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As our daughter was born of

Passed nearly 8 years as my oldest daughter was born, and I decided to tell at last how it occurred.

I Will begin

from the very beginning. Still being a teenager unfledged I very much dreamed to have children. In principle, me was all the same who will be born if only he was healthy. And here in 19,5 years I married. At a wedding strongly caught a cold (the beastly cold was) and because of an inflammation of appendages got for the first time on inclusion to the gynecologist to ZhK. The doctor “pleased“ me with the fact that I besides an inflammation of appendages have some infection (I do not remember the name any more) and that to me it is necessary to be treated by antibiotics plus to puncture an aloe. At first I bought drugs everything, and then decided not to drink antibiotics but only to puncture an aloe. In March at me everything was adjusted, and we with the husband ceased to be protected, at the beginning of April the long-awaited delay which lasted nearly 10 days came. I was already began to rejoice that at last soon I will become mother, but not here - that was, my dreams were not fated to come true this month. Monthly though with a delay, but nevertheless went. At first I cried, and then, thanks to support of the husband, came to a conclusion that after the termination of monthly we will go to fight and we will not allow “monsters“ to come the next month. I will long not tell, I will just tell that the next month we managed everything! I assumed that the pregnant woman, in a week after alleged conception when at work, having come into a reception to the director and having felt a smell of svezhesvarenny coffee, I right there flew a bullet from the second floor on the first and it appeared in a toilet. In several days I managed to ache with flu which to me hallooed then, but about it later...

Three weeks of a delay, decide to go to the doctor since the stomach bottom hurts. We together with my mother went to the doctor, the doctor examined me and told approximately such words:“ I congratulate! You have a pregnancy about 5 - 6 weeks. “Also directed to ultrasonography with which, actually, and all mine began (no, misadventures, our with the daughter). I wanted to get on ultrasonography to sanatorium “Victoria“ (Yessentuki), but it did not turn out since there record in a month before ultrasonography, and it was necessary for me urgently since the doctor told that I have a uterus tone. Naive I then was, now would not go so early to the doctor and on ultrasonography would not hurry. It was necessary to go for ultrasonography to other place. Further I will not tell the full names and furthermore surnames of doctors. I came to an ultrasonography office, laid down on a couch, the doctor spread to me a stomach with some liquid and began to drive the sensor on a stomach. Wrote in the conclusion: “Pregnancy 4 weeks. Threat of an otsloyka of a placenta.“ Next day I went to the doctor, and she sent me on “ambulance“ to gynecologic office of hospital to preservation, decided to be reinsured. In reception I was examined once again on a chair, then taken away in chamber. Only I suited there how the doctor S. B. approached me, called to myself in an office and began to ask on pregnancy and on my health. At the end of conversation such phrase was heard: “You have some allocations? No... Well, so us lie down - will be.“ From such words I was shocked. Though I had enough courage to tell it: “It is interesting that you did if your wife was told such words?“ The page B. was ceased to want with me at once to make jokes since, most likely, I touched it sick. I lay week there and finally S. B. exasperated, he gave me an extract and allowed to go home. For this week we were frightened also by the stood pregnancy, and an abortion, pricked to me antibiotics that allegedly I had no pneumonia after heavy flu... Then only I learned that it was preparation for abortion, it is good that I from there ran away in time. Together with a delay to me also toxicosis came. I could not transfer a meat smell - crude, especially when he is trained. Also could not transfer a smell of cucumbers neither fresh, nor fresh-salted. There is a meat I could only cold and that preferably chicken.

On the third month we with the husband moved to my parents since they planned departure abroad, and the apartment there is nobody to leave was. Apart from toxicosis, everything was fine at this time. On September 9 the daughter woke me a thorough kick sideways, the first time felt her stirs. And we that day had a double holiday, this day we with the husband celebrated the day of our acquaintance. Days flew behind days, weeks after weeks... It was necessary to lie down still a couple of times on preservation from - for an elevated pressure and severe hypostases.

From - for these hypostases disgusting and pressure me put

2 weeks before estimated date of childbirth (I had PDR on January 25) to control a condition of the daughter and to normalize my pressure. I lay in office of pathology of pregnancy slightly more than a week, pricked to me drugs - prepared a uterus neck for childbirth.

I Was going to give birth in paid office, but all the same doctors wanted to stimulate according to plan childbirth to be, “if that“, fully equipped. In office there were no normal conditions to be washed, even to wash the head it was not represented possible (with mine - that long hair especially), and I asked for leave at the manager of office home to spend the night to bathe and sleep normally. The manager still joked:“ Go, go to the husband, only do not take in head to give birth at night“. In the evening the husband came for me, and we went home. Came, there was a wish to eat strongly, I began to fry sausages (very strongly I wanted them), having fried sausages, sat down to eat, but to me was sharply ceased to want is, bit off all a tiny piece from sausage... Here suddenly I felt some strange pain in a stomach bottom, from this point I constantly wanted in a toilet on - small. By the way, the stopper at me departed for a long time, but here I found on laying a slime speck with streaks of blood and decided to call the midwife office where I lay. The midwife told me that I did not worry and that came back to office if pain repeats with constant frequency. At 11 o`clock in the morning we with the husband went to bed, but I could not fall asleep, turned from belly-ache though frequency of fights constantly changed. Having well thought, I decided to come back nevertheless to office, and on hours there were 12 o`clock in the morning. We with the husband put on and went outside, we did not manage to catch a taxi, we went on foot. Well though to go not really far. Came to maternity hospital, called a reception, so unwillingly opened for us, I said goodbye to the husband and went to office. It was decided that I will call it in the morning and I will tell that yes as. Or he will call office if from me it is not ringing till 9 in the morning. We planned to give birth together. Came to office, approached the midwife and told that I have fights every 15 - 20 minutes, she called the doctor on duty, the doctor examined me and told that I for childbirth was trained since disclosure already 2,5 cm

Lowered me in reception back, filled in all documents there, made an enema (I managed to shave at home) and took away in the maternity block of paid office. The midwife approached me and told that now the doctor will approach me. I lie on a bed, the door opens and that S. B. with which the destiny even at the beginning of pregnancy brought together me comes into chamber. I was shocked! Why to pay money for comfort at the time of delivery if they are accepted by it? Though paid - that we for presence of the husband at the time of delivery, and the doctor, unfortunately, I could not choose, it was not provided by the program of our maternity hospital. By the way, I did not call the husband, there were no wish to awake him and to force to go again on a frost in the middle of the night to maternity hospital, then I regretted about it...

S. B.`s

were punctured to me by a bubble, waters were transparent, and it pleased me. After the bubble was punctured, fights became more painful, but the interval between them did not increase... The midwife at first sat with me, entertained as could, then told that she will go to doze and if she is necessary to me, then I will call her. For all night S. B. to me 1 time came to check disclosure and to give orders to the midwife that to me anesthetic stuck. And meanwhile time went and went, duration of the waterless period all increased and increased, increased danger of infection of the child, and nobody thought nothing to do... Disclosure went very slowly. Only at 8 o`clock in the morning told page B. to the midwife that she delivered me a dropper with oxytocin. At 9 in the morning other change of doctors had to come already, and it pleased me since I all night long talked to the daughter and persuaded her not to be born in change of this not really good person. Here long-awaited 9th mornings came, to me the new midwife Faina Mikhaelovna came (a surname I do not remember). Got acquainted, and then almost at once she escaped on a planning meeting. After a planning meeting to me the doctor Olga Nikolaevna Sokolova ran and looked at disclosure, it seemed to it that the daughter`s head not absolutely correctly crashes, and she called other doctor. That examined me too and told that everything is normal. After that to me at last made an epiduralka. What grace! It is possible though slightly - slightly to have a sleep! It is pleasure if to consider that I did not sleep days. Hours the midwife, and together with her still someone at 11 in the morning came, I understood only then that it is my husband! My pleasure was not a limit, only I could not express it since the epiduralka stopped working already, and pain slowly began to accrue, and attempts already began, but it was impossible to make an effort still since disclosure yet not full was. There passed a little more time, do not remember how many since I lost count of time, and to me allowed to make an effort! Hurrah! Pleasure since we already wanted to meet quicker our daughter (that we will have a daughter, we learned in only several weeks before childbirth, before the baby hid from us). Through several attempts I was transferred from a bed on a chair. Almost nothing was necessary to go the feeling legs moreover and a dropper in the right hand. Thanks to the husband and midwife for the help, I could not go. Normally it was impossible to make an effort to me since I did not feel a lower body, and on team it is impossible to make an effort since you do not understand that want from you. Here me Olga Nikolaevna frightened that Caesarian will make if I do not try, but it was impossible to me... Here in rodzat the manager of pathology came, and it was asked to help and press on a stomach on fight. She is a woman large, a hand it very heavy, couple of days at me had then a bruise on a stomach. And here - that our daughter fluttered out from me, to me at the same time made a crotch section. The daughter was born on January 18 weighing 3400 g with a height of 52 cm at 12 hours 15 minutes Moscow time and received 8/9 on a scale Apgar.

At Tanyushka was obvity an umbilical cord and a small hypoxia therefore it was processed fast and carried away in an intensive care unit. While processed the daughter, sewed up me, and I looked at the daughter and considered fingers on her handles and legs, I sent the husband home since I that he saw how me darn did not want. Then I lay 3 more hours in the rodzal with a dropper in a hand and a catheter from an epiduralka in a back (a catheter only by the following lunch removed, forgot about it). About me all forgot, and having felt thirsty very much (to me did not allow to drink at the time of delivery since they were afraid that should Caesarian be done under the general anesthesia). It is good that though the nurse came to clean and allowed me to drink. At that moment even water from - under the crane, stinking of bleaching powder, seemed sweet. My thoughts were far - far, in chamber of an intensivka where under a lamp my baby slept. Then the midwife came, measured to me pressure and temperature, both it was raised, and to me appointed pricks to avoid an inflammation. Next day from these pricks at me on all body the blisters similar to mosquito stings went (I then the whole month could not get rid of it). Already later I learned that I had a medicine which to me was pricked from a number of sulfanylamides, on which an allergy. Interestingly, before purpose of this medicine somebody looked in my card where by huge letters it was written that I have an allergy to sulfanylamides? I could see the daughter only in a day, and still in a day she was brought to me in chamber, and we left it only 1 time for 2 hours since she did not sleep all first joint night, and in the morning I wanted to sleep awfully, I asked the children`s sister to take away it at several o`clock that I could have a sleep. In 5 days to me removed seams and wrote out us home. Also our new life three together began! Here so we waited our daughter.