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The china of

History of china began the way in the fourth century from China where long time the recipe of its production was the deepest state secret. The refined china which began to be brought to Europe only in the 14th century was appreciated worth its weight in gold and was considered as a precious gift.

the sample of a kaolin which is Secretly taken out in the 16th century by Portuguese from China of which did porcelain did not help to solve secret of production of fine ware. And only in 1708 the German alchemist and the adventurer Better reproduced the recipe of creation of porcelain which, by the way, and laid the foundation to production of world famous brand of Saxon ware Meissen.

the Pieces of ware made of porcelain are those things over which not imperiously spirit of the times and fashions, though here are available the preferences. This ware on the one hand is a symbol of luxury and prosperity, and on the other hand it represents comfort and homeliness. It is fully impossible to enjoy taste of favourite dishes not from refined porcelain service, and from the cheap ware somewhere acquired occasionally. Therefore demand for qualitative, expensive and just magnificent ware without which the stylish interior of the house for well-founded families is inconceivable increases more and more. It is supposed that porcelain has to be combined on color and style with design of your dwelling which it always will only decorate.

Now the preference is given by

to white porcelain in classical, traditional style. But from a huge variety of the porcelain objects offered by various producers of ware it is possible to choose objects of unusual forms and coloring for fans of modern original products.

Such ware is offered by the known trademark in the field of production of the porcelain products Villeroy & Boch. Were fallen in love by much it it is white - blue services of Blue Meadow. And the company offers admirers of asymmetric forms the fine collection of ethnic ware, Timbuktu in the form of rhombuses or Lpanema bearing on itself color of the Brazilian carnivals. All bone china of Villeroy & Boch heat-tolerant therefore in it it is possible to warm food in the microwave oven and it it is easy to wash in the dishwasher. The cost of such services varies from 700 to 5000 dollars.

of Fans of classical forms and magnificent ware the high-class porcelain made by the Japanese producer of Noritake will attract. Graceful, translucent on light, this ware decorated by pure gold and platinum is the perfection embodiment. And magnificent bone Noritake porcelain with olive outflow is made according to the special environmentally friendly recipes which are still kept the company strict secret. To keep an exclusivity of the services the well-known brand makes them limited circulation, and then forms in which the elite ware was made break, and similar products are not issued any more that does at once acquisition of ware of Noritake by purchase of future rarities. Magnificent services of Noritake besides perfect beauty differ in a practicality as there is an opportunity to wash them in the dishwasher.

the Emblem of Dresden china of Meissen executed in the form of the crossed blue swords is known to

for the whole world. This trademark of the manufactory, oldest in Europe, since 1722 is applied manually with cobalt paint under glaze on each product. The unique Meissen style keeps throughout long centuries, leaving the mark on luxury every era, not letting out at the same time two identical pieces of ware. All ware of this oldest brand undersigns manually and is obligatory attribute of antiquarian auctions where leaves for the fabulous sums. The cost of modern services is from 3000 to 16000 dollars.

C of 1718 and up to now the Vienna porcelain manufactory of Augarten it is known around the world for the refined and magnificent ware. Feature of this company is release of elite ware small circulations. The created and painted manually, porcelain products Augarten are issued in a certain case. Only for collectors the company releases “plates years“ on 365 pieces a year and collection porcelain coffee cups. The known brand gives to fans of family services the chance to order porcelain on individual design with drawing an emblem, coat of arms or monogram.

the Ware sometimes fights, it it is necessary to change or buy in addition various objects, and always these purchases are connected with delight and pleasure from contact with the magnificent world of china which is offered much to us by various companies. We need only just to manage to make the choice.