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The pure relations in family life of

the Idea for this article appeared after reading of a ridiculous question from a female forum. Certain Bagira_88 from Chelyabinsk bitterly complained about the inaccurate spouse. The girl asked readers as to her to accustom the darling to intimate hygiene. How many “kind“ councils our lovely women gave it! And to thrust dirty, I`m sorry, pieces of linen into its portfolio (will come to work, will open a briefcase...) and to hang out on the apartment of a note in the spirit of “wash legs before going to bed“. Especially intolerant ladies recommended a surgical way at once - divorce. Girls! It is necessary to be more creative. Here I acted this way...

We with the husband see many things absolutely equally. Double standards are unpleasant to us, we consider that the TV is a modern box of Pandora, we prefer black color in clothes and minimalism in an interior. At the same time we are very different people. I love an art - fate and Kharms. He adores a classical guitar and Van Gogh. I am a pure visual learner, he audiat. When I received the second the highest, it opened own company. For it on the first place sex, for me - spiritual searches.

But all this such trifles in comparison with our main distinction... At all the numerous pluses my husband is so busy and keen on creation of the business that sometimes... Sometimes can just forget to descend in a shower. Plus stresses which in inverse proportion influence its potentiality. And I am mad about purity, a shower in the morning and in the evening - for me an indispensable condition of life. I use only the best, for example, at me several face creams (not those which advertize on the TV). I have three means for legs: srub, mask and deodorant. For intimate hygiene I use the best that is now - soap and the clearing napkins of “Saugell“. And any stresses...


Ya it is convinced, in couple on everyone double responsibility lies in the sphere of the family relations, intimate life and personal hygiene. Spouses divide everything together. Including bed. The microflora of intimate places of the wife depends on purity of genitals of the husband. But how to explain him it and not to offend? I found an excellent way! Somehow in the evening, gently embracing darling, I whispered to him on an ear:“ Darling, you represent, I read the instruction to the soap here and learned it... It appears, daily use of means for intimate leaving of “Saugell“ raises a sexual inclination. And a man`s series raises a potentiality. It is proved!“. The husband (calculation was right!) immediately asked to try. And I told that I have only a female series. And she already acts...

the Subsequent events convinced my spouse better than any instructions. Next day in the house soap for men of “Saugell“ appeared. Sex became twice more often. Yes. I will open a small secret: Saugella soap has to a potentiality and an inclination no slightest relation. But my husband regularly goes now to a shower. Well and in a bed whether you know, the relations played new paints.

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