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The feeding mummy and the daughter - the lassie of

my pregnancy was very desired and very difficult. Keeping the child in hospitals, I dreamed of how I will surround my baby with care, I will give the best, I will surely nurse! to

in the Early March morning, together with a bright star by the name of the Sun also sweetie pie by the name of Masha appeared. It was my first labor, but I precisely knew (from literature, of course) that the child needs to be put to a breast at once. Also asked to make it what received in reply words of the nurse for:“ All clever became“. To me all - put it to a breast, but is much later, minutes through 40. I think that the daughter managed to exhaust nothing as we were given literally 5 minutes, and I from - for inexperience did not know how it is correct to make it, and persons interested to teach me, unfortunately, was not near. So barely also there took place our first feeding. And it very important!

When us was transferred to chamber of joint stay, we with Maria had a lot of time for “trainings“, but here other trouble - shortage of milk. It was very little, literally several drops, I knew what so can be, but did not know that it is so heavy - to worry these several days until the milk begins to arrive! It was very terrible: and suddenly I will have no milk at all, I will not be able to feed the daughter, and it was still very a pity for my baby who with greed was enough my cracked nipple and sucked it instead of a baby`s dummy. It was very hungry, it was visible how it extended sponges and bitterly cried though the doctor told me that the first days babies do not hunger and I can quite live on those drops of milk which they manage to exhaust.

For the 3rd day after the delivery Masha had an alfalfa butterfly, and it was taken away from me, carried away to treat under lamps. The daughter was brought on feeding by each three hours, but she with pleasure slept, and I could not wake her. It turned out that its began to feed up mix, and it was full. On the one hand, pleased me that to my daughter at last is comfortable that she does not suffer from hunger, and with another … I was afraid that after that she will not want to take a breast. Long-awaited milk began to arrive by the end the day before yesterday and so many that I had to be decanted constantly. My pleasure was not a limit, my dream to nurse the child came true, there was only nobody to feed: the daughter was brought on feeding full and sleeping, I tried to wake her, fingered for cheeks, but is ineffectual, and my milk in a sink of chamber flew.

For the 5th day Masha was treated and returned to me. To my big pleasure she did not refuse a breast and, having got hungry, undertook a nipple and very densely ate! What this happiness - to nurse the child! After such unsuccessful beginning we with Masha enjoyed feeding, I gave a breast according to the first requirement, the only thing that disturbed - it is pain from - for the cracked nipples, but it passed soon.

Soon us was written out, and business went even better. In native walls we calmed down and enjoyed with each other. Masha almost did not cry, did not awake parents at night, well developed and when we for the first time came to inclusion in children`s consultation, the doctor told us that we well grew up and put on weight. And further every month the daughter pleased us with the rapid growth and rapid development.

But unexpectedly our happiness of feeding by a breast appeared

under the threat. In a month after the delivery I chilled a breast, the lump was formed, temperature constantly kept. I began to treat him folk remedies (there was no strong wish to go to hospital from - for lack of a registration and unwillingness for a long time to abandon the daughter). But over time the breast hurt more and more. I put a cabbage leaf, warmed up a breast hands, crying with an excruciating pain. Of course, if I addressed to policlinic at once, nothing it would be. But then I did a stupid thing, decided that I will recover and threatened not only feeding, but also the life. So 2 weeks proceeded until I was violently brought to hospital. It turned out that I have a purulent mastitis, and immediate operation is necessary. The doctor told that else she would pull day two - and would kick the bucket from blood poisoning. Performed on me operation, put a drainage. For the second day I asked for leave from hospital, having promised that I will come to bandaging and to put antibiotics (I could not without the crumb especially as left it such small). To me allowed to nurse one, and another, operated, it was necessary to decant. I cannot tell as far as it was sick, but I was afraid to deprive the daughter of a mother`s milk and suffered. As a result all of us overcame, the breast safely healed, and I nursed the daughter to 1 g 8 months that gave me great pleasure, and it health and pleasure. I wanted to feed her even longer, but Masha the tall girl, and in 1 year and 8 months when I held it on hands during feeding, legs at it hanged down to the floor. Here so lyalka! All house bantered at it, and “lyalka“, having realized that she already big, gradually began to refuse a breast.