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The star coast in the Crimea of

Absolutely unexpectedly the offer to have a rest free of charge on the Star coast near the settlement of Kacha fell down us. We are I and my ward 14 - the summer girl Alina. Such permits were issued by Department of family and youth policy to large and needy families. And here from rainy and cold Moscow we get to the Crimea where a heat of 35 degrees …

Arrived us such “unfortunate“ more than 100 people. Here both izderganny nervous lonely mothers, and trustees. But the biggest impression was made by a large family from Severo - East district. The father and pregnant mother brought 10 children from one and a half to 17 years, and two more full age stayed at home. If allocated us small rooms with all conveniences, then lodged them in a cottage. It was amusing to observe how the father, behind him pride mother ahead strides and as gooses around them - blond and very nice children. Neither whims, nor hnykanye or hysterics in this family were observed.

Daily two times bathings were replaced by regime thrice reception of unattractive food. Nearly an every night listened to “bukhanye“ of a youth disco. Camp - that international youth. Here about one and a half thousand students had fun. We saw how a competition of beauties “A pearl of the Black Sea“ was held. The girl from Ukraine won. Listened to live singing of participants of the competition “Songs of the Sea“. Leaders of a competition promised that they will wash away “A new wave“ and will extinguish “Five stars“. There were representatives of Lithuania, Israel, Georgia, Armenia, Russia, Ukraine. Perfectly the guy from Georgia sang. In the first day it was “Jamaica“, and in the second - Soso Pavliashvili`s song “Freedom“. It left in a t-shirt on which the sign “Feet“ was represented, at the end of a song it broke off it on a breast. And, if in the first day all judges delivered it 10 points, then in the second day there was very wide spacing from 7 to 10 points. The chairman of jury explained that they have not a festival of the political song. It has a fine voice, but it was not given any award. But the most interesting that I, the grandmother with an experience, watched also that, and other action to the announcement of results, and Alina left in half an hour after the beginning of action.

Grudges that I cannot post the photo of Sevastopol, Chersonese, Bakhchisarai. It turned out that my girl took out houses from the camera the USB stick, and there is no place left there. I advise those who are going to have a rest near Sevastopol, to get on excursion to Chersonese and there to look at some performance of the Russian theater of Lunacharsky in Ancient Greek theater. We looked “Tsar Oedipus“ - tremendous action. And also to get to the Vladimir temple on the place of the Christianization of Kievan Rus`. The hansky palace in Bakhchisarai is well restored, there it is possible and to glance in a harem, and the fountain sung by Pushkin got down to see and to eat cheap the real Tatar pelmeshk (did not remember their true name), which in number of 19 pieces are located in a spoon. You do not trust? Visit there and check!