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Reasonable food for the young genius of

Observance of the correct mode is especially important for teenagers whose organism is in a stage of intensive growth and formation.

to Feed with

the teenager - so difficult business, as well as to agree upon an occasion of a nutritious diet with the newborn. The same loud protests only given a verbal shape and supported with powerful logical arguments. For example, “I and so too thick“ or “the aunt Vera told that buckwheat is harmful to a stomach“. Options there can be a set, and a result one: the beloved child does not wish to eat what is necessary for it for growth and development, and also for good study. whether

Can create a diet of the growing organism, considering the above facts and how to make it? Let`s try to understand. A balanced diet - one of the main conditions of normal growth and development of an organism, functioning of all its bodies and systems. Nobody will not begin to argue with it.

the Most important principle of a balanced diet - the mode, that is meal in the same hours, observance of certain intervals between these meals, the correct distribution of a diet during the day.

Systematic non-compliance with a diet creates the soil for diseases of a stomach and intestines, causes a metabolic disorder. Often the chaotic food forms a habit to an overeating that quite often leads to increase in body weight, and sometimes and to obesity. It is impossible to snatch a meal, it is bad to chew food, there is too hot or, on the contrary, a cooled-down dish. It is not necessary to dampen ardor with sandwiches, chips, sweets as it breaks rhythm of work zheludochno - an intestinal path. It is not recommended to sit down to a table right after sports activities, big physical activities.

the Child and sport

- the school student to follow regime of the teenager rather difficult at least because often he spends the most part of time at school and in different sports sections. And parents - at work. In such situation parents need to check several important points:

Age features

Parents seek to grow up the child healthy and happy - it is not subject to doubt. But excessive guardianship in food will hardly do the child good. Where there is that side between the total indifference to a diet of the grown-up person and active violence over a teenage organism?

good east proverb Is: one person can bring a camel on a watering place, but even hundred people will not force it to drink. The healthy person is very rational in the food addictions. Its organism demands one, another - as a rule, what is not enough for it at present. And the child, yesterday with pleasure eaten porridge, gives preference to fruit today. You should not worry about it: fruit are not less useful to the growing organism, than krupyany dishes. And he will eat porridge again in two days.

should not be persuaded and the more so to force the child there is the fact that he does not want. You trust a cat when she does not like sausage, and respect desire of the adult family member refusing an unloved dish. And will come to nobody to mind to insist that the person ate products, on which at him an allergy. So why not to show respect for flavoring addictions of the son or the daughter?

Medicine cases when at the child who nevertheless ate that he did not want the full picture of poisoning was observed are known to

. You should not encourage a habit “to pick“ in the child: if the child got hungry, let will eat normally, but is not hungry - there is nothing to chew. If the person is healthy and does not suffer from disgust for food, he can quite entrust the choice of food and its quantity.

On a note to girls

If the girl - the teenager, the reason of it, most likely, not in requirements of an organism, and in desire to grow thin refuses food. And in this case it is worth interfering, hardly future model builds the diet competently.

If your daughter has an excess weight, it is not necessary to limit her food. It would be more correct to balance it, that is to correlate amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. To make it never late: healthy food in some measure normalizes exchange processes and helps to regulate weight.

In - the first, it is necessary to exclude from the girl`s diet edible harm. These are saturated fats, that is all fats which at the room temperature remain firm so in life it is simple to define them even if you cannot find the table with exact structure of products. This fat, butter, sour cream, sausages. If you want that there were no problems with skin, try to reduce consumption of saturated fats as far as it is possible.

In - the second, it is worth excluding fats which were exposed to temperature or chemical processing. First of all this refined vegetable oil. It should be replaced with oil of primary, cold processing (on labels it is designated by the words extra virgin) where there are vitamins promoting elasticity of skin fabrics, healing of hems. The raw materials which remain after receiving extre virgin oil just and go for production of the refined oils. Besides, after secondary cleaning in the refined oil there is no vitamin left and minerals, and nonsaturated fats in processing get a formula of saturated. Lack of cholesterol in the refined oil cannot be considered as plus too. The cholesterol arriving from food does not influence cholesterol level in blood. This level increases because in an organism there are no products which help to synthesize useful high-molecular cholesterol (what does not form on vessels of plaques).

Should minimize also amount of sugar. Need of digestion of the refined sugar stimulates an organism to production of insulin and alkaline digestive juice that slows down growth of valuable intestinal bacteria, that is has an adverse effect on a metabolism, prevents digestion of protein, calcium and other minerals. Not burned down sugar quickly turns into saturated fats. It is whenever possible best of all to replace sugar with honey or fructose. By the way, for digestion of fructose insulin is not required.

Healthy skin Telling


about cosmetic impact of food on the teenager`s organism, it is necessary to mention skin problems of this age and their possible decision. As a matter of fact, it is about special vitamins. For the thin chemical reactions proceeding in an organism all components are necessary. But physicians emit also so-called “skin“ substances. Them are vitamin E, antioxidants A and C and conditional vitamin F which actually represents nonsaturated fatty acids. The expert will help to pick up a proper correlation of vitamins B of dependence on specific features of an organism.

Food and intelligence

At last, let`s think how by means of food to help the teenager to cope with enormous intellectual loading which is inevitable for seniors. Certainly, each mother seeks to feed the child correctly that he grew healthy and clever. We know that calcium is necessary for bones, phosphorus - for productive work of a brain (many grandmothers force the favourites before control to eat a piece of a fried hake). To the author mother fed before examinations couple of cubes of bitter chocolate - obviously, not for nothing, as failures never were.

Here such simple principles should be observed by drawing up the menu of the senior school students. Help the teenager to orient with the world of a balanced diet, then he will surely tell you many thanks.