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My happy first labor of

Pregnancy was long-awaited. Very much! But even the most anticipated pregnancy is always surprise. There is such paradox.

If it is honest, I not really wanted that the son was given birth under the sign of Cancer, - horoscopes characterize such people some too trembling, impulsive and vulnerable. On what my close friend effectively parried my “claims“ to estimated character:“ God is it is necessary everything including over Cancers. And your son will be such what God, but not a horoscope will want“. And many acquaintances assured me that in life “crayfish“ - the people who are quite rested and not refined at all.

my companion too, by the way, appeared

with character. And as we did not finish it, and stayed all 9 months on a bottom. Or rather, all term it turned as clockwork. Within an hour his head could be a zapelengovana at the left, on the right, from above, slightly with a side, exactly in the middle, but was never late in the bottom of my stomach. For greater reliability and, probably, as a sign of a reinforcement of the decision made by it, the son was wound with an umbilical cord that for certain anybody - nor at parents, nor at doctors - had no serious desire to wait for natural childbirth. Already then I noted his commitment and the shown hardness in upholding of the point of view (what, by the way, in a horoscope it was not told too about).

Besides above-mentioned instructions to Caesarian, I had a lack of water (here, it appears, the reason of my accurate puzik) and age - 34 years, first labor. Everything in a compartment gave too big risk for the kid. Well and oh well! Caesarian, so Caesarian if only to it it was good!


the direction in a maternity welfare unit in 1 - y maternity hospital, picked up the husband with bags and one week prior to PDR was at the destination.

was Accepted as native. Despite more, than the notice (the next maternity hospitals were closed on a sink), medical staff was on the ball. At communication with me and me similar did not observe either hails, or rudeness, or quizzical glances. Though about herself noted that in the last 15 minutes would already beat one of ahead me arriving: the woman for nervousness not that rebated, and just fell into a coma.

Me looked at

on a chair... Also I thought:“ Caesarian - it is good“. It was so sick. And this moment is not really accented in the stories by my “colleagues“, so, in comparison with pain at fights it does not even deserve attention...

When me was started up in chamber, I was ready to forget that chair - the chamber was single, and there was a shower and hot water! If it is honest, I went to maternity hospital with very mercenary desire (besides the son`s zapolucheniye, it is natural) - to be washed properly! By then we were deprived week of it zhilishchno - the municipal benefit. So got out who as could. My blessed, for example, did it on tours, the benefit a profession allows.

In my case the problem was almost stalemate: to wash a monolithic elephant of work of a - Tsereteli`s la in a small basin... Yes so that it (elephant) did not freeze, and it is desirable that became though a little pure, and... My God an upasa to drop you waters on a floor! And on a rug it is not necessary! Elephants of it as do not love passion! Despite all difficulties, the husband coped heroically with my garbage can, I after such procedures calmed all evening the jumped-up tone.

here such beauty is sent to

A to my full order. Hostesses could be more from next “two-room flat“, but they tactfully left to give birth already next day after my arrival. In a word - the Eden!

But already by the end of the next day of stay in a hospital I fell into a resonance with other pregnant women to whom all want to leave quicker: home or on childbirth - it is not important. And they with an obstinacy of a spawning salmon a rod regardless of obstacles to the purpose.


Operation to me appointed even on 8 - oh day, and prospect it is stupid to wait for this term, having been absorbed in a hospital wall, did not cause optimism. Analyses were good. Any procedures, except daily measurement of pressure, weight and temperature to me did not appoint. Except the overcome melancholy, already next day I understood that I cannot sleep. The matter is that I have very light sleep. And here all the time something rustles, rattles, talks and loudly rise goes behind a window moreover and at 6 in the morning!.

Went to poor-mouth that an operation was undergone slightly a bit earlier. My attending physician charming, easy and such positive Larisa Alekseevna Barsukova and wise manager. Longina Alekseevna Dimova were not conducted by office of pathology on mine “boringly at all...“, “I would like...“, “and it can be possible...“ and so forth. For certain such walkers at them every day pieces on three wander a shadow under an office. Or I pretend that walk, and only and wait for the moment that somehow accidentally so: “Oh, Larisa Alekseevna, you?! Well, if met, so can be...“

In a word, my unintelligible monologue stopped being convincing even for me. Especially after powerful argument that PDR is made not up, and it is estimated from the date of the last monthly 9 months and 7 days, here then the kid ripened. And if disturbs nothing me, then to break a natural cycle there are no bases. And point.

Ya went back to chamber where was going to suffer. If it is honest, it turned out not really. On the one hand, of course, dullishly, but on the other hand...

  1. of the House the husband completes repair. I would impose it the rate of work, all the time would pull, hurried and would worry that we will not manage to finish to term. Already the whole day it could not be disconnected from this problem.
  2. of the House Internet access. I wrote or would wait for letters from work. All the same would join in the solution of some office questions. And tension would be constant throughout the day.
  3. the outside world would be closer than
  4. of the House to me, and I would find any occasion to worry enough from - for something. Even if it “something“ also did not exist.

A here I and my son. We in private. At last we can communicate, without distracting from each other. And the most important we can be adjusted on the forthcoming event which as well as pregnancy, though long-awaited, but all the same unexpected. Here also understand mysterious pregnant soul. In a word, I did not make plans for escape any more.

of 9 months and 7 days... 9 months and 7 days... How many it days in general?. It seems somewhere read that 280... Give - I will count, it is necessary somehow the cultural program to itself to organize. Time, two, three, four., two hundred eighty one. What does it have to do with one?. Probably, was mistaken. Give at first: time, two, three... Stop! Year is leap! February already gave one day superfluous! Means, it is necessary to add not 7, but 6 days! And it means that is one put closer than the determined date of operation!

As I waited for round to tell about it to the doctor. And as Larisa Alekseevna laughed loudly, looking at me when I with a type of the mad mathematician, choking with nervousness, reported to her about the opening as if I proved Fermat`s theorem.

So, date is defined finally. And if Romka (the name was chosen for a long time) does not decide to begin process earlier, then on June 24 I will take it on hands, well or at least I will look in his eyes.

For now rest and carelessness. Daily let out to walk in a courtyard of hospital. There is a lot of greens, a small bench, a footpath. It is possible to wander about them with the family (pass absolutely freely). As it is touching to look on beremenyushka which sunbathe in a dense grass, rolling up t-shirts and substituting the puzik to the hot sun. And you represent how at this time there from pleasure kids blink inside.

A as it is exciting to p to go on the used-up paths, trying not to step on inscriptions: “Svetka! Thanks for the daughter!“, “Natashenka! Thanks! I love!“, “Hare!.“. By the way, appeals to “hares“ I counted pieces five under different windows. I hope, they were written not by the same father.

at the Nights we is malicious broke the mode (forgive us, Longina Alekseevna!) and after a release crept out to watch football (there was a FIFA World Cup how you will pass it?!). Fantasmagorichny picture: night, silence, desert corridor... And suddenly some silent rumble which accrues with approach to the hall. There about ten spherical women with duck gait gather near the TV, take seat a row and whisper shout “goooool!“ at the corresponding moments.

On days off of relatives is started up in office. It reminded me parental days in a summer camp when there come mother and the father and admire the child, sitting on small small benches. I do not know how in 4 - local (here 1, 2 and 4 - local chambers), probably, communication at strangers goes somehow it is held down. But in my single just a lafa! The husband brought the laptop, we read about Romka, watched photos, movies, laughed loudly and had fun the whole day. Sunday passed also carefree, as well as Saturday. And on Monday preparation for the forthcoming operation began.

In a word, week flew by very quickly. And with sleeplessness I finished elementary: earplugs - and no noise will wake you. The main thing not to go in cycles in a negative, and on the contrary, to find minuses in if now you were at home. And then stay in a hospital even during week-end will not deliver you, and, above all, to your kid, unnecessary hormones of a stress.

On the eve of the forthcoming operation was called by mother. Its voice strongly shivered for nervousness. Told that it has such presentiment that I will give rise tomorrow. Worried and cried, and I laughed loudly and refused. Ridiculous she at me, itself asked not to tell her date of operation supposedly a sign such if mother of future mother does not know about day of childbirth, then process goes much easier. Here all - a call of the blood: at distance felt...

the sister came in the Morning, bandaged legs the long elastic bandage and forbade me to lower them. And rolled, having thrown legs on a bed back. The nurse came and took away me on a wheelchair. By the way, later, as tried, did not remember how I got over - that on this design, without lowering legs?! For nervousness the brain for some reason blocked the piece connected with this moment of my life. Why, not clear...

In the operating room was played by music. It so cool, you drive in cold, unfamiliar and what a sin to conceal, the operating room, terrible for you, and there Shevchuk sings and nurses smile. It is so healthy, I to all maternity hospitals would advise to practice it! I remember, at me still courteous took an interest what radio station to include for a mood raising. I left Shevchuk. He reminded me of my reckless youth, old friends and of our madly cheerful parties. I and gave rise with a smile. Sisters told that they have first time such mummy who all operation smiles. However, they did not know that this nervous - by the end of operation at me nearly reduced a face muscle from tension.

Anesthesia was made absolutely without serious consequences (I chose spinal), and she began to act soon. Music was switched off. Doctors came.

Me was lucky

- all process was controlled by the most experienced Longina Alekseevna Dimova, and all knew that everything will pass perfectly well. And still I sincerely consider by great vital luck that Romka into it light was brought by surprisingly kind, gentle and careful Zemfira Myagsutovna Kulanina`s hands, the best conductor and cannot wish. Zemfira Myasgutovna, thank you for the fact that gave birth to me to Romka! Thanks to all crew who worked on June 24, 2008 at morning ten-hour operation!


to me really liked everything. And I wanted the second child, still lying on the operating table, at once, as soon as showed me Romka. It was small, blue and puzzled. At once described me and myavknut. Did not begin to cry, did not cry, namely myavknut. My tears a stream began to flow, and I forgot at all all words which I prepared for a meeting with the son. Say how for the first time you will call the child, he also will be it. Here I also learned “happy“, “successful“, “lucky“. But, except “kitten“ could tell nothing. I in general for that moment in all my lexicon had only one this word. And thank God, and that is more ridiculous than a situation and it is impossible to present if I lying on a table began to part some ofitsialshchina with the child: “Hi, my successful son!“ Still would think that went crazy. It is interesting if you accept to follow, then synulya will be some koshkoved now?

Romka was measured (3 kg 500 g, 50 cm, 8/9 Apgar), put in some tray, covered with a bed-sheet and carried away to smarten up. I with ice on a paunch was transported to the neighboring room to depart from anesthesia. And here I was lucky - my organism reacted to everything so as if nothing happened, i.e. did not stir up me, the shiver did not beat unlike neigbours whom literally threw on beds from a fever. They, the poor, even by phone could not speak plainly - a continuous tooth clang. And only it seemed to me that I to myself have pins and needles in legs, and I had a task No. 1 - by all means to bend them in knees. Here also fought with them (I did not feel them and did not operate them). It was not sick! I mean a seam. Perhaps, I have a lowered pain threshold, but nothing of that kind that could not be suffered, I did not feel and even refused anesthetic (but me all the same it stuck).


to all family and acquaintances about Romka. The husband, turns out as soon as learned that I am carried on operation, could not sit at home and jerked to me. All this time he went under windows of maternity hospital and guessed behind which of them our family happiness is born.

In 6 hours was transported in chamber, and through 7 I already broke in children`s office because “I have one sonny there!“ . This my campaign in general separate song. It is difficult to imagine that nurses when they saw pale tulovo in one night dress which with a speed of a turtle, sorry, clamping a bed-sheet between legs thought and having bent by the letter “zyu“, creeps on a stenochka along children`s kuvezik, looking out in them for someone. Poor kids, to them and so - that is terrible in a new situation, and here still to see it... Forgive, me the child because did not know that created. I did not know that there the entrance is forbidden. In a word, nurses turned out me unconditionally, having allowed to look at the son of all a moment. Through a couple of hours Romka was brought on feeding to me. He greedy ate, and I shot him with the mobile phone. He, by the way, enough consciously looked after a chamber. Rechecked. No, not coincidence, really watches it! Miraculously.

Milk came for the second day. And there is a lot of that was enough also for two neighbour`s children (then and at their mothers the milk came too). For the third day (in two days) Romka was sent me to chamber, and we began to live in clover. It is very good what so turned out since I could to an extract in practice understand any subtleties in care of the child. And here I was lucky: the kid did not cry but only he groaned. The truths, he did it quite loudly, but did not cry, and it is good. I even quietly got enough sleep. Wrote out for the fifth day. And this day I made active a postnatal depression. Sat and cried. From what - I cannot understand. On an extract ceased, and again began houses. I wanted, you will not believe, to return back to hospital, to the chamber. Where everything is accurate and clear where we in private with the kid where my bed and it kyuvezik nearby, and in too time at any time you not one, and under supervision. And houses... Came to congratulate mother on the brother, and it seemed to me that it is terrible crowd of the people. All the time there was a wish to hide from Romkaya in some case. The husband hardly calmed me. Thank God, relatives at me adequate, made the amendment on my mental state and allowed to cry, having closed in a nursery.

Here actually and all... Now history of life of Roman Anatolyevich Statsev begins another story altogether!

I do not know

whether it managed to me to inform the long story that I am very happy how everything occurred. Many thanks to all staff of maternity hospital No. 1. And separate thanks to the chief physician of maternity hospital Nikolay Yuryevich Ivannikov. You collected excellent toto mand of professionals could also bring maternity hospital out of the category of averages in number of the best!