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Leonardo`s children of

“I am able to play a lute, it is the best of all to do planes and to draw...“ These words attribute to the tireless scientist - the experimenter and the ingenious artist who is Renaissance symbol, - Leonardo da Vinci. I think that tens of boys and little girls visiting the Children`s creative center www. leonardo. org. ru called by his name can tell almost the same.

Ya brought children into the Children`s creative center “Leonardo“ not incidentally. To the senior, Lesh, it was necessary “to tighten“ knowledge of physics and chemistry, and Sasha, younger, to be prepared for school. What we saw in the Center surpassed our expectations. The senior appeared before the difficult choice - what to give preference to? Eight workshops for school students represent a unique set of the most various directions of modern professions. Here it is possible to learn to work with the real microscopes and telescopes, to make physical and chemical experiments, to try the hand in a bench modelizm and to create the model of the plane or ship, to learn to shoot movies and to do the real masterpieces of the photo.

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to classes in small group where he began to prepare for school - to effortlessly master the letter, reading and the account, to communicate with peers and adults.

Frankly speaking, I regretted that I did not bring sons here earlier. Especially Sasha. In “Leonardo“ children since 1 are engaged. For such kids and their parents classes in which program - training in games which are so important for the child, a complex of physical exercises and many other things are given. But the most important - on these occupations parents and children receive skills of cooperation and joint creativity. It is so exciting - to master a molding, drawing, working methods with color paper together with the kid who only opens for himself the bright world!

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For children the occupations aimed at the development emotionally - the strong-willed sphere, increase of self-confidence, in the forces are provided. Children of 3 - 4 years in a game form already learn to read, they form mathematical representations, there is a fixing of concepts about quantity and figure, kids solve mathematical problems and inequalities, get acquainted with the world of the nature, develop small motility of hands. During occupations there is a continuous change of kinds of activity - children do not manage to be tired. It is boring for nobody! When carrying out occupations various most modern techniques are used.

the fact that in the Leonardo Center the huge attention is paid to psychological health of children is very important For me. There is a psychological maintenance of training in any age groups. The child can handle the problem to the psychologist who is open towards to children and will help to solve any difficulties which arose at school, at home or the Center.

I it is still very healthy that it is not obligatory for children to say goodbye to the Center for the summer - on vacation the project - the LeoCamp www satellite. leocamp. ru will organize interesting entertainment and educational programs in Europe and Moscow area. Carrying on traditions of summer children`s camps, organizers offered school students instead of ideology at most of creativity and self-realization, an opportunity cheerfully and to spend non-study time with advantage.

This project exists the fourth year, and during this time boys and little girls managed to visit France, Germany, Italy and Turkey, to travel over Moscow area, to visit Adler. Programs are developed and the children`s psychologists and young teachers who are carried away by the business will see off. The child gets to the fascinating atmosphere of game in which he not only communicates with peers, but also develops the abilities, acquires the knowledge and skills necessary in life. One of the main advantages of camp is a house atmosphere of trust in which the child opens the talents quicker. Camp small - only 20 - 25 people. It allows to pay attention to each child who will be able to try different professions, such as the businessman, the photographer, the journalist, the psychologist, the director, the actor, web - the designer. It will help it to take the correct step further when it rises before the choice of a course of life. Now children look forward to start of the new project - autumn “change“ will be very interesting.

What gave to my boys the Center? They somehow became more adult at once, more independently, they had that new view on the world which always distinguishes the creative person. Seemingly, understood Lesh, than he wants to be engaged when he becomes an adult. He excitedly visits several workshops of the Center. Sasha passed to other step - became the first grader, but continues to look forward to each occupation in “Leonardo“.

Of course, also other centers are, but we with pleasure go exactly here. The convenient arrangement, the house atmosphere, the young teachers who are carried away by the favourite business, calling children for themselves to the fascinating world of creativity - all this defined our choice. And it is great that I can tell: “My remarkable talented children are children of “Leonardo“.