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We do everything together, then to do everything more cheerful than

Having read the name of a competition of stories “Together More Cheerfully“, I understood that I surely have to take part in it. So there is a wish to share the experience with others, suddenly will help. I have two daughters. Alina is 3 years old, Alyona is 18 years old. And the motto was the motto of my education just also: “We do everything together, then to do everything more cheerful“. Every minute has to be in pleasure, and every minute spent with the child is already happiness.

the Program of affairs per day I think over

in advance. And with Alina it is discussed before going to bed that we will do tomorrow. For example, to make a lunch. Surely I include a dish which we prepare together. Cutlets - work on the combine is available to the child in three years. Also I add still the word:“ We will wind onions for cutlets that juicy there were they. We will add to them today bread that soft there were they“. Sometimes these verses change a little, sometimes we will eat them. Then surely we repeat after food - we do not forget to tell how we prepared this or that dish. In - the first, my assistant grows. In - the second, it and for development of the child well. She not only does, but right there speaks as as it does. Also learns to answer questions.

A cleaning! Here too precisely - is “together more cheerful“. Alina and I tide up always together. Here we have the whole performance. We play game - we rescue the dwelling of the princess. We rescue every time by means of new heroes - it is a rag - a lifesaver, it is the Dragon - vysosy, this is Shvaber - the strongest and so on. And every time we by means of these wonderful and magic heroes quickly bring order. And Alina is excited, and I too. But not only to teach to prepare and teach her I try to clean. We with Alina also learn to create works of art, we learn to glue, mold, draw. Our works speak for themselves. At us even houses an exhibition of the Alininy works issued in frames. As soon as there is a good work, we change one work in a frame for another. That is the exhibition is constantly updated. It was more interesting to draw a sponge piece. Filling of a leaf happens quicker. And when we glue or we draw, surely we pronounce verses. Very often right there I think out them. For example:

“The sun on the sky walked,
I ran over a cloudlet.
the Rain began again.
We will not be able to take a walk“.

the Most favourite holidays at all our family are birthdays of our beloved daughters. Surely we do newspapers. Yes so that every year they did not repeat. We do the newspaper for younger together with senior. We do the newspaper for senior with younger. This year for three years Aline the newspaper was drawn with her most favourite animated heroes - the Luntik and Kuzey.

Everything difficult happens to do if there is no mood. And the main thing what I remember always, is that we give birth to children not for ourselves and to give life to the new person. Therefore since the earliest childhood it is necessary to listen to the child and to understand what at present he wants to make. And my task as mothers is in that as little as possible tears were in the face of my girls. To live them it was joyful and good. That they knew that parents love them and that they are individual and that everything is available to them. Happiness to all children and health.