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The flying dragon, the running tiger of

In the last decades the Chinese medicine is incredibly popular around the world. Many doctors, including adherents of the western school, recommend to patients acupuncture, phytotherapy or gymnastics a chi kung. Thanks to similar ways of treatment, nonconventional for Europe, physicians began to achieve positive results sometimes in absolutely hopeless cases. What confused in the techniques checked in the millennia in practice? The reason for which they were rejected is covered in doubt concerning their scientific character, and also in unacademic approach to anatomy and human physiology.

So, for example, in the Chinese traditional medicine the concept “true tsi“ which develops from pre-natal and postnatal tsi exists. Interrelation between them is as follows: the first - a driving force of life, and the second - material which provides maintenance of the received life. Today the western medicine came to understanding that tsi is the same that the bioelectricity which is arising during natural electric processes in live organisms and the cornerstone of many physiological and behavioural reactions.

Over the years or under illness freight the stock tsi becomes scanty quantitatively, and, above all, qualitatively. For its regeneration that is directly connected with restoration of emotional balance, elimination of psychological and physical tension and start of internal mechanisms of improvement of a human body just and is used gymnastics a chi kung. Simply it can be defined as art of training of vital energy and a body under control of consciousness. The Chinese concept “Qi“ designates vital energy, and “Gong“ - process of practical skill, work. However, the term “chi kung“ was entered rather recently by the doctor of Tanshansky sanatorium Liu Guizhen, having added new sense to practice under the name “yanshenf“ - “the principles of cultivation of life“.

Physical culture in masses!


Long time to studying of equipment of a chi kung allowed only the elite. Was considered that the perfection which reached in this case tops find immortality. Wise men to whom meditation and physical exercises replace a dream, food and drink are mentioned in medieval Chinese short stories. Even the fantastic dragon - the character who is often meeting in the Chinese literature increases greatly the force by means of special poses and movements, practising in them is constant, even during love embraces.

But in the XX century the cover from secret of a chi kung was broken by

. At the request of the Chinese government the management skill internal energy was decided to introduce in masses.

Law-abiding Chinese took it seriously. And in 1950 - x years studying of opportunities of a chi kung began with the scientific point of view. In the report of experts on efficiency of gymnastics based both on the theory and in practice, the long list of the sharp, chronic diseases and injuries which are giving in to treatment appeared.

Improvement of Celestial Empire assumed really national scale. Fundamentals of gymnastics began to teach a chi kung in several hours to the whole stadiums of pupils. Also it was soon difficult to find the Chinese who would not tell that he “is able a chi kung“. At such violent promoting the ancient method underwent the mass of changes, and not to the best, lost philosophical meaning, lost a subtlety of traditions and stopped being medical procedure. Though, certainly, any regular trainings physical culture even if they have nothing in common with a chi kung, bring positive results. The person gets up early, goes outside, in park, in group of adherents daily does gymnastics - all this stimulates vigorous activity, relieves of a depression, so, brings improving effect.

the Magic touch

energy serves In traditional Chinese medicine also as a reference point for diagnostics, and a treatment method. In many respects tsi it is understood as something material, real-life. Qi cannot be seen, but it is possible to feel. The whole diagnostic system is constructed on determination of properties tsi at the patient on pulse, skin color, language. The concept tsi can mean to the Chinese doctor the same that means the concept “function“ for the doctor of the western medicine. So, about the person with sore heart doctors will tell:“ It has a shortcoming tsi or weak tsi“. The diagnosis “stomach ulcer“ in the Chinese medicine sounds as “Qi of a liver disturbs a stomach“. If in the western medicine speak to the patient about problems of vascular character, then in the Chinese medicine it will be described as shortage tsi in kidneys.

Respectively, and treatment will be directed to restoration of mobility tsi in an organism and the direction of its current on the necessary meridians - special power corporal channels. Different methods among which the important place is taken by a therapeutic chi kung are for this purpose used. To be entitled the master, study laboriously and long. However one persistence insufficiently. Not everyone can seize this art. The special talent is necessary. And therefore experts who can cure, for example, of a headache, having only brought to the head a hand, each and all. At first sight it is similar to deception or hypnosis, and patients - on “stool pigeons“. Fingers of the doctor strain, at the same time all hand remains weakened, the look concentrates on sick body, and pain recedes. However it is not a trick. It is checked on personal experience.

Meridians and kollateral connect by
among themselves body organs, forming system of power communication of the person

the doctor can define location of sick body by a chi kung, relying on feelings in a palm. Heat, cold or a pricking - all this serves as peculiar reference points for diagnostics. Of course, diagnostics on the basis of own feelings - the phenomenon unique though also train in it at medical institutes of China. Treatment by means of a therapeutic chi kung happens so: the patient sits on a chair in the weakened state, and the doctor who is at it behind the back begins “to give it energy“ through an important acupuncture point on a nape. As if strangely it sounded, but it is impossible to describe in a different way this process. The patient feels heat, absolutely relaxes, and then begins to feel inflow of vital forces.

of Occupation by a so-called “internal chi kung“ can be alternative to medical procedures. Ancient practicians of a chi kung include numerous types of the movements and poses allowing to self-improve and be revitalized spiritually. Names already bear in themselves a deep meaning. For example, exercise “The flying dragon, the running tiger“ allows to adjust operation of all channels of a body and provides the correct power exchange between them. For this purpose it is necessary to sit down, having crossed legs and having closed eyes, to rotate language until the mouth is filled with “divine moisture“ (saliva); to rinse a throat of 36 times saliva, and then to swallow it in three drinks. Exercise “To disperse clouds, having a rest after work“ helps at an ache with shoulders and a back, at diarrheas. For its performance it is necessary to sit down on a chair directly, to put one leg on a floor and to extend one hand aside, pounding the right hand a stomach on 9 times clockwise and as much time in the opposite direction. Of course, so intricate movements and poses are not obligatory for occupation by a chi kung and more belong to its ancient traditions.

the Chi kung in Beijing and Shanghai

In the big cities of China if to wake up with the first beams of the sun and to go to national park, by all means it is possible to see crowds of the people doing gymnastics a chi kung and its different types. Carry out exercises on the run (Cyn), standing (Zhan), sitting (Zuo) or lying (in). At static option of occupations of people accepts the corresponding pose and mentally moves vital energy on an organism, and at dynamic the movements at full concentration are carried out. The first gymnastics is used for treatment, the second - for training.

the Similar hobby is caused by

not only fashion, but also the fact that alone it is boring to be engaged in a chi kung. Of course, if it is not about serious occupations of masters of a chi kung. In parks of the Chinese cities a chi kung - generally elderly people who after classes remain to communicate do gymnastics.

Circulation tsi

the Chi kung is based by

on three main representations: energy of Yin and yang, the theory of five primary elements At - Xing and theories about power channels - meridians with biologically active points which are on them. What is it?

we Will begin

with Yin and yang. According to ancient ideas of the person and the Universe, it is two forces which are opposed each other, are constantly transformed one to another, creating life. Simply Yin is the feminine, cold, dark, vulnerable, Yang - a machismo, warm and light. Fashionable nowadays round badge with the image of black and white small fishes means their inseparability, continuous interaction and an overflowing each other. Doctors of the Chinese medicine consider that there are bodies Yin and bodies Yang, and circulation of energy keeps balance between them. Prevalence Yin or Yang causes diseases for which treatment it is necessary to balance them, having adjusted a current tsi what occupation a chi kung - gymnastics helps with. Absence Yin or Yang in an organism means his death.

Interaction of Yin and yang gives rise to five pervostikhiya - water, fire, a tree, the earth and metal. Destruction at least one puts out of action and others. Such idea of five elements laid down in the concept of an important basis of a chi kung - At - Xing according to whom all phenomena in the Universe are in the continuous movement. At - Xing explains not only the phenomena of world around, but also all functions of a human body. To each primary element there corresponds a certain body, for example a tree - a liver - a gall bladder; fire - heart - a small intestine; the earth - a spleen - a stomach; metal - lungs - a large intestine; water - kidneys - a bladder. Therefore at an illness of a liver there are power violations of heart, from heart - to a spleen, from a spleen - to lungs, from lungs - to kidneys, from kidneys - to a liver. Such is one of communications of a cycle providing its full isolation. According to this scheme sharp diseases and process of recovery develop. The sense of productive processes consists in the following: water promotes growth of a tree; the tree can make fire; fire gives the earth (ashes); the earth gives rise to metal; metal turns into water (liquid).

Disruptiveness is shown by

that water can extinguish fire; fire can soften metal; metal can cut a tree and so on.

the Meridian and biologically active points - concepts from the Chinese traditional medicine - are important for understanding of a chi kung, but are not obligatory for daily occupations. In practice of a chi kung ideas of traditional Chinese medicine of existence of channels on which vital energy tsi flows are used. It is considered that at a human body there are three main systems of channels - blood, system of waters and power. In an organism there are 12 ordinary power channels and 8 wonderful. As the most important consider channels - Du - May and Renmai on which the correct operation of other channels depends. Meridians and kollateral are not either blood vessels, or nerves are conductors of energy which, braiding a body, bring it into organic unity by connection of its various parts. Power channels connect human organs to a body surface, and biologically active points are “entrances“ to the channels connecting them with energy of space. If energy stands in such points, it can cause diseases of the nearest bodies and violation of functions. There is a channel of lungs which violations of work can cause cough and breast pain; the wrong current tsi on the channel of heart will cause a heartache, sleeplessness, heartbeat; the channel of kidneys during the broken work can cause asthma, easing of sight and a depression. Each of channels “is attached“ to a certain body, on it there is a set of points. If energy flows freely and does not stand, then diseases do not arise, otherwise it is necessary to adjust the course of energy in problem points.

Where to look for dantyan

Any pupil who decided to begin a chi kung - gymnastics, faces two big problems - absence of fast result and impossibility to understand that it dantyan though the location of this point is very important, in this place it is necessary to concentrate tsi and then to distribute on an organism. About an arrangement mysterious dantyanya there are serious disputes among representatives of various schools. One consider that the point dantyan is located in three tsunyakh (9,99 cm) strictly down a vertical from a navel, and call it a point guanyyuan. Others believe that it is at 1 Cuo`s distance 5 feny (4,98 cm) from a navel, and call it a point tsikhay. This discussion not one decade. In the Shaolin dantyany always called a point guanyyuan.

the Graceful movements

of Occupation by a chi kung are closely connected by

with single combats. Wushu - a chi kung, or “a rigid chi kung“, helps to improve skill, to be protected from attacks and to improve physical shape. Masters of wushu achieve improbable results, uniting physical force, energy tsi and internal will. Concentrating tsi, masters of wushu break the head bricks and twist iron chains on a neck, but such not most reasonable use of energy appears more likely just demonstration of opportunities which application in practice is hidden.

is More attractive by

imperceptible a chi kung - gymnastics. With its help it is possible to get rid of diseases, to look at life from a position of the healthy, person full of strength. For this purpose it is necessary to the person, making small efforts, to carry out the movements which on action can be more effective, than the most strong medicines.