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The choice of a children`s car seat from the household point of view (IMHO)

was carried out the test of children`s car seats (babyseats) on the website 7ya Recently. ru by results of which except official reports the understanding of an innuendo of an important question - household (daily) convenience of operation of a children`s seat and everyday councils appeared at the choice of concrete model.

It is unconditional, at the choice of a chair it is necessary to be guided by recommendations according to standards of safety. But they describe only one parameter - actually safety. What is left in the basket?

Personal experience of use and testing

having For the first time faced a children`s seat (before managed mother`s “hands“, a kengurushka and basket from a carriage) the most unexpected and pleasant impression there was a convenience of chairs in household sense! I will give examples.

the Age of my of the younger daughter at that moment was 9 months, I will begin with the story about the choice of a chair for it.

  1. At first we tested a chair - carrying (category 0 and 0+). On age (from 0 to 12 months are recommended) it still approached, on growth too. What (except safety) was pleasant to us?
    • the Chair is convenient carrying, that is the child sleeps in it without waking up while you go from the house to the car, from the car on a visit, directly on a visit, etc. On a visit or in cafe with success replaces a bed (for a couple of hours :)
    • Mother`s hands (and the head :) are free, she can even drive the car.
    • the Child in the car sleeps much better, than on hands. It is possible to go far, to the child it is quiet and comfortable.
    generally, very convenient thing. We tested 2 models, further I will in more detail tell about differences.
  2. a category 1 Chair - 2 - 3 . Such chair as a chair which is put on a seat on the course or against the course of the car, a detail looks you look here. These chairs are less universal, but also significantly facilitate life:
    • the Child does not creep on the car and does not brawl. Very important point since on a long trip it is just impossible to operate the child (it is even simple to follow). I remember how at the age of 2 - 3 years my oldest daughter liked to close to me palms eyes and to ask “guess who it“ :))) Cheerfully, but it is dangerous.
    • can feed with
    • of the Child from a spoon, without being afraid of need of the subsequent dry-cleaner of salon.
    • the Child sits highly, with interest looking in a window. Except that it brightens up boredom of a trip, so the child rocks to sleep less (the horizon is visible).
    • the Chair can replace with
    • a stool for feeding not only in the car, but also in the room (a trip on a visit for several days, in rest house, etc.) .
    • the Chair allows to go far and long - the child the most part of the road sleeps (conveniently to it, likely :).
    I Will make a reservation that in this case it was talked of very qualitative and expensive chair, there are also less successful options.

of the Oldest daughter during testing was 8 years old, for such age special adaptation - the booster is bought (booster, category 4, like a small pillow under the fifth point).

It would seem that, except safety, such chair gives nothing. But that is surprising, it not so!

So and this chair was pleasant to

, but safety did not become a burden to please.

How to choose

of IMHO, I ask to criticize and supplement. At first I will explain from where this experience undertook.

At the beginning of winter of 2001 in conversation with Natalya Darnell (the general manager of Mothercare shop) the idea of the user test of children`s chairs was born. Natalya presented the mass of useful material and provided a series of articles. Many useful recommendations from experience of consultants - sellers of Mothercare shops were received from it. Testing took place in April - May, 2001, we communicated (distributed for testing and accepted responses) at 10 people who tested 11 chairs. Through our hands these chairs passed not one time both at a testing stage, and at a stage of conversations with testers. Besides, wishing to receive independent opinions I stuck with questions to sellers at the Kolomna fair and to all the acquaintances who had experience of use of children`s chairs. What opinion developed:

That needs to be found out whether buying a chair

  1. Correctly you chose age / weight group . Be guided by the description of categories of chairs. whether
  2. this chair in your car Is established by
  3. . Problems such trap:
  4. the Chair is too big
    • . For example, to Oka and in Tavriya some models just are not located.
    • lacks
    • length of regular seat belts. Funny, but this problem at arose not by the wife`s car (Daewoo, belts of a plant louse - and - others), and on my BMW 525 - a half of chairs or just were not fixed, or fixed at completely extended belt, not always in optimum situation.
    • the Provision of a chair in the car after fixing. The chair can either “dangle“, or be fixed in too vertical position. whether
    • It is convenient to steer the car with the fastened chair (whether the review is blocked whether governing bodies are available a chair). whether
  5. It is convenient to sit to the child . At all not all chairs are equally convenient to the child! Check the next moments:
    • the Corner between a seat and a back of a chair. For small children important that situation was rather “lying“, than “sedentary“.
    • Convenience of fastening of the child. Operation, as a rule, consists from 2 - x: to button a belt and to adjust it on length. It is important that everything occurred conveniently and quickly, otherwise the child will start shouting or will escape.
    • Try to install to
    • independently a chair in the machine - if this process is inconvenient, you will suffer every time, leaving with the child.
    • Having installed to
    • a chair in the machine and having fastened the child look at “vertical position“ of landing. Adjustment existence since it is better for child to sleep is desirable “reclining“, and to be awake - sitting. whether
    the chair in a luggage carrier Is located with li with
  6. . Whether the chair quite often will spend the night and wait for you in a luggage carrier …
  7. you will be able to wash a chair upholstery . whether
  8. It is easy for mother to cope with a seat .
  9. Look narrowly at quality of production . Even company European chairs happen “low budget“, from cheap plastic, to a thin ugly upholstery, to inconvenient mechanisms of adjustment of belts. Not always it is worth saving …

Now several “eternal“ questions

Universality of a chair.

Frankly speaking, all universal chairs seen by me (from 0 to 4 years or from 9 months to 12 years) were not pleasant to me … In all universality was reached by increase in weight, dimensions, inconvenience of fastening. I will separately mention about chairs - carryings (from 0 to 9 months, group 0 and 0+). They are so convenient that it seems to me irrational to save and buy the universal monster (0 - 4 years), losing the mass of conveniences. It is simpler to buy a chair of “the“ group and to change it selling / at and buying next. But it absolutely my IMHO :)

Purchase / at a chair.

Experts of Mothercare noted the following possible problems:

I cannot but join all listed arguments though at the choice between a new cheap chair of the left producer and / at good brand I seriously would think … But it too depends on concrete models.

What firms release

chairs and where to buy them

the List of the producers which are present at our market is given below. It is necessary to look for in decent children`s shops and at children`s fairs. So far it is goods, rather new to us, therefore, perhaps, search will demand time.

the Last remark. It is IMPORTANT to look at least at 2 - 3 models of different firms since differently all councils to nothing - should be chosen from something :). Good luck!