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There is a wish to be the wizard of

to the Son ten years were executed. It is a lot of or a little? It seems to me, it is the best age for parents. The child still small, but already knows quite a lot. The child not so quickly is tired, a lot of things keep in mind.


to become the wizard, needs very little. Know that your child above all loves. As for the son, we very much early understood that the technician grows. He from the cradle has passion to any hank of a wire, a nut, old phone, the car. Process of a nazhimaniye of buttons bewitches. He asked the computer in three years, without having of it any idea yet. It would seem, we have many any museums... Yes, in St. Petersburg there is both a museum of astronautics, and the railway museums, and the museum of communication, and the museum of water. But there only - there are only exhibits which the child can take in hands, twist and learn that there inside! Therefore we went absolutely nearby, to Finland where about Helsinki is children`s scientifically - entertainment center of Heureca, or, in translation into Russian, “Eureka“.

Now from St. Petersburg to Finland does not go only lazy especially as it is possible to reach not only by bus or the car, but also by train. Process of obtaining visas is known to all, tickets are bought directly in cash desk. To Tikkurila station from Helsinki to go absolutely not for long. It is not necessary to stand in a queue for the ticket for an electric train, but it is necessary to take a small talonchik with number and to wait, on a board your number will not light up yet. In an electric train it is difficult to pass the station since on a board the following station lights up. Therefore the independent tourist to be convenient and comfortable.

the Summer this year was generous on rains, and at the necessary station under a drizzle we appeared in proud loneliness. But English since the Russian lady was the first passerby was not even necessary for us. Scaring away squirrels, breaking the Finnish sleepy silence, minutes for five we reached the center located in the big nice building. Indexes were too so, probably, and by car it is possible to orient.

What there was? What there was only not... In four hours I already almost gave up, and the son was full of energy and pulled me:“ Well, still there …“ The Girl - the assistant in good English helped to cope with the most different exhibits. There was also an assistant with Russian. Many exhibits have ecological or informative value. On one computer it was necessary to answer the simplest questions, and the computer defined your “uniqueness“. Another showed consumption levels in the different countries. The third - showed process of aging in a minute! To sweep by bicycle at the height of four meters and not to take an interest why it does not fall from a cable, it is impossible. In children`s department the son stuck to castors which turned, but not everything, and mastered mechanical transfer. He changed wheels at the car, virtually “rode“ the racing car during a storm and snow. The ball flew in a stream of air there, puzzles brought into the deadlock. The sea department was good in own way. Difficulties of virtual rescue of people caused delight. The electrooperated boats - not smaller. The internal device of the ship, the underwater world, the boat on the land - all for adults, especially fathers, and children. Everything can be touched, pulled and twisted. Wide choice. And we did not reach chemical laboratory and planetarium yet. Thank God, in planetarium we were at home.

After a dense lunch with “buffet“ we still took a walk on the street where it was possible to drive on an elastic cable, to run about on a water-mill. On bigger we were not enough any more. Finns come families, with the least and grown-up children there.

For three from Helsinki tickets for an electric train for 11 euros, an entrance about 40 euros, a lunch at the rate of 10 euros for the person - the pleasure was worth it.

What thing you would not present

to the child on Birthday, it will be replaced another sooner or later. And the pleasure and opening, knowledge new are and there is our small miracle. The son remembers a trip, and that printer which was presented, already burned down.