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As my Nikulya was born of

I Became pregnant on August 1, in the fourth anniversary of our wedding. It was supposed to give birth approximately on April 20. I chose to myself the doctor at once (about it wrote in the diary “Whether to Pay for Childbirth?“ ), also began! As a Rhesus factor - a factor at me negative, I am forbidden to go longer than 40 weeks about what the Sergey Ivanovich (SI) reported to me at once. For all pregnancy was in hospital three times. And very much was afraid that I was so fixed dyufastony and ginipraly that to me not to give rise!

April here began

I, waited for appearance of the baby every day, even training fights were. And very strong (as then it appeared, all this there was a real nonsense in comparison with reality). 19 - On April 20 there were days off, we collected a bed for Nikuli, walked much. At this time at me shot at crotches and a stomach so that, passing by maternity hospital, I suggested the husband to come there, and suddenly we were lucky also it already it? But it, of course, was for fun. On Sunday the SI called, told about the state, he told that I will precisely give rise at night and if I do not give rise, tomorrow by 14:00 it is necessary to come to maternity hospital, there we will look that with me to do. Probably, for fear everything sharply passed. As well as not the pregnant woman...

Night fell down surprisingly perfectly. I wake up and understand: did not give rise and do not gather! Guilty business, thought, and can well it, this maternity hospital, I will sit - I very quietly at home, can do all as - nibud? But the common sense won against fear. Collected the things, shaved, tried to eat, but for nervousness the lump in a throat stood and even my favourite cakes had taste of cotton wool. And as I all pregnancy drove the car, decided to go to childbirth itself, well not to walk? Came, itself shakes all. Let`s omit all formalities with registration of papers. And here I on a chair, began to podkolachivat even more, and the SI so smiles as though we kept the appointment. But it was only until until it began survey. I began to talk some nonsense, but warned him that when strongly I am nervous, I stir much and generally not on business. When saw his face, I understood: kayuk to me came. But I told that I from this chair will go or to give birth, or home, any pathology! It turned out that a bubble flat, the daughter closed the golovushka an entrance and to pierce a bubble if necessary it will be problematic. Gave me all the known disposable shirt and took away in chamber. Even not in patrimonial, and to some room where there was an armor-clad bed and almost collapsed bedside table. And the annoying that I lay on the first floor where already all given rise ladies with little ones live. In a toilet it was necessary to go to them to chamber. And every time to behold kids, from it there was a wish to give rise even quicker, but it was not believed that sometime and I will be on their place.

of Fights was not, pulled a stomach a little, and there were some reddish allocations. Connected KTG, fights went, with the baby everything was good. Began to go on chamber, to walk up and down fights, in parallel read the printed-out stories about childbirth. As soon as there was a thought “and these are fights? So then I will go to give birth to at least five“, at once remembered how the majority in the beginning too so thought, and then... In two hours there was a survey on a chair again, I incidentally turned not there and got in patrimonial, and the girl under a blanket and the little one nearby there lies... Oh, as I wanted to give rise... Also I envied it white envy!

of Times process went slowly, decided “to poshorudit“ SI at me inside properly! Also “nashorudit“ to me so that the stopper departed, and here I began to remember all relatives from the creation of the world... We wanted to give birth together with the husband, made all tests. Waited until it stops working and will come to me. But fight time, how is the weather in the Urals, were changeable, decided it not to pull yet. He called and wrote SMS. Time went by the evening. At 20:30 again on a chair, but already on the second floor, near the main patrimonial. And here finally reached me: it will not resolve any more, it is necessary to give birth...

of SI called the midwife, gave it a mirror, and itself took such scissors, mother expensive... Also speaks: “You relax!“ Aha, of course, I arrived to the resort! Rasslabukh full. Well, also pierced which - as my bubble. Waters, speaks, green - it is bad... Waters left normally - it is good. When got down from this chair, still sprinkled it waters. Apologized. He smiled. Went to an enema. I was afraid of it most of all, it turned out that nothing terrible, they have disposable enemas now, all is sterile. The nurse is such sincere, says how there will be a fight, you speak to me, I will cease to pour. I did not think that literally in three minutes character and force of fights so strongly can change! After a bubble puncture I was ready to grow stout a kg more on 15, but if only all this came to an end! They went in 1,5 minutes for 30 - 40 seconds. Let`s lower that was after an enema... Hardly crawled to patrimonial, tried to go, but forces were not, laid down on the left side and breathed as a doggie.

was Called by the husband, asked: “Well, when to come?“ And I understood that it will be easier for me than one. In 30 minutes it came to take away the car to maternity hospital, I to it waved in a window as soon as fight began, I slipped under a window sill, peredykhivat it and again to a window. Approximately from 23 o`clock I could not talk any more, and mother with the husband wrote me the encouraging SMS. At half past twelve in the night SI suggested to descend in a bathtub. I - that, the little fool, read stories about childbirth that it seems the bathtub helps to kill pain. But in vain I hoped for it... Only it became worse, also the back began to hurt. I could not leave hour a bathtub, only I will raise a leg from there to creep out, and fight as will strike on a back and a stomach... It turned out that fights went quicker, and disclosure, respectively, too. Hardly dotopat to patrimonial and fell to a couch. Offered anesthesia in the form of a mask, I, having thought exactly before the following fight, agreed. And at the same time put a dropper with stimulation. The benefit there was a catheter, and that I a needle would ruin to myself all vein, so I turned from pain. And only also told SI: “Breathe, breathe, breathe“. Began to stir up, I began to clean a mask, and he swears supposedly in volume and sense... “In what? - through fog it was thought to me. - In that me pulled out?“ Time was 3 o`clock in the morning... Looked with SI at me, disclosure of 6 - 7 cm. Horror! I know that approximately on 1 cm in hour. The brain considered that by 6 in the morning has to give rise. The doctor left, and me soon so began to grieve that it seemed to me that all backbone will fall out through a bottom now. And to shout it by name - to a middle name of forces was not. I just let`s shout on fight (at the same time thought that it is necessary for childbirth though few times to shout). Anybody! Again fight, I again: “Aaaa!“ Tishina “. Well, now all of you will come running!“ And as I will shout! The SI so slowly comes and speaks: “What it?“ I say what supposedly grieves me. He looked and told that it is impossible to make an effort, rather early still. And again put me sideways. And how here not to make an effort if it behaves as wants? Grieves terribly, from this mask I became as in waste. A half I think, a half - I pretend that I think. I look, the midwife began some gestures, the lamp for small was included, neonatolog came, the nurse came running. Well, I think, I will become mother soon! Turned my bed into a chair and allowed to make an effort!

I here I for the first time understood what is fight without pain because making an effort on it, pain passes! From the first five times nothing turned out. The midwife already leaned the elbows on a couch, the SI listens constantly to the daughter`s heart, the nurse in general looks around as though we stand in a queue for sausage. And it became suddenly so offensive for me, I think: “Here I toil here, I toil, make an effort, make an effort, and I pound any!“ And as became angry on herself, on the following attempt all strained to that place where it is necessary, all of them did not expect it and as let`s fuss, the head went! Uf... There were in a crotch terrible gripes, it, it appears, my girl showed to the world the fine lines! On the following attempt she was also born! And suddenly I understand that she does not shout, and the midwife speaks: “Oh, anything to...“ And I see that the daughter all gray and with an umbilical cord around a neck! They untangled it quickly and let`s liquid pump out from lungs. I hear, everything squelches there, and suddenly it began to peep! Thank God! And on courses said that when give rise, you do not relax, and mass a point near by that a placenta all separated. Well, I also let`s bash out, and the SI watches at me as it on the little fool, and asks: “You what do?“ I explained, it let`s laugh and speaks, showing on a dropper: “Here your office of a placenta!“ And suddenly orders: “Tuzhsya!“ There was a placenta. Thanks to SI I was not cut, and made only a small internal seam.

we Were born

at 4:15 in the morning on April 22, 2580 gr., 50 cm. My princess processed, carried away under a lamp, to me put ice on a stomach, covered with a blanket. I let`s it take a picture and to call the husband and mother. And suddenly I felt such hero as though I opened a new element of the Table of Mendeleyev, won gold at the Olympic Games and conquered Mount Elbrus! Yes, to give birth painfully, very painfully, but when on Earth there is a little man who loves you, just because you are a mother, it can be worried once again!

P. S. All childbirth at me terribly shivered legs, cramped jaws, then I remembered that the mouth and a neck of a uterus are as if interconnected, and it is necessary as it is possible to weaken an oral zone better. Then disclosure will go quicker and less painfully. So when you give birth, try to relax all person! And in general told SI that at ladies - hysteric women it often happens in labor. I wish all easy childbirth, and during the difficult periods think of the kid and you remember that to him it is even more terrible. And only you, his mother, for it support and the closest being!