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As I became for the third time mother of

all this when my average son was nearly 2 years old Began. I so strongly wanted the third that dreamed at night that gave rise... But at first the husband not strongly burned with desire, and then when began to plan, long time was impossible nothing. At me after the second childbirth the cycle was not restored. But often began to seem that already all turned out, I spent so many tests that it was possible to become the millionaire if to save on it. Eventually I asked our family doctor (then we still lived in England) to send me for consultation in hospital to the gynecologist. At last consultation took place, the doctor to me appointed ultrasonography, and on ultrasonography the cyst on a neck of a uterus (diameter of 3 cm) came to light at me. The doctor to me appointed treatment, i.e. stimulation of an ovulation then to try to become pregnant. I spent on drink medicine in September, 2004, and we began to try with the husband. In one fine evening I suddenly during proximity with the husband had a feeling that at us everything turned out. Then again all signs of pregnancy: nausea, drowsiness, desire of a certain food, etc., but tests persistently showed one stripe. I began to go quietly crazy... Then in December, 2004 deportation attempt (it is the separate story) followed, it was a big stress for an organism. But even there I hoped that the miracle occurred, and mentally talked to the kid. Then I began to recover suddenly, feelings of stir began to appear, the hope began to grow... In April, 2005 we were deported nevertheless to Russia. Here I made ultrasonography and was surprised very much when I was told that there is no pregnancy. Was upset very much, but gradually understood that everything that does not become - to the best, so to us yet not time to have the third child.

Further time departed imperceptibly, there was no time to reflect, I want or I do not want to become pregnant and give rise. Almost right after our arrival mother of the husband was hospitalized, at her revealed diabetes. It was necessary to be equipped on the new place, to look for work, to arrange children in a garden, than we with the husband also were engaged. Soon children went to a garden, I to work there, the husband found work too. So time departed even more imperceptibly since I worked from 7 in the morning to 6 in the evening, home came tired very much, often I already was not even hungry. The husband worked at night... In my group with the nurse the girl the pregnant woman worked, we with it made friends, I told that I want the third child, and it began in every possible way to try “to infect“ me. Will give some tea to me in the mug, suddenly will ask day off, and I should work for the nurse and the tutor and to put on her apron, etc. The cycle at me was adjusted by then, and here suddenly a delay... I began to dream quietly, but then again there came “red day of a calendar“... In August I left a garden, began to be engaged in a household and to look for work. I could find work only in a garden, and there did not pull me any more. Then I understood that I found myself in children and the husband, i.e. it is much easier for me when I stay at home at home and I can leave children and the husband every day quietly to meet from work and to see off for work. Generally, so I became a housewife and I am not sorry about it.

In September I on a visit had a girlfriend with the 5th monthly little son, then I with children was at it on a visit. We with the husband began to think of adoption of the kid, I went to the Internet to look for information on this question. Then went to Kislovodsk to the father Germogen, he blessed us on adoption.


to me dreams on October 2 a dream that I come into the empty house, and there, on a wooden floor, the naked kid lies and cries, I take it on hands, I press to a breast, and he calms down. Here I find out that I have a delay, but in several days “red day of a calendar“ nevertheless came. We with the husband did not lose hope and continued attempts. In November the situation with a delay repeats, I begin to consider days and to hope... Day passes behind day, I continue to hope... Besides begins to feel sick sometimes, breasts become very sensitive and there is a feeling that on them lit a fire. Very much wanted to make the test and to present to the husband by anniversary of our wedding (26. 11), but it did not turn out since I left everything the last day, thought, I will go marketing behind products and I will buy the test in a drugstore. But in the night of 25 on 26 at the mother-in-law pressure rose, and in the morning the husband should have gone to work, and with the mother-in-law to remain not to whom was therefore products were bought in the nearest shop, and a drugstore at us is far from the house therefore I did not buy the test. But the 27th husband bought me the test, probably, bothered to watch how I suffer all in doubts. 28 morning I got up a bit earlier, made the test and began to wait, what will be farther. As I was glad when I on the test found 2 strips. When the husband got up, I presented him a present - the packed test with 2 strips. But again doubts, and suddenly it not though nausea began to develop steadily in the mornings continued to torment, breasts were all in the same time... Then at me strange desires began to appear: once herring in a dream dreamed and in the morning I found a wet pillow; then constantly there was a wish for some meat more though earlier I quietly did without it, especially in days of a post; at one time could not eat anything except tomatoes, a tomato and boiled potato.

Here in December the mother-in-law goes to hospital (planned hospitalization), cares increased. And before it I managed to make the second test, and it showed 2 strips too. Generally, so I began to hope secretly, but nevertheless sometimes doubts sliped. In January, after holidays, I went to the doctor. She looked at me and told that the uterus is increased, but she is not sure of my pregnancy, appointed me to ultrasonography. And again it was necessary to wait since money I with myself took a little. On Monday went for ultrasonography. The doctor very long drove the sensor on a stomach, asking silly questions: Whether “The uterus was increased before pregnancy?“ It is natural, no... And after 15 minutes of survey the doctor at last tells me joyful news:“ Pregnancy of 12 - 13 weeks, in a uterus - 1 live fruit, but exists threat of an abortion and bones of a nose are not clearly visible“. The last words not much me upset, but I remembered that the same ultrasonographer to me in the first pregnancy in general did not see a heart at the child and too put threat. I right there went to the doctor, she to me appointed a heap of drugs for preservation, suggested to go to hospital, but I refused. 2 weeks tried to lift less weights, partially chucked in homework though the mother-in-law was ill, the husband constantly was at work, and on me all house and children did not go to a garden in the winter since it was very cold. In 2 weeks went for ultrasonography to other expert. That attentively looked at everything, stated pregnancy of 14 - 15 weeks, bones of a nose and all bodies as it should be. Now I could tell precisely that I am happy for 100%, though before made the decision - to give birth, by all means, with the husband but it was all the same terrible.

after that weeks ran in happy expectation. In 16 weeks I finally was registered in a maternity welfare unit, passed all doctors and made tests. Began to visit regularly the doctor and to hope for the best. In March made tests on haemo lysines since we with the husband on a blood type can have a conflict. Results pleased me, and my doctor tried to appoint to me drugs for preservation, but I did not drink them since I consulted with Olga Nikolaevna, she told that analyses are normal. In 25 weeks made ultrasonography, we were pleased, told that the boy will be. The pleasure of my husband was not borders though he also said that to it all the same who will be born.

This pregnancy proceeds very easily: pressure is normal, there are no hypostases, even weight of the growing stomach is not felt though already at full 34 weeks (on June 11, 2006), we will look, what will be farther.

on June 20 - training fights, each 5 minutes began, lasted even 2 hours, but to be born to us so far early.

on June 28 - the doctor in ZhK noted that the uterus became lower, i.e. the kid fell to pelvic bones and I began to feel that the head already below. Still she told that it has a feeling that I will give rise soon, and advised to descend once again in maternity hospital and to agree finally with the doctor on childbirth.

on July 3 - I all - reached maternity hospital, talked to Olga Nikolaevna. She looked at me on a chair and told that the neck was already softened, opening of 2 cm, but the head yet not absolutely fell, but at it the impression was made too that I will give rise soon. 37 weeks full, not terribly, it is possible to give birth at any time. Told that if I do not give rise to 10, then to come from morning to KTG. Training fights continue...

on July 6 - became on slightly - to depart slightly a stopper. There were strong contractions in the afternoon, thought already that we will go to give birth soon, but the son changed the mind.

on July 7 - in the afternoon, by the evening the back and a bottom of a stomach - as before monthly began to hurt strongly. Hardly fell asleep, but till the morning everything passed.

on July 8 - in the morning strongly wanted to sleep, lay down, the stomach began to hurt, then passed. The husband from the market brought products, it is necessary to make a lunch. Until prepared, the stomach bottom, each 10 minutes of fight, very painful began to hurt again, inexplicable nausea developed. Went to bed, overslept 2 hours, cheerful woke up. Already nothing hurts, I only run in a toilet each 10 - 15 minutes.

on July 9 - at night slept very badly therefore till 11 in the morning overslept, rose, has breakfast, nothing hurts. And here in the evening again training fights began, but quickly enough ended. The son strange behaves, tries to stretch me from within, probably, to him becomes close there.

on July 10 - night passed quietly, fell down so with pleasure, more than ever for the last several weeks. However, dreamed that today I will give rise. Had to go to the doctor to KTG, but did not go since Tan has nobody to leave, it a leg to itself hurt yesterday and therefore did not go to a garden. The organism quietly begins to be cleared and have breakfast something there is no wish, the waist slightly sips, but I already got used to it, the last days it repeats too often. Let`s look what will be by the evening. All evening persistently there were training fights and such strong that I began to hope that by the night I will go to maternity hospital, but not here - that was - to 10 o`clock in the evening all passed and did not differ in a regularity of fight, the stomach, as just hurt at very painful monthly.

on July 11 - night passed quietly, rose, fed children and the husband, all dispersed: children in a garden, the husband for work. I started cleaning in kitchen, and still it was necessary to prepare a lunch. Then has dinner, went to bed, the husband told that he will not be able to take away children, it was necessary most to go to a garden. Until reached, thought that by the night I will go to maternity hospital, but then, it seems, all passed. The husband came from work, drank to tea, laid down to watch the movie, during this time few times took, rather strongly, but to the fact that the waist hurts, I already got used. Now almost 9th evenings. Until my youngest sonny decided to be born, we will look, what will be farther.

on July 12 - the holiday of apostles Pyotr and Pavel, weeds normal. In the evening as always fights were, but took place, overslept night normally relatively. At daybreak the dream dreamed that I in the market buy pinetochka blue.

on July 13 - almost 5th evenings while the son does not gather, even training fights were gone somewhere, strange even... But it is not over yet, we will look, what will be farther.

on July 14 - 16 - all still.

on July 17 - PDR on monthly, on ultrasonography so far only 39 weeks. 16:00 so far anything, all still. An hour ago the doctor from ZhK called, learned where I, the husband told that I went to maternity hospital to the doctor. There were no training fights in the evening, only the child moved more actively and exposed me knees in my navel. Already the umbilical ring hurts...

on July 18 - a half of night the waist hurt strongly, almost did not fall down, to 11 began to hurt even stronger, called Olga Nikolaevna, she told that she arrived - she will look. After survey and KTG a verdict - tomorrow to go to hospital. There ultrasonography, once again KTG will make and will resolve then an issue what to do farther - to give birth with stimulation or to wait when childbirth begins. Suspicion and a large fruit, but a head yet not absolutely fell by abundance of water, there can be problems if houses of water depart, the umbilical cord for now take to hospital can drop out, the lethal outcome is possible. Let`s look, what will be farther. By the evening for fear or just like that, but waist pain passed.

on July 19 - early morning, hurts a waist again. Today by 9 o`clock I will go to maternity hospital. Put in hospital on inspection. Spent the night there.

- were made on July 20 again by KTG, everything was normal this time. Made blood tests, urine, made ultrasonography. By ultrasonography weight was determined by 3416 g (a day before it the manager. office looked and told that the child large, put the estimated weight of 4100 g) 38 - 39 weeks. Having checked all analyses, the doctor told that we will not hurry though the neck of a uterus is ready already, it is possible to stimulate at any time if there is a danger to the kid. So we wait... I put candles to exclude an infection to childbirth. To spend the night left home.

on July 21 - returned to office to 9 o`clock in the morning, on round told that everything is normal, hemoglobin even returned to my norm (124) again though in 2 weeks before in consultation told that all the 116th hemoglobin. Sent to the therapist. After survey the therapist removed the diagnosis of VSD on hypertensive type, told that everything is normal at me, there is no sense to hurry with childbirth, it is possible to wait until the kid himself decides to be born. Left for the weekend hospital home. In the evening there were strong training contractions again, in 3 hours took place so on Monday Olga Nikolaevna will look, progress can is in disclosure, but also we will wait then until the kid decides.

on July 22 - Saturday, I do household chores, we will look what will be in the evening. And in the evening nothing changed... Descended in a bath, however, did not take a steam bath, it was only properly bought, drank beer a bit and fell asleep... However, woke up several times at night, to Igor it was bad (overate nutlets salty).

on July 23 - Sunday, all still.

, but by the evening rise in forces appeared, I went to the sister-in-law for the book that in hospital was what to read, there stayed more than an hour, all stirred. By the evening there were training fights again, but I already did not pay attention to them, got used, probably. In the morning on Monday decided to glance in the Internet. When sat in front of the computer, suddenly began to feel sick, strange stomach pain developed, at once the thought appeared that got poisoned in previous day, but when several times in a row I visited a toilet, and me cleaned from all holes, there was already a thought that today I will go to give birth since at me both last times childbirth so began.


to tea in the Morning, but also he was not late in a stomach. Here so I also went to hospital by 9 o`clock to a hungry stomach. Asked Zhenya that saw off me since the head was strongly turned. On the road we came into a drugstore, bought one pampers at once to dress the kid when is born (in maternity hospital such requirements).

I Arrived to hospital, I feel waist pain again, the uterus comes to a tone, but I got used to training fights and did not note time even. About 10 in the morning round began, on Mondays all were watched on a chair. After survey the doctor says to me that I have already 4 cm opening and that it is advisable to go to make an enema. If it is honest, then I shocked was. Called the husband to tell that me on the second floor, in rodzat, translate, descended on an enema and went in rodzat. To one o`clock in the afternoon more strong contractions began, the doctor looked at me and told that opening is more, but waters already leak, it is better if it to puncture that fights are stronger than steel, and ended quicker and quicker. After lowered waters, fights became stronger, but short very much, disclosure slowly moved. At 2 o`clock in the afternoon to me gave oxytocin injection, and at once business moved quicker. When fights became already very strong, the doctor calmed me the fact that the fourth childbirth will be much easier, than the third.

16:30 I transferred

B to a chair and allowed to make an effort since already almost full opening was, and at me it was impossible to prodyshat skhvatka. After three strong contractions my kid was born, he was put to a breast at once, then cut off an umbilical cord when it already otpulsirovat, swaddled (greasing was not rubbed off at my request) and again put to a breast, and then put near me in a kyuvezika. And at this time there was an afterbirth, the midwife examined me and told that there are no gaps, but there is a microcrack which is better for sewing up that problems were not then. In total 2 hours that I carried out in the rodzal, the kid was with me, it was taken away only then for 1,5 hours while I was transferred to chamber. I could not get up, and then I took away it, and we were not separated any more.

Arseny was born

on July 24 at 17:05, weight - 3800 g, growth - 54 cm. Here so I also became for the third time a mother.