? Almost each teacher has an own home library. And emergence in it new and “very necessary copy“, will give it true joy. But what gift you would not present, surely try to accompany it with a bouquet of flowers and a card.

By the way, it is worth to remember that the Teachers` Day is celebrated by all educators. it is not obligatory for p to give to

expensive gifts At all. If there is an opportunity to learn phone - call and congratulate in an oral form. And if you live in other city, it is possible just to send a card to the address of school. In spite of the fact that traditional letters send more and more seldom, can be sure - post offices work regularly, and your letter with a congratulation will find the addressee!

Svetlana Prokhorova