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Verses about boys of

History in verses on how Egorka went to kindergarten.


Parents very much offend me! They very early me lift
Give a brush and soap,
in hands That pure their sun went.
Want that I put on quicker,
hurry All the time: “It is rather! It is rather!“
Is ready! Put on, washed - and here
By a hand mother in a garden conducts me. I do not want
A! I do not want there!
There very tasteless will be food!
Give an omelet, both cottage cheese, and compote there. mother`s pie there nobody gives
I the Pasha will offend me there! He will not give the tower to break
Cannot be indulged there, to rustle and rush!
I in a pool nobody allows to tinker! I rest
I and loudly I shout
that I do not want to go to a garden.
I becomes angry mother, mother swears.
She says that I am very stubborn! She tells
, it is time for it for work. it has
I and put, and cares.
That I have to by all means go to a garden! Well I can object
to it?
to shout Only: “I will not go to a garden!“
But by a hand drag me to an entrance.
We in group. Cheesecakes on a locker - a door,
I mother hurries to undress rather.
I Will undress, and it is necessary to leave mother.
Ya I will sit! I do not want to undress!
But who in a locker room leaves to me?
my friend. He shouts: “You came!
we Will go, we will jump with you on a horse!“
Flies my jacket on a floor!
Took off a cap, boots, I put on sandals.
I, mother having waved at parting a hand, -
Who in a garden did not want? I do not know it! -
Ya in group to children rushed off an arrow!



Ya - shilopop! I have honor!
A is know -
Kohl in your bottom a pricker is, you drive the whole day

Sofas, chairs and tables -
my airfields.
Of course, is still floors,
They are so familiar to me.

the Magnet pulls a floor me,
But I do not despond,
Fell, rose and again I drive
On rooms! let mine be scratched by

I a nose,
On a forehead the big cone,
to me all is equal!
On that I and the boy!