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Healthy food of

the SAYANA Trademark is products for preparation and storage of food. The range of “SAYANA“ includes a household foil, aluminum forms, paper for pastries, food wrap, etc. products which have to be near at hand in kitchen.

It is no secret that the modern rhythm of life sometimes negatively affects our food. Instead of a full-fledged house lunch we have a bite on the run or we go to points fast - foot. Modern children dream of French fries and Coca, without thinking of harm which is born by such food. But also the healthy food can be tasty.

the Fish, vegetable, meat and other products baked in a foil without addition of fats - excellent alternative to the fried hamburgers. And it is easy to prepare, and all to taste. It is better to choose a foil thick which will not burn through. We recommend a foil “Sayansk Especially Strong“ or “SAYANA“.

the Innovation in the Russian market. They possess all properties of aluminum foil (a gigiyenichnost, heat conductivity, heat resistance, barrier properties), are strong and convenient in use. The range of “SAYANA“ includes containers for cakes, pizzas, portion baking cups, trays, forms for a barbecue, universal containers with a cover of a different form and volume.

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of the Form from a foil for:

Save the time - use aluminum forms in a microwave! Researches of Institute of Fraunkhofer (Frayzing, Germany) and Research Institute of the Swiss aluminum (Nyyukhauzen) prove that it is absolutely safe. The main thing governed: microwaves have to be absorbed by the warmed product, i.e. the aluminum tray cannot be closed a cover. The aluminum forms suitable for use in the microwave oven are noted by the international microwave friendly badge.

Aluminium containers are widespread

in Western Europe and North America. In Russia forms already actively use bakeries, meat processing plants, restaurants and cafe, and authoritative culinary magazines suggest to use aluminum forms in a household and on vacation. Containers disposable - they do not demand washing, and the utilized aluminum foil is eco-friendly, it can be easily processed.

you without effort will be able to find

brightly issued aluminum containers “SAYANA“ on shelves of many Russian shops. The innovative product will be to the taste to those who appreciate the time and care about health of the relatives.

Culinary recipes, useful tips, additional information - on the website www. sayana. ru.

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