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Porridge - a malasha of

Porridge - very nourishing dish which is prepared from the most different grain. They contain complex carbohydrates like starch which possess a huge power reserve. Porridges are digested rather long, all this time resupplying organism forces. Besides, with grain we receive the whole set of mineral substances, vitamins, vegetable proteins, carbohydrates.

About advantage

the Greatest nutritional value buckwheat has , it is rich with well acquired vegetable proteins, fats, starch, vitamins of group B and RR vitamin, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and especially iron. Shredded buckwheat (passed) it is acquired better than unground buckwheat, but on the content of the main feedstuffs concedes to it.

on a nutrition value grain which are produced from oats are on the second place: grits (whole and shredded), Oat-flakes oat flakes and oat flour. These products are rich with the vegetable protein containing many irreplaceable amino acids, fat (the highest content in comparison with other grain), mineral substances (potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, iron, copper, manganese, zinc). Besides, it contains very many vitamins of group B and vitamin E. Flakes “Oat-flakes“ and oat flour process in a special way (they are steamed, dry up, crush) therefore they are acquired much better, than grain from the whole grains, so, suit kids more.

Almost all grain contains a lot of phosphorus, but is poor to necessary kids in calcium therefore it is better to cook children`s porridges on milk if the child well transfers it.
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Of wheat semolina , it contains not enough cellulose, is rich with vegetable protein and starch and is very well acquired. However, the content of vitamins and mineral substances in it is much lower, than in buckwheat and oat.

Rice - the richest with croup starch, but in it few vegetable proteins, and it is rather poor in mineral substances and vitamins. From - for low contents of cellulose rice is easily digested and acquired therefore it can be given to kids who have problems with digestion.

Millet is produced by

from millet. On the nutritious properties it concedes to other grain because difficult is digested. However in millet there is more phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and especially iron, than in semolina and rice grain.

Pearl-barley and barley grits is done of barley. They are rather rich with potassium, phosphorus, iron. However they contain a lot of cellulose, they difficult are digested, and it is better for kids not to give them.

Corn grits is rich with starch, in it there is not enough phosphorus, calcium, but there is enough iron and RR vitamin. This grain needs to be cooked long, and in well razvarenny look it will be acquired easily.

Useful additives and ready-made products

to increase the biological value of porridge, add to it fruit, vegetables and berries. The matter is that some grain, especially those that are prepared from wheat (for example, semolina, wheat) contain phytin acid which breaks digestion of calcium. Therefore, having added to porridge vegetables, fruit, berries, you eliminate this defect.

also special ready dry porridges for kids Exist. These products are prepared from environmentally friendly raw materials and enriched with vitamins, mineral substances, including iron. Besides, the children`s porridges demanding heat treatment are issued (boiling or cookings). They are less convenient, but do not concede “instantny“ (not demanding boiling) on nutrition and biological value.

the First porridge

It appears in a diet of kids still before it executes year, in 2 - 3 weeks after introduction of the first feeding up (vegetable puree). For a start offer the child porridge from the grain which is not containing special substance - gluten (rice, buckwheat or corn). The matter is that it can cause disorder of digestion in kids.

Unfortunately, not all kids love porridges, many just refuse to eat them. If your child treats their number, do not insist, try to outwit him: change appearance of a dish or pick up replacement (for example, soluble cookies which are created on the basis of grain).

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As for children, cook for them vegetable and fruit porridges, for example rice or millet with pumpkin, porridge with apples, fruktovo - rice pilaf. It is very useful to do various grain casseroles with cottage cheese, fruit (fresh and dry) or and vegetables.