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Salads for winter of

... Hostesses continue to roll up various vitamin delicacies for the winter. Today we will prepare for the future salads.

Gift of September Salad

Vegetable oil to mix

with vinegar, sugar and salt and to shake up. To pour out on a frying pan and to fry on this mix the eggplants cut by circles till golden color. To shift them in the enameled pan, and on the same frying pan to fry thinly cut sweet pepper - red, yellow, green. To small cut bitter pepper. To crush or crush in a different way garlic. In sterile banks to lay layers the cooled-down eggplants, garlic, sweet pepper, fresh tomatoes sliced of slightly bitter pepper. To fill in with oil mix from a frying pan. To close covers (but not to roll up) and to sterilize at 100 degrees of 30 minutes. To roll up and cool.

Salad from cabbage and pepper

Cabbage to chop

, to grate carrots and beet, to cut pepper and onions rings, to crush greens and garlic. To mix everything, to salt, pepper, add vegetable oil, to spread out on banks and to sterilize 1 hour at a temperature of 80 - 90 °. To roll up. To store at the room temperature within a year.

Snack “The son-in-law, do not spy“

Vegetable marrows to wash out, clear of a thin skin and to remove a core if seeds rigid, to cut thin semi-circles. To scroll pepper, garlic, horse-radish, tomatoes on the meat grinder. To add oil, salt, sugar, vinegar. Carefully to mix everything. To put on fire, to allow to begin to boil and still to cook half an hour. After that to spread out in sterile banks and to roll up.

red pepper and green tomatoes Salad

Pepper to wash up, remove a core, to blanch 2 minutes in boiled water, to cool in cold water. To cut straws. Tomatoes to wash out and cut thin circles, onions - thin rings. Small to cut a celery. To mix everything, to salt, add sugar, pepper, vinegar. To lay in sterile banks, to stamp. To sterilize at a temperature of 90 - 100 ° one-liter jars of 30 minutes.

Snack of “Sinenkiye with vegetables“

Pepper it is thin to li to cut

, to grate carrots on a large grater, to cut onions half rings and together to fry all this on vegetable oil. To pass tomatoes via the meat grinder. Small to cut eggplants. To add both that, and another to the fried vegetables, to salt, pepper. To extinguish minutes 30 and to spread out in the sterile banks which are previously heated in an oven. To roll up.

Zimushka Salad

Vegetable oil to boil

. To grate carrots on a large grater and to put in oil, to boil 5 minutes. To chop cabbage and to add there. To boil 5 more minutes. To cut rings onions and again to boil 5 minutes. To add sugar, the cucumbers cut by circles, the sweet pepper cut by rings, vinegar, salt crushed small tomatoes, 2 bay leaves, pepper ground. To mix everything and to extinguish 40 - 50 minutes. To preserve, spread out hot in sterile banks, to roll up, turn upside down and to leave before full cooling.

Vegetable marrows in filling

Vegetable marrows to wash up, cut pieces. To crush all greens, currant leaves, pepper, garlic. To put a half of it on a bottom banks. To fill the middle with vegetable marrows, from above to put the remained greens. To prepare filling from water, vinegar, salt and sugar, to bring it to boiling and boiling to pour out in banks. To sterilize one-liter jars of 15 minutes in the boiling water.

cauliflower Salad

Cabbage to divide

into inflorescences, to wash out and boil thoroughly 5 minutes in slightly added some salt boiling water. To cool. To grate carrots. To turn tomatoes on the meat grinder. Small to cut greens of parsley and fennel. To cut pepper thin straws. All vegetables to mix, add vinegar, salt, sugar, vegetable oil. To bring mix to boiling. To add boiled cabbage and to cook on silent fire of 15 minutes. To spread out hot salad on banks and to roll up immediately. It is possible not to sterilize.