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As my Saffron milk cap was born - Igoryok of

Pregnancy was not absolutely planned, but very desired. I learned about pregnancy when to my puzik there were nearly 3 months - I nursed senior, and monthly not regular were. All pregnancy proceeded easily and almost quietly. Toxicosis did not torment, only a few time felt sick, could not eat shrimps and red fish. Past weeks after weeks so quickly... The last month was especially heavy - the cub was very large, fell low and pressed to me on a bladder. Plus a huge stomach which to me prevented to go...

the Midwife to me term put

with 04. 06. 2002 to 13. 06. 2002, but always it seemed to me that I will give rise earlier, but my dreams were not fated to come true.

21. 05. 02 We with the husband and the daughter returned in the evening from shop, and at me began to pull regularly a stomach, by night of fight amplified and were very regular. I was scrolled all night long, and decided to go to hospital in the morning. As soon as there arrived, fights disappeared somewhere. It was necessary to go home... Time went further... Came to an end 40 - I am week, and my sonny did not hurry to leave the cozy town. Passed, according to the estimates of doctors, 41 - I, 42 - I...


It was decided that if my kid is not born 12 - go June, then 13 - go the issue of stimulation will be resolved. I most of all did not want it, there were a wish to give rise independently since I gave birth to the daughter with stimulation.

Came on June 12, 2002. I got up in the morning and began cleaning, washing, cooking. There was a wish to make a lot of things since 13 - go was June a holiday - Ascension, and I did not want to be engaged this day in affairs. By a lunch I washed everything, cleaned the room, prepared to eat and even baked a cake. Wanted to look at soccer during the lunchtime, but something me began to drive at a dream. I told the husband that I will go I will have a sleep, and he remained to watch football and to entertain the daughter. The most ridiculous, the daughter swung all morning a stool and kept saying: “And - and - and“. The husband told: “Well, look, Tanyukh, you dokachatsya... Mother will give birth to you to the brother today“. Laughed and forgot, I went to sleep, but could not fall asleep, turned - span in a bed... At 15:30 rose, went down and I speak to the husband: “Zhenya, seemingly, it is necessary to call mother that came to sit with Tanya, and we should go to hospital“. And he over me still mocked: “Aha, as last time!“ As soon as I began to move, fights amplified and intervals became 10 min. at once. At 16:00 I called mother, and in 20 min. I had her. With fights I still managed to wash and dry up hair, to shave. The bag was already ready. We with the husband called a taxi and went to hospital. At 17:00 we were in hospital. There we were taken away in separate chamber and told that now will call my doctor. Usually here the midwife delivers, and doctors cause only in case of emergency, but the translator was required for me, and in hospital the Russian doctor (woman) worked for them. They also decided to cause it, but, as if on purpose, its pager did not answer. It was necessary to call the familiar Russian woman who well knew English and besides had medical education. It came at 19:00. At 18:30 there was an opening of only 6 cm, and at 19:00 (by the time of arrival of the acquaintance) there was already a full opening and to me allowed to make an effort. 19:25 my sonny was born. He cried not at once since. was double obvity an umbilical cord, and it was carried away to other room that the doctor could examine it. There he already also cried, a bass at once as the real man. Weight - 4680 g, growth - 56 cm. When the doctor was engaged in the son, I gave rise to a placenta, I was examined. It turned out that I gave birth to such athlete without gaps, only a small crack which the midwife decided everything - to sew up that then there were no problems. In half an hour brought me Igork, put to a breast, but he did not hurry to eat, and just attentively looked at me and sobbed. In an hour I was taken away in a bathtub and told that I bathed. Girls, what high I tested! Cool after the delivery to luxuriate in a bathtub with warm water and foam. All this time the husband held the little son on hands and sang to it songs, and that attentively listened. When I bathed, we with the son were brought to postnatal chamber, and the husband and my acquaintance went on houses. The son fell asleep, and I could not sleep... Till 12 in the night the son overslept, and I sat and talked to the Russian doctor. At me was happiness so much that there was no wish to sleep! And then in 12 the sonny woke up and let`s ask to eat... Did not calm down, about 3 times were not put to each breast yet. So I fell asleep only at daybreak, and at 7 o`clock the son woke up again to eat. In the morning I was very tired, but happiness was much more! Now to my happiness 6 years. And he sleeps in the room.